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An endangered Race is about to go extinct! After a series of misfortunes befall their home world, they are the last of the living kind in their planet. Being unable to continue dwelling on their home, they have to set out in an endless voyage into the unknown to survive with nothing but hope. Galaxy after galaxy, a great adventure is about but shadows of misfortune still lingers among them. Their hope is shattered when the space shuttle where their last princess and their future queen is on board, is involved an accident. A young expectant future Queen's fate is left unknown. The noble family falls. The throne has no heir! What follows is a series of internal wars on who to sit on the big chair. Infighs, assassinations, premeditated accidents and betrayals. A toll takes many of these small surviving race. With a section still holding their hope on the previous regime. Believing that the gods had saved their queen. They must find her! On the other side of the cosmo at the least expected place, a child is born among the humans. She has to suffer, overcome and survive. Hope is restored when the protectors finally finds the long lost child.She must learn all ways in the realm of the living as well as of the dead and all the realms in between. Her first duty is to find her missing selves. She is not alone, with the help of the spirits and the gods, friends, foes, love and family.

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Earthlings believe that their planet is the only habitable one. In fact they, the ones who call themselves humans believe that they are the only intelligent and civilised beings in their planet.

Some of them believe that the creator made for them everything in and about the universes and He , the creator, made this one planet to be their home and He choose them to rule everything in it because they are the only ones who were given intelligence.

While others are more absurd in their believes. They believe that long ago two unknown objects collided together creating the endless universe we see today, in a theory they call 'the big bang'. After this big bang, one star, their home planet, started to grow life. Living things coming to being from nothingness. Some of these living things started evolving from one organism to another, creating all the creatures in their planet. Among all the creatures that came to be, a race acquired intelligent from nowhere hence having the power to rule over everything.

They believe in what they can see and what their minds can comprehend. Anything outside those brackets is said to be a myth and fantasy. They have tried to explore the world outside their own, but still, being creatures that believe in what they see, even with proof of what they themselves have found with their own hands and seen with their own eyes, even then they have refused to believe.

But they do have a few among them that have opened themselves to the knowledge of the universe though they still keep forgetting from time to time. They are like little creatures that keep having amnesia.

'If only one planet among all the galaxies of stars was habitable, if only one planet had life, if only one race was intelligent, if only one weak race had power in the entire cosmos, then, what a waste of space! What a woe!

Cosmos is endless and the wonders you can see in it unfathomable. Everything in it is unimaginable.

The story that follows is of a child from one of the stars. Her race in their bid to survive have to travel within and about the universe. The last noble child falls to Earth. She has to suffer, overcome and survive.

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