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Vampire Reporter

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Ambrose had a normal day by day life. She worked hard in her career and did everything right. Though when her boss finds a video of her and her ex she gets fired. Now with no job and no living relatives left she tries to make ends meet. But something about meeting that strange handsome man earlier has got her thinking about other things. With two new guys in her life that seem strange, can she finally get a new life? Or will she fail and stick to her old one. Two new guys enter Ambrose's life. Nathan, a handsome guy with shaggy blonde hair. Sweet and caring. Will never let anyone harm you. And Cerberus, the younger brother with a mean snarky attuite. He is lovable though but he hates showing it. Once you got his attention you will never ever lose it. Both brothers are in love with her. Can Ambrose handle two guys? At once? Or will she fail and go back to a normal boring life that she use to have?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Episode 1: Ambrose

“Hello. My name is Ambrose Blackbourne. I live in New York City by myself. I work at the news channel 8 stations. I’m a reporter there. I report things that seem odd in the city. No, I don’t have any secrets. Well...Maybe some but that’s none of your business. Anyways let us get to the story....”

The wind blows hard. The windows in the apartment raddled. One comes undone. A tall woman with red messy hair in a bun comes into the kitchen.

“Mom don’t worry. I'll be fine. Promise.” The girl goes to the undone window and closes it. “No mom. Tomorrow will go as planned. Dad will help me with the new job. He said that it Isn’t too hard on me.” A loud knock is at the door. The girl turns to the door. “Hey, mom I’m going to let you go. My pizza is here. Yes, I love you too. Okay okay bye bye” she hangs up the phone.

“Hold on I’m coming” She grabs her purse and heads for the door. She opens it.

“Sorry I took long.” She rumbles through her purse.

The man stands there not saying a word.

“Awe here we are” She pulls out some money.

She goes to hand it to the man but he doesn’t take it. She realizes he doesn’t have a pizza.

“Um look I’m sorry. I thought you were the pizza guy.” She puts her purse away. “Can I help you?”

The man stands there. He stares at her.

“Okay look I’m gonna go. Nice meeting you.” She closes the door and locks it. “That was weird.”

She walks away when someone knocks. “Huh?” She turns to the door.

The knock becomes louder. “Who is it?” she grabs a knife.

The knocks are even louder.

“Look whoever you are go away!” she says scared. She reaches the door and looks out the peephole. No one can be seen.

“Okay,” she takes a deep breath.

Suddenly a knife is to her throat. “Say anything and ill slice your pretty throat, " a man's voice says behind her. “This is nice you know?” he turns her around.

She sees the man. He was very tall. She couldn’t see his face because he wore a mask.

“You look so beautiful.” he pulls her in close. “You know when I first saw you on the street. You dazzled in the sunlight” he kisses her neck. “So beautiful” he bites into her neck making her scream.

It's the next morning. Cops walk around the apartment.

A man in a black suit stands over a body. “Sick bastard.”

Another man walks beside him. “Six one this month. Whoever is doing this is sick. I mean look” he moves her hair to reveal two holes. “They are leaving them with these” he stands back up.

I walk into the crime scene. Cops were going in and out. The place was full. “Excuse me” I walk past some people and take photos.

“Poor girl” I hear a man say. ‘That voice. I know it.’ I turn to see Calvin. My ex-fiancee. ‘Great. Just what I needed.’

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