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The Hunt

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Chapter 2

My breath became hitched in my throat, causing me to splutter as I looked up at the great muscular man in front of me, his shadow casting over myself and the wolf I was still on top of, plummeting us into even more darkness.

The wolf took this opportunity to scrabble out from under me, nipping at my hand as they limped over to the intimidating man, collapsing onto the floor behind him, their breathing laboured.

My heart hammered from within my chest, my entire body feeling overly hot from the sight of the beast in front of me. There was no way he was a human.

His lean muscles protruded out from every angle, them being coated in a thin layer of tanned flawless looking skin, tattoos crawling up his flesh, some of the ink interrupted by large white scars. His eyes were dark along with the rest of his features, and he pushed his hair away from his face as he studied me, cocking his head to the side, looking me up and down.

I was terrified, but at the same time, I wasn't. I had never seen a beast in its human form so close up, and despite the fact that he was frightening, he was also beautiful, putting my plain human looks to shame.

I turned my head to see humans rushing past us at the top of the bank, completely oblivious to our presence. I was going to die and nobody would be able to save me.

Although the wolves were weak, I knew there was no way that I could fight off this beast of a man, and by the smirk playing at his lips, I could see he knew that too.

Panicking, I grabbed my bow and arrow from the floor, yanking a spare arrow out from my belt and lining it up, however, before I could shoot, a large hand was placed on my shoulder, causing me to freeze.

The man had reached me with impeccable speed, his hand causing tingles to dance across my shoulder, flowing all the way down my arm, sending it limp. I was sure this was another one of their tricks. However, I wasn't an idiot. I wouldn't be seduced.

Humans often spoke about having dirty fantasies about the beasts in my colony, some of them even going as far as to venture out into the woods and search for one, hoping they would be claimed. I never did see those girls again, so it was impossible to know if they actually succeeded or just ended up being killed. I didn't know what was worse.

I yanked my body away from the man above me, watching his face turn grim, his mouth settling into a frown as I did so, a growl rumbling from his chest.

"Get the hell away from me!" I yelled, my eyes being drawn to my silver blade that lay in the mud, eyeing it up, wondering if I would be fast enough to grab it and plunge it into the man's chest.

"Don't even think about it," he grumbled, shaking his head, warning me.

"Help! Someone help!" I screamed over the sound of shouting and heavy footsteps, however, I knew as soon as I had done it, it was a mistake.

The man whirled me around, his hand quickly slapping over my mouth, muffling my shrieks as he pushed my back to his chest, his body warm against mine.

"Be quiet!" he ordered, his tone instantly silencing me.

He was right. If I was going to die anyway, there was no point in dragging the other humans down with me.

The injured wolf beside us whined, the man's head darting to it, his brows furrowed, as if debating on what to do.

"She is injured," he spoke, his voice hushed. "I'm going to take her back and you are going to come with me."

My eyes widened at his statement, and I shook my head. There was no way I was going back with them to be their little pet. I had heard about the way beasts enjoyed playing with humans, their naivety spurring them on. To the wolves, humans were just pawns ready to be toyed with.

I was not one of those girls that fantasised about them. I didn't want beasts touching me, let alone near me. They made me sick.

"If I release you, are you going to scream?" he mumbled into my ear, his minty breath fanning down the side of my neck, goose bumps arising across my entire body, my knees feeling weak.

I debated for a second on what was best to do, but I knew that I had the best chance of escape if I was as far away from this man as possible, so I nodded, sighing in relief when he slowly let me go, stepping away from me, watching me intently, his gaze never leaving mine.

After taking a few steps backwards, I eyed up the bank, hesitating. Could I make it up there to the other humans without him catching me?

It was worth a shot.

I quickly bolted up the hill, clutching onto a few moss covered rocks, my hands slipping a few times until I got a good grasp of them, using my own weight to hoist myself up, but, as I reached the top, I scanned around to see nobody.

The humans had passed me, most likely in pursuit of the other beast that had been seen.

I peered through the trees, my mouth as dry as the Sahara desert as I attempted to swallow my fear, panic beginning to set in. All the trees looked the same, and after my encounter with the beasts, I hadn't managed to take in my surroundings properly. I didn't know which way to go.

I heard a chuckle behind me, and I whipped around to see the large beast shaking his head at me, raising a brow, as if daring me to run. He would catch me, and I would be killed.

However, dying would be much better than being enslaved within their community, most likely being forced to become a prostitute for them, going against every single one of my morals.

I refused.

So, I began running, hearing the heavy footsteps of the beast behind me, knowing any second now he would grab me, sinking his hands into my chest and ripping out my heart, ending my life instantly for defying his orders and injuring his friend.


I snapped my head to the side as I heard my name being called, and I instantly recognised the voice as my father's.

Surveying my surroundings, I spotted my father's form in the shrubs, his panicked expression dissipating as his eyes landed on me, and I shook my head at him as he ran to me, engulfing me in a loving hug, squeezing me tightly. I attempted to pull away, wanting to run away from him as fast as I could. He would die because of me if I didn't.

I gulped, turning to see the beast had followed me as expected, and my father instantly clutched onto his long scythe, glaring at the man before us.

"Reya, why are you running?" snapped my father, obviously furious that I had decided against fighting the beast, and instead, choosing the cowardly option to dash.

The beast looked surprisingly relaxed, eyeing up my father's small frame as if he was a child throwing his toys out of the pram.

"I suggest you give her to me," he grumbled, taking a threatening step forwards, causing my father to scoff, holding his weapon out in front of himself, attempting to appear sinister.

"Take a step closer and I will slit your throat," barked my father.

"I'd like to see you try," the beast chuckled, moving forwards quickly, grabbing the scythe out of my father's hand, chucking it to the ground, but not before my father could get a good swipe in, cutting the beasts flesh open, blood trickling down his tattooed forearm.

The beast didn't react though, acting as if the injury was just a bee sting, causing my father to gulp, taking a step back, dragging me with him.

"You aren't taking my daughter to be one of your human slaves!

"I can assure you that she won't be deemed as a slave," the beast spoke, his voice becoming softer as he looked at me, until he quickly recovered, straightening up and turning his attention back to my father.

"Do you think us humans are stupid? Why else would you want her?" my father yelled, causing me to clutch as his clothing, silently urging him to not anger the beast any more. The death would be more painful if we pushed him.

"She's my mate," he replied casually, making my father shake his head, furious.

"You're lying!"

My vision became blurry, and I blinked away my tears as I gazed up at the beast in front of me, shocked.

Mates were known to be a very important matter for the wolves, and us humans had never really fully understood the concept. However, we did know that it involved two people being soulmates, unable to function without the other. They were drawn to one another and when they met, they were paired for life. There was no way out of it.

It was a very taboo topic, and many humans believed it was just an old tale that fabricated the truth, a way of the beasts trying to convince other species that they did have a heart.

I felt a pull to this man in front of me, and as much as I wanted to run into his arms and be wrapped in his warmth, he frightened me.

"Reya," groaned my father, grabbing me by the shoulders, shaking me. "Is this true? It can't be true."

I wanted to shake my head and assure my father that the beast was lying, however, every cell in my body was stopping me from doing so, the words unable to leave my mouth. Instead, I settled on just remaining quiet, but my father took that as my answer. The unexplainable connection I felt towards this beast confused me, hate being the only emotion I should have been feeling.

He nodded, pinching the bridge of his nose, pools of tears forming in his hazel eyes.

"I don't have much time," the beast complained, tapping his foot against the hard soil. "If she doesn't come with me now, I will rip my way through your village tomorrow until I find her."

Panicking, I dropped my head in defeat. I wouldn't allow my colony to be harmed just because I defied the wolves orders. I had to do this. For them. I would find a way back to them.

"Six months, Reya," spoke my father, crouching down to look deeply into my eyes. "The wolves will weaken again in six months time, then, you can escape and go on the run. Just hold on until then."

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