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“Hey Luna, why is your hair white like that of an old grandmother?” Cess asked. Because she is a witch silly. Bella answered sarcastically. "Hahaha" the whole class broke into guffaw laugh. Cess, Bella and a bunch of other three girls were the kind of group you won’t miss in any circle. To them, they are the only ones in the world who have the right to have emotions and feelings all the other people never mattered at all. They are mean, rude and proud. They think that they are the most beautiful and most important and the rest of the humanity should kneel down and serve them. They’ll do anything and I mean anything to be noticed and to feel on top. Luna had become used to everyone taunting that this did not seem to bother her. She proceeded to her desk and left the girls do their talkings.

Cess was a daughter of the town’s tycoon. Lucius Mitambo was the richest man in the town of Daraja Moja. A small mountain side town, covered by thick forests and a silent river that passed through it. As small and unknown as it was, no one would have guessed that there were actually very many distinguished figures that had been born and raised here. But they were! Mr Mitambo was one of them. He, his father and the father before him were business men. He now in his fifties, controlled every business in this little town. With a word he could make a nobody rise to the highest political position and with a single word he could make a great man be worse that a beggar in the streets. When it comes to business, he could be cruel and ruthless. But if he feels the need to be, he could be very supportive and helpful. He had supported young businesses and seen then grow into empires. He supported young talents and careers. As long as you are hardworking enough and broad to draw his attention, he won’t be leaving you behind. How could a man balance two different characters so well. To be the most hated and the most loved, the most disdained and the most admired, the most loathed and the most respected. His daughter Cess, seam to have inherited only one side of him. The evil side. Tying girls inside the toilet bowl is her hobby. She has made a girl jump to her death from third , in school, another has been in a coma in the intensive care unit after being bushed by Cess down the stairs. Breaking multiple bones including the neck, spine and injuries in the skull. The teachers can’t do anything to her since her father is the main donor of the school.

Bella, Cess’ best friend since childhood is the governor’s daughter. Yes the governor of this big county was born, raised and lives in this little unknown town. Bella and Cess has three other friends. Duchess, Soiya and Fatma all daughter from big families.

Luna is an only child. She lives with her elderly parents deep in the forest, in a small village of less than thirty households. Her parents had been barren for many years. They had tried many ways to have children until the doctors had given up on them because of their old age. Devastated the couple retired to this small village where no one would bother them so that they can die in peace. But then Luna came.

Luna, a beautiful, intelligent, fifteen years old highschool girl. Pure white hair, blue eyes and a golden black skin. She has the highest IQ and EQ. She comes first in class since she was in kindergarten. She walks with crutches and on rainy days she rolls on wheelchair. She is a wonder, and her classmates are always jealous of everything about her. But she has no friend because anyone who is seen with her is doomed to be an outcast. Her studies are sponsored by Mr Mitambo. After being such a star she couldn’t have missed the big eyes of Mr Mitambo. So he sponsored her into this new prestigious school with a day and boarding system where she can board and now her elderly parents don’t have to take her to school everyday. SunRise highschool. It has a big library where she spends most of her day at, laboratories and many things that Luna had only read or heard about. The only problem here is bullying, though bullying is not how they describe it. It is a place best for only the fittest and richest. According to teachers, that’ show the outside world is, and everything that happens here is to prepare the students for the world after school. That the grass is eaten by the cow, then the cow is eaten by the man, and the man rules the world. Good this is most bullies are day scholars, so kids like Luna have the whole night to study and rest their brains.

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