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Government officials swore ignorance to the virus's origin, but among the citizens, 'population control gone wrong' conspiracies gained momentum, and as one would expect, violence ensued. Eleven. Eleven months was all it took for society to crumble. Nura Kellar, has spent ten of them (and pretty much her whole life) sheltered from the reality of the world, but everything changes after the anomalous abduction of her little brother. It'll be a fight against time, the infected, nature, the ever-present a**holes - and of course - herself, building impenetrable relationships along the way. And she'll need them.. Turns out, the greatest threat to humanity cannot be eradicated with a gun. *Note:This story is purely fictitious.

Horror / Romance
Mariah Unknøwn
Age Rating:

Author's Note

Hey there! Don't hate me but, the first chapter will be the longest...

....you still there? Okay, great!

The goal was to both start, and end in action, which lengthened it a bit. The rest of the chapters will be shorter.

I strive to make every chapter progressive, expressive, and/or include action in some way, but the first one, I am particularly proud of :)

I hope you like it!


This is similar to a “zombie” or “apocalyptic” type of setting, and may mention or describe sensitive materials such as extreme violence, death, blood, cannibalism, suicidal thoughts, child/infant illness, child/infant death, phobias, sexual assault, abuse, torture, strong language and so on. Do not read further if you are sensitive to these topics. If you choose to continue, enjoy! :)

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