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Broken Lineage

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One night changed Nina's life forever. Many others would have tucked their tail between their legs and ran the other way. She became a private investigator for the supernatural and paranormal. Nina decided to put her skills to the test by taking down the rogues of this new world. Although, she isn't exactly what you would call popular. This new community doesn't exactly like the idea of a human delving into their business. When she is finally hired, for something other than tracking down false leads, Nina must use all of her talents and natural born gifts to finish her case. And her client? Well, he has darker secrets than he originally let on. Nina will have to claw her way out of his past and make some temperamental allies to survive. Follow Nina as she hunts the things that go bump in the night.

Fantasy / Romance
L. M. Huntwork
Age Rating:

Chapter One

A small tapping sound came from below and I looked down to see my wedding ring rolling away from my strappy stiletto clad foot. The damned thing never stayed on anymore. I watched it roll under one of my sofas for my clients. I know that I should just throw it away or pawn it, but there was still some part of me that couldn't bring myself to do so. I was always sentimental but after being divorced for 3 years, you would think that I was able to take it off.

Damn it. Get it together. Since when do we zone out in the middle of the work day? Ha. Work. Because that's what I'm doing.

Knock knock

"Oh," I startled upright and had to catch myself from nearly falling over my own feet, "Coming!"

I opened my office door energetically.

"Hello, please come in," I habitually pitched my voice a little higher than what should be normal and introduced myself, " I am Nina! We spoke on the phone, right?"

My knees buckled a little when I took in my newest client. His features could only be described as ethereal. His dark complexion was poreless and effortless. His hair was cut short which simply drew you to his rigid jawline and naturally pursed lips. His eyes were the most captivating part of his visage. They were so silver that they looked icy white at first glance.

He nodded slightly at me as he watched me take him in.

Okay. Okay, why are you staring? Don't you dare mess this up! You need the reputation help.


UH!? Yeah, you sound like an imbecile. Good job.

One of his pristinely shaped eyebrows jumped a little at my failure at communication. I clear my throat and step aside so he can actually walk into my office. It's small but it's the only suite I could afford after the divorce. There was the 'oh so professional' desk and two small sofa chairs with a circular glass table between them. The chairs were a tired green. The table was stacked with magazines and a rotting apple. I really need to throw that out soon.

"You can sit in one of the chairs. Would you like any coffee or water?"

"I will be fine, thank you for the kind offer," his silky voice matched his eyes.

I was almost captivated enough to not hear the insult. But, I needed this job. Work has been really rough ever since I started the business since no one knew my name in the magic community. Being a human that knows about the magic world doesn't exactly make me popular.

While some of the magical community are more accepting of the human world, the majority still despise it. My services are something they need though. I take care of the rogues and the crazy ones that get out of hand. And I use my connections to skew what the public sees and knows. I used to be a law enforcement officer and through that career I involved myself in many layers of society. So, the switch into taking out the things that go bump in the night was relatively easy and logical. But, I need a better reputation than what I have so far.

"Okay. Well, Mr. Lagueux, could you please tell me what I can do for you?"

He sat down without making a noise while I plopped myself on the chair across from him. I tucked my short pink laced dress under to attempt some privacy. With my short stature, I do my best to make up for it with fashion assistance. I glanced at my stilettos and smirked. It's also about confidence.

"You are much younger... and smaller than I expected," he stated with an air of disappointment.

Maybe the heels are too much. I sit back a little, feeling nonplussed. I just looked at him.

"Ex-excuse me?"

"I've heard of some of your work. It spoke of more experience than what you appear to possess. How old are you? You would need to be decently trained for your age range," his voice came out with undertones similar to that of a lullaby but the words oozed with pride and underlying vehemence.

I smirked at his words. "I will do us both a favor and set aside the rude deportment. Just tell me what you want of me," my voice came out a little more rigid than what I intended. Which won me a smile from him. A perfect smile of plump lips and crystal white teeth.

Damn. He can tell he got to me. What an ass. Mental note to myself: kill him after you get paid. Or maybe maim him just a little. Enough to satisfy me but not enough that the Courts would be after me. Or any of his other friends that he has made throughout the eons.

"Yes, excuse me, Nina," his smile only grew. "It's a rather small job. We have a rogue in our clan that disappeared some time ago. Find him and kill him. Are you up for it Nina?"

My name slid off his tongue with equal parts seduction and hate gnarled around each syllable.

"I just finished my last case so you caught me at the perfect time. Entirely free to find this creature for you. I'm going to assume you brought me more information than just your words," I ask.

He nodded and produced a briefcase from thin air and started to unload files and papers on my glass table.

Where the hell did he get that from? I don't remember seeing that anywhere when he walked in. Sneaky bloodsucker. That's how these creatures are though. Sly.

"This is all the information you will need," Lagueux's voice filled with ice the more he flipped through the papers. He settled on one and handed it off to me.

The paper was a black and white picture of a young boy. About 16 I would guess. I looked at my icy client with irritation.

"A boy? What did you monsters do to this boy? Tell me," I gritted out.

I saw something flicker over his features. A pained look possibly. He was closely connected to this boy. He knew him, personally.

Without warning I was on my feet with a hand around my throat. Only one heel was touching the floor, the other dangling, reaching for security. He was about to speak, a threat most likely, when he looked at me with a wide curiosity. Blood trailed down the left of his neck to drip on his immaculate light navy blue suit. As he lunged at me I was able to grab a small dagger that was tucked into my little sofa. As he over confidently grabbed my throat, I slid my blade against his neck. Not deep enough to bleed over my floor but enough to let him know I was not as easily caught off guard as he was hoping.

He dropped me and stepped back. My gorgeous client recovered from his bewilderment and chose a different emotion to focus on. Humor. He began laughing. An eerie and beautiful sound that made me want to melt into every note of it.

"I should not have underestimated you Nina," he cooly said between chuckles. "You are grand. I am looking forward to our days together."

Did he just say 'our days together'? Does he expect to hunt with me? And where the hell is my apology? Was that comment supposed to count as one? Ugh.

"How close do you expect to work with me during this? I am not comfortable with a partner during my hunts. And I do not need someone around that thinks they can attack me when their feelings are hurt," I said as bluntly as I could. I do not like working alongside anyone.

He chuckled again and I swear my heart actually ached for a moment. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad having him around.

"Do not worry little Nina. I only expect to be informed of any leads and actions you take on this case. I do not wish to hinder your process. This matter needs to be taken care of quietly and quickly. And I apologize for my behavior. I am not used to anyone speaking to me so... comfortably."

Well. I guess he's not that horrible after all. Cocky for sure but you can tell he holds a very high position in the Courts. Maybe a Tracer or even part of the Six. That would be my luck.

I nodded. Still more interference than I was looking forward to, but I could handle minor check-ins.

"Alright. Let's go over the details."

I sat across from him again and picked up a folder. It was a profile from before the kid became part of something that he shouldn't have ever even known existed. Before he was capable of understanding what the world was full of. Monsters were everywhere and they were scarier than movies could ever make them out to be.

"He was not supposed to have ever been changed. It was a..." my new client hesitated and looked down at the small table, "an accident. He was under my protection." It felt strange to see an immortal so expressive. Although, I could probably attest this to my natural skills of observation. I have always been able to read people and I am finding that creatures of the night are no exception. Everyone can try and hide as much as they want, and the normal person probably wouldn't be able to see the side glances, small changes in body language or vocal inflections. I noticed them all and always have. Humans were way easier but even Lagueux could not hide certain things from me. I saw the pain and I saw the fear. Somehow this kid meant a whole lot to my icy client here, for some reason or another.

I picked up a packet of papers stapled together. The first page was a rough, scribbled timeline of the boy's schedule. As I went through the pages, I could see that this boy was watched for a very long time. Years it seems. Main moments of his life were jotted down.

'17th birthday spent with the whole family and then later watched a talk on the ex-planet Pluto.' How intriguing. He spent his birthday listening to an informative talk on Pluto. He was definitely a rare one or he was trying to impress a girl.

"Why were you keeping tabs on him as a human," I asked confused.

Lagueux hesitated for a moment and then spoke. He must have decided that there was no real harm in telling me the truth. "This is how I turn my subjects. I watch them and when they die, I turn them. It does not always work this way, but I enjoy having hand picked members that stay close to me. Ones that I know to be trustworthy," he ended with a small smile as if thinking about his slew of vampires back home, wherever that is. It was almost endearing. Definitely unique.

"Okay." He is calculated...meticulous. He would make a very strong ally and a relentless foe.

I continued through the documents. It contained doctors notes, school files, and even random journal pages. There were a few of his assignments. He did not care for English, but he excelled in the sciences. And then it all ended abruptly.

"So, are you ready to tell me what happened now that I know he loves the stars and hates Faulkin?" I sat back and waited for the rest of the information.

Again, Lagueux took a moment before responding. That amount of thinking between each sentence must get tiring. Who can keep it all contained and calculated all the time?

"Dorothy was found out," he stated this as if it contained every single answer I needed to know. I just waited. Eventually he would continue. A moment later he finally did.

"He begged for this life once he saw what she was and she gave in. She is no longer amongst us for this choice. The boy was strong. He got through the first few days with little violence. It was the next few weeks that ultimately got him to where he now is. He was unable to handle the thirst. He was determined but it won over when he tried to see his mother-"

"New vampires are NOT supposed to see a single living soul for at least a year!" I exclaimed, cutting him off. How could they allow him to do such a thing only days after turning?

He showed little emotion for being cut off by me, only continuing as if there was no interruption. "He was a smart kid. He snuck out. My guards were lax with him. The boy paid the price. And his mother.." he said this last part slowly but clearly.

I tried to gather my thoughts. He is leaving out some very important pieces. Either way this is a very fresh vampire out on the streets. He needs to be dealt with. It is past the point of a rescue mission, this is purely damage control.

"I accept," I declared, with my best please entrust your money to me, smile.

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