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Broken Omega

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WARNING!!! BOY X BOY Lost, Hurt, and Abused by his pack and family Jackson Millers is a young 18-year-old boy who has had a rough time and a horrible past it came to the point that he was sent to his uncles and aunts at the age of 10 there he stayed till he was 18 and trained to become stronger. then the week before his 18 birthday he was sent back to his old pack everyone there expects him to be the same weak omega only to realize he was not the weak omega he used to be and most of all no one expected that his mate would be his personal bully.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 I’m Back Bitches

The bright, warm sun shines through the trees and into the open car window. At the same time, the cool autumn breeze flowed through the window. Silence ran through the car as I drove through the trail back to my old pack. Old memories that I never wanted to surface came into view as I went. I never thought I would have to return to this place again. My aunt and uncle told me the Alpha wanted me home a few days ago. I don’t know why knowing what I went through but whatever the reason is it’s probably a good one. It’s about 7 pm when I get to the pack house. The brilliant lights make it glow like a castle. I park my car near the front entryway seeing many kids my age standing outside. I mentally prepared myself for what was to come because among the group was my old bully—Mr. Popular and captain of the football team, and the Alpha’s son, Seth Woods.

I finally turned the car off and stepped out of the car. It’s been ten years since I have been in my old packhouse. I looked over the house seeing it hadn’t changed since the last time I saw it. I started to walk away from my car and to the house door passing the group of teens that were eyeing me up and down. I ignored their stairs and kept walking, I didn’t care whether or not they stared don’t touch. I was wearing a button-up long-sleeve and booty shorts.

“ hey, you” a voice from behind me I sign and turn around.

“ Yes,” I said, a little annoyed. I turn to the girl wrapped in a jock’s arms.

“Do you realize you’re wearing girl’s clothes?” she said a face of disgust washing over her.

“ yes ur point,” I said

“ Ewww what is a fag like you doing in the pack house,” she said in disgust. I laugh at her for her choice of words.

“ I could ask a bitch like you the same thing,” I said, anger rising over her face.

I turn and start to walk to the Alpha office before the bitch can say anything else. When I get to the alpha’s office I hear growling and yelling. I knock to not eas drop on anyone. I stood there for the longest time before a calm “come in” rang through the door. I opened the door to see Alpha Dave, and Luna Rose, a smile playing on their faces when they saw me. I closed the door knowing if I didn’t there was going to be problems. I walk to the seat in front of the desk.

“ It's so good to see you, dear,” Luna said I smile

“ Is there a reason why you asked me to come back?” I asked them. They looked between the two of them and nodded. The alpha spoke first.

“ Your stepmother and her family have been banned from the pack they have already left. I know this place brings black bad memories but I promised your father on your 18th birthday we would do something special,” he said, I smiled at the sound of my father and signed.

“ if you don’t want to then that’s completely fine. We just wanted to respect your father's wish and watch your wolf get their ranking mark” Luna said and continued I nod.

“ I appreciate that and being back here is hard but if my dad's last wish was to celebrate my birthday here and in some way be special then I will do it. Besides, I am not the small, weak pup I used to be.” I said confidently. They give me a big smile.

“ Great, we will have you stay here in the pack house with us. I will have Seth show you the way to your room after you go get your bags from your car.” The alpha said, that’s when a knock rang through the door.

“Come in,” Luna said the smile still playing on her face,

The door opened and a voice started to speak.

“ Is there something you guys need?” the voice said, I could tell the voice was a male from how deep his voice was. It sent shivers down my spine.

“ yes Hunny as we talked about earlier, you were to help a guest today settle in the guest bedroom,” Luna said

I smiled and stood up, turning around to look at him, and what I saw utterly shocked me. Standing in front of me in all his glory was the son of the alpha Seth Woods. I look him up and down realizing he turned quite hot over the last 10 years. I could see his abs through his shirt, his jet black wild over his face, he still had those piercing blue eyes that made me weak in the knees. I was brought out of my thoughts by the voice of the alpha tapping my shoulder.

“ I suppose you don’t remember Jackson here. He’s going to be living with us for a while” he said with a cheerful gleam in his eye.

It took a second before a realization hit Seth, he looked me up and down before forcing a smile on his face, and I smirked at that. It looks like he still hates my guts.

“ Well, I am going to my car to grab my things,” I said, leaving Seth and his family to talk.

As I walked to the door to go outside the bitch from earlier stood by the car next to mine. I laugh ready to fight a bitch if she tries anything. Once I get to my car I unlock and open the door. Before I could get into park my car around the back a hand stopped me, I turned around annoyed.

“Yes can I help you,” I said

“ What do you think you’re doing this isn’t your car” the bitch from earlier said. I laugh

“ first of all it is my car, second I suggest you back the fuck off,” I said.

“ How dare you, I know. I am the future alphas mate” I rolled my eyes ignoring her statement.

I get in my car and drive away from her and her group. I round the corner to the garage where Luna and Alpha are having me keep my car. As I got out of my car after parking it in the garage I saw Seth coming my way and I could tell he was not happy about it. I grab my suitcase and bags and start walking towards the back entrance. Meeting Seth halfway he tries grabbing my bags. I glare at him and snatch it away walking to the stairs picking it up and entering the house leaving a shocked Seth in my wake. I walk to the guest room and set my bags down on the bed before looking up to see Seth staring at me. I rolled my eyes and started unpacking.

“ are going to just stand there staring at me or are going to leave,” I said annoyed, he glared at me and finally spoke

“ look you're still that weak pup from 10 years ago so I suggest you don’t get on my nerves or you're getting a pounding in the face,” he said anger

I don’t say anything and continue to do my unpacking. Soon after he left and I laid down in bed tired from the long trip. I can’t wait for my birthday tomorrow.

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