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Lost and found

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About a girl who has a memory loss and lives in fear of being lied to about who she is and about who the people around her are she imagines what her life used to be like and about her future

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1

Azra wakes up with start. Voices echoing threw her head "YOU KILLED HER ITS YOUR FAULT AZRA SHES GONE BECAUSE OF YOU" the Voices yelled azra gets out of bed and starts to walk down the stairs when suddenly someone or something pushes her. Azra wakes up with people sitting around her and looking concerned and scared as if someone died. Azra sat up carefully it felt like spears were jabbed into her allover the people around her look at her and start saying "azra your okay your alive " they said crying a women started hugging her "who are you?!" Azra said pushing the women off her. She winced at the pain in her arms as she moved them shocked by what azra had said the women started to cry another women dressed as a nurse ran in she smiled at azra then rushed everyone out of the room "azra you uhm got into an accident and lost your memory and you'll be lucky to ever get it back those people out there are your family you've been out for 6 days and you might have trouble talking and walking and your memory is completely gone except for basic things" the nurse said calmly. Suddenly my head went blank and the next thing I knew I wasn't me I or they were running from someone, someone who was familiar with the rasp in her voice and the shake as she screamed at me or us I couldn't tell she was yelling "you did this you killed us you deserve to die" she said. I could hear my heartbeat and foot steps grow near so close it feels as though I can hear their heartbeat or my own it all feels the same

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