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The Dragon Blade

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A child should feel safe, loved, and be innocent. Not holding the blade of death or trying to survive in the cruel world of violence in the underworld.

Five years old is when Elma’s life became blank, leaving behind her laughter and joy. She was ‘Daddy’s and Mommy’s little girl’ until that night when the gun went twice.

That morning there was nothing planned, and it was even ranging in the hundreds. You could literally cook an egg on the sidewalk. So, Klara took her littlest one to Kahananui Cream, a Hawaiian ice cream shop on Kauaʻi Island. But when returning back to the hotel, the girls only saw the boys knocked out cold, looking like they didn’t even stand a chance. Elma was frozen at the doorway still while Klara immediately ran to her husband to check for a heartbeat. Then on instinct, Klara tackled the unknown figure who attempted to slash her daughter. It broke her heart when the attacking figure revealed itself to be Clara, her own twin sister because Klara knew what had to be done next.

In the mafia world or the underworld, it’s one or the other, not both, but also Clara had attacked The Monti Princess, which means death.

After killing Clara, Klara felt sadness from the death and relief for her daughter’s safety while she is missing something. Eventually, she sees the bullet flying towards Elma and takes the hit in the back, spitting blood out of her mouth. Smiling like a crazy person for protecting her youngest and only daughter’s life in exchange for her own. When the second bullet cleared her skull, death in an instant, leaving Elma collapsed on the floor as Abelino Delgado, The Don of The Bulgarian Mafia, picked her up like a rag doll, kidnaping and tearing her apart from her beloved father and older brothers.

If only they had realized the two figures earlier. The girls could have never fallen for the trap, and Klara might have had a chance of survival but didn’t regret sacrificing her life. From that day on November fifth has been a nightmare for Elma, haunting her every year.

Abelino kept her as a tool, a thing that could be manipulated. It took her damn five years to kill the monster, but at the same time, Elma was now strong enough to endure the depths of the world, segregating into an angel and a devil.

The death of Abelino and his Capos caused an uproar, gaining its name as The Bulgarian Hit. If The Don or Donna could not control their Capos, what type of leader are they? Can they even call themselves a leader if they only bring chaos? It was madness in the meeting room, so much so that Elma could neutralize a few of the Capos in silence before getting discovered. Killing Abelino released the strain of captivity of the past five years but also made Elma stronger mentally.

Directly after Elma killed Abelino, slashing his neck and getting soaked by his filthy blood. The Japanese Mafia breaks down the door, horrified, seeing the blood on the walls and the petite ten-year-old girl who physically only looked five years old. Domoto Natsue, The Don Of The Japanese Mafia, was disgusted and horrified at seeing the state of Elma. That was the day Natsue had accepted Elma into the mafia, even if the rules did say eighteen and above. He knew this petite little girl wanted to be strong so no one could play with her puppet strings again.

Passing through the next five years, Elma trained with the vow of protecting her family from the shadows. She become stronger, more skilled in business and earned the title of heir of The Japanese Mafia under her new identity, Sakai Rin. But life didn’t let go of the past, and Eron Delgado came for Natsue. Eron had invaded the house catching Natsue off guard, shooting him in the head, and leaving me to sorrow in my misery. Making Rin inherit the responsibility of the mafia at fifteen, making her become The First Donna of The Japanese Mafia on February eleventh.

Once Rin took control of The Japanese Mafia, it grew twenty-five percent stronger and bigger. It even became the talk of the other leaders on how successful and fast The Japanese were growing. Rin strived to bring the mafia to the top. When taking control of The German Mafia, she created a new mafia hierarchy to fit the merger better. It took a lot of work, but Rin and her Capos managed to create The Rose Dragons Mafia.

Due to The Rose Dragons becoming the top mafia and Rin’s unknown influence, she became The thirty-fifth Mafia Queen after Vsevolod Novikov, The thirty-ninth Mafia King, died. Only five Kings throughout thirty-nine Kings had Queens, and for the first time in history, The Queen had a higher power than The King. Being a Mafia Queen or King is different from being a Don or Donna because you are the head of the mafia world, trying to keep the balance between the different mafias and outside sources.

When Rin first took the reins of The Japanese Mafia before gaining The German Mafia. She hid, which lead to many different rumors, and rumors are just gossip in ‘The Dark World.’ On Rin’s first alliance meeting, she had purposely arrived five minutes late for her grand entrance since Zachary has been going in her place. It was a clear shock when she entered the room and sat down in the chair meant for ‘The Don Of The Rose Dragons.’ At first, the other leaders thought ‘The Don’ was playing with them by sending a masked teenage girl to the meeting. Well, they paid hell when disrespecting The Donna Of The Japanese Mafia. Rin immediately stood up with my most feared tone and basically said, ‘Send me an email when you can learn to respect me. Oh, and I, Sakai Rin, The Donna Of The Japanese Mafia, officially pull out of this alliance.’ That’s when she walked out of the room, stunning them to the ground. At first, the leaders didn’t realize that the new growing Japanese Mafia had left the table.

It’s been twelve years since Elma’s family has seen her. Of course, they didn’t know that she has been watching them from the shadows, received pictures from the shadow guards, and even get news on how they are doing. For a little bit now, Elma has been tempted to return as The Sicilian Princess. She wants to be seen by her family. Be loved by her dad and older brothers. Elma knows it’s never the right time to return, but she will do it someday because being a ghost is not everyone’s wish.

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