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Dragon blades: chosen

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A modern day world without guns, tanks, etc. Only swords, shields, spers anything that is medieval like. But there is blades with magic and a spirit dragon who will follow the wielders will, good or evil, they will help those who are chosen as only the chosen can use it.

Fantasy / Action
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Prologue: before the beginning

Earth, present day, this world has been at peace for a long time, no war... and yet chaos was soon to come, in a modern day world where people still use bows, swords, shields and spears as some unknown force prevents the creation of black powdered weaponry... well apart form bombs and small explosive.

Amongst these weaponry there are also special blades known only as dragon blades, most of them are different shapes and sizes but all have on thing In common the souls of once powerful dragon inhibiting them and will only be wielded by those chosen by these dragons.

At first only one or two was found but over thousands of year almost 200 to 300 of these have been found and with them magic, each dragon have different magic types, your typical elements like fire, water, air, etc. But some are a little more special some have light/holy magic others dark/demon, other are variants of its origins like ice and metal... feels similar to that one movie with that kid who... wait I’m going off track.

Anyway one bladed dragon wield could use more than one element but only using it one at a time making him one of the most powerful users, many tried to stop his rain of power but he could always counter and win there battles and when one has too much power can become corrupted, and so the balance was disrupted and the world had fallen into darkness.

Now most people are human in this world but those who are chosen and once they pull the blade are not human no longer becoming an anthropomorphic animal from birds to cows, wolfs, bears, and very rarely dragons.

And this is where are story starts, a human who destiny is that big, that even the gods themselves wouldn’t believe it, his name is Icestorm and this is his story.

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