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The Forgotten One

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Book Title The Forgotten One Author Patricia Rosemary Reavey Genre Erotic Short Story based on Mythology Overview The Forgotten One on the story of Aphrodite is back. Written in the first-person point of view, it begins with Aphrodite explaining how it has been 6 years on and how her family is growing but that her mission to find Rubion is hard, and she find out the professor secret about how he know Rubion twisted and turn through out this story also how Christmas will be spend at the North Pole will she find out why she needed to find the Horseman of War or will this be an unexplained mystery With a contemporary vernacular and feisty exchanges, The Forgotten One story of this Greek goddess back again for part three. Strong language and explicit sexual scenes make this a story for mature audiences.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 The Pasting

It’s been 6 years since my mission started. I’ve looked everywhere for Rubion. I must be missing something but what? Devlin and Olympus have grown up a bit. Devlin bounces around like a frog. Where Olympus walk on his wings like a bat. But I have just given birth to my third kid The Snowchild a little girl. Her Icey blue skin, snow white hair, her pale blue eyes, and pink wings this is Arabella. Bless at The Triangle. But while I was away, I got news that the professor had died aged 103 this man who was a hero in the war and it the fight against supernatural creatures had died. I know he is not at rest though as he never found Rubion. I still don’t know what they connection was, but I will find out.

I make it in time for the professor body to be put into the tomb seeing these humans cry over the death of the friend and protector. I know he isn’t at peace yet and to help him. As his soul will walk the land of the living. As we walk into the den, I see I humans crying and hugging each other. Locan, Hella, Elijah and Venus have all come to say there goodbyes. Hella holding hers and Locan’s son raven and he is the double of Locan. Locan like double ganger. Bet no one seen that coming. And I know Kane and Damien are not happy as they have longer to wait to get to be Lord of the Underworld as the father will be giving everything to Locan and Hella and they will rule hell together. As I see this Elijah and Venus are still trying to work out, they feeling for each other. I walk past all of them. I walk into the professor office. What am I missing? I see a piece of paper on the floor and write it.

My Dearest Professor,

I know I lie to you. About whom I really was but I never lied when I told you I loved you. Do you remember our first date together, how it was a sin for our feeling. My love I remember our first kiss where it felt. I tuck you away with me our first romantic holiday, you called me your Prince of war, I remember being in Christmas Village with you. The real Christmas at the North Pole, where we could be ourselves and not to hide our love for each other that night we made love on the balcony the snow falling onto our naked body as we got sweaty the snow kept us cool so we could keep going. I still don’t know how we did it. I remember that night I let you walk out of my life I asked you to marry me. You said no as you found out I was one of the horsemen. I loved you I saw forever in you I wanted to be your forever you are my soulmate, and I can’t be without you. If you ever want to come home you know where to find me my love, my perfect man, my king come home, and I’ll be honest, and I will kiss you in that where you like and this time, I will not stop making love to you

I’ve always loved you

Your Prince of War

Rubion Warlord

What the fuck? The missing piece the professor was Rubion lover? The horseman of apocalypse war was in love? In love with a human? Wow! I’ve been looking in the wrong place all this time. I still can’t get my head around it. the professor in love with a merman. I wouldn’t have put that as the professor type I always would have thought cent would have been more the professor type a fireman. But no, a merman what the fuck?

“Aphrodite what are you doing?”

“Professor” I says showing the professor the love letter of Rubion “Want to tell me something”

“Yes, I was in love with Rubion”

“You had a full-on affair with him”

“Aphrodite what are you going to do?”

“I’m going on holiday this Christmas” I walk out the door the professor spirt follows me out the humans get a fright “We are going on a family holiday”

“Where to?”

“Christmas Village at the North Pole” I look at the team “We all need a holiday and where better than a perfect Christmas in the place of Christmas?”

“Sounds great Apha” Locan says “Raven’s first Christmas will be great”

“are we going to see Santa” Olympus asks hugging Devlin “Devlin we’re going to Santa house” Devlin starts clicking with his tongue “Yeah at the pole come on Devlin we need to get ready”

“Looks like we are going”

“Aries don’t start lets go please”

Before Aries could answer Devlin open his mouth think he was just going to start clicking he says as clear as day “Please daddy” Aries looks at his little boy who hasn’t talked before and now 6-year-old speaking he picks him up a cuddles him. With a kiss on his head, he nods his head and Devlin gets his coat.

“Devlin, we need to pack some closes first”

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