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Zombie town

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Small town of about 2000. people has a zombie outbreak, one couple struggles to find each other, then to find an explanation to why its occured. They struggle to survive during the outbreak. As things start to get weirder as well as more dangerous as the infection spreads

Horror / Drama
Ann-maree Davey
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Start writing here…Amy looked at what she was watching with disbelief, what the heĺl was going on. It's almost a riot; things were really getting out of hand now.

There were about 2000 people in this small town, & at least a quater of them were running about in the square attacking anyone who was trying to get away, she wasn't infected by whatever this madness was.

This is just crazy, utter insanity she thought, the screaming coming from outside the shop was deafening, the yelling, the growling, people throwing themselves at others, windows smashing, doors being pounded on till they came away from their hinges, the violence that was occurring left her speechless.

Her gaze was drawn to old Mrs Watson, who was lunging at Gus the mail man as he went by on his push-bike. Gus swerved and kicked out with his foot at Mrs Watson as he tried to keep one foot on the pedal and to keep balanced, which just made the bike wobble more. Thankfully, Mrs Watson wasn't that fast on her feet to start off with; she was at least 89 years old, maybe 90? She did not look at all well, Amy stopped herself going out to help as soon as she caught sight of Mrs Watson's face, which seemed to be covered in blood, she was also the frothing at the mouth & screaming, which didn't help at all either. The froth was foaming and drooling down onto her pink blouse, it had mingled with the blood that was oozing from her eyes and nose, making the foam that was dropping onto her blouse a pinky red colour.

Mrs Watson started waving her hands wildly following Gus as best as she could before tripping over and landing hard, her false teeth shooting out of her mouth and onto the road. Amy stifled a laugh, but it was too late, as Amy noticed Frank, who worked at the chemist, come running towards her and the metal security window guards at full speed, screaming. His face was distorted, and blood dripping from his mouth and eyes, he looked like something had taken a bite out of the side of his face and neck. frank hit the metal window guard at full speed & bashed the metal screens into the glass windows cracking them, Amy jumped and took a step back into the shop, putting more distance between herself and the glass window. Frank wasn't looking all that great either; he was wildly swaying his head side to side, obviously looking for a way in. She took another step back, further into the shop.

Amy nervously giggled as her brain wasn't sure what she was seeing; it looked ridiculous, and yet she couldn't look away. There were people running about everywhere; some were being chased, and others were doing the chasing.

Amy had pulled the metal roller guards down on the glass windows and front entrance door, as soon as all this had started, she really wasn't sure why she had done it so quickly, she just felt an urgency to get the shop secure. She stood quitely, listening to everyone screaming and crying for help, amy watch cars drive past swerving here and there, so they avoided the others on the road, who were lunging & throwing themselves onto the cars.

A couple of the drivers stopped once they had hit someone, just as they had opened the car door to help who they had hit; they were being dragged out and attacked. Amy watched as they were being bitten, scratched, hit, and then eaten. Dear God, they were being eaten!

Amy put her hands up to her mouth to stifle another a scream. she was shaking and knew the blood had drained from her face. Amy kept telling herself to keep quiet, stay quiet, and from what she could see, they seemed to be attracted to noise, any noise at all. She moved back into the darkness of the shop, quitely watching the carnage that was occurring outside, she started shaking, yet she didnt feel cold & it wasn't all that cold in the shop either, she could only think it was shock setting in, she hugged herself tighter.

It seemed like she had been standing quitely at the back of the shop for hours before the screaming had waned. Amy lost track of how long she had been standing still, but hearing bottles smash out the back of the shop immediately snapped her back to reality, she was sure it was the big recycling bin getting tipped over or knocked into the back wall. Out the back of the shop, there was a small alley like path; it was shaded and cool, just wide enough for a couple of bins.

Bin collection was a real pain, as she had always had trouble pushing the bins out to be collected, as they blocked more than half the pathway into the back of the shop, which made it difficult to turn them to wheel them out. She carefully made her way to the shops back door, ready to make sure it was locked. As she got to the end of the short corridor, she could see the door handle turn downwards, and someone or something stood in the doorway.

Amy looked around for something to defend herself with, but all she could see was a plaster hand that used to hold rings in the display case. Gingerly, Amy picked it up, holding it to one side so she could hit whoever or whatever it was, that was standing inside the door

Chapter 2

Jake's only thought was to get to Amy and make sure she was safe, he knew Amy was at work, as he had tried to ring & warn her after he had seen the news report on TV about the outbreak. Jake's heart sank when he had heard her phone ring in the direction of the kitchen; he knew then that Amy had accidentally left her phone behind.

His phone had been getting alerts for the last 10 min, wild reports of mass gang attacks, and for people to lock themselves inside for safety reasons. Not knowing what else to do, Jake had put on his big thick jacket & army boots, and put what he thought he might need into a back pack, some food, flash lights, batterys, water, pocket knife, & a small hatchet, he then grabbed his baseball bat out of his closet.

Walking to the back door, jake quitely picked up his car keys, he opened the door a crack & looked out, making sure there was no one about, he quickly stepped outside & shut the back door behind him & locked it. As jake made his way to the garage, he could hear people screaming for help and screaming out, "No, get away," then glass breaking. He couldn't see the people yelling out and running, but he could hear them, and they sounded close. Jake slowly started to move towards the side of the house, stopping every few feet to check that the area was clear.

He needed to get to his car so he could get Amy; that's when he saw a group of people running up the street grunting covered in blood while making jerking movements. Jake stepped back into the shrubs at the side of the garage, as he watched the group make its way past his house, he let out a sigh, knowing he must of been holding his breath while they went by. Finally making it to the small side ģarage door, Jake pulled on the handle, as the door creaked loudly, Jake swore under his breath, this was not a door Jake used often, if at all. Its hinges were slightly rusted, as well as the fact that it wouldn't open all the way either. Jake made a mental note that if he survived, whatever this was to fix the damn door.

Jake kept trying to squeeze quitely into the garage door, whilst trying to be as quite as he could, which was not an easy thing to do, as there were nails poking out of the door with stuff like power leads, and chains, hanging on the back of it. At one stage, Jake's jacket got caught on one of the rusted nails. he carefully lifted it off the nail and pushed himself through the gap, landing on the ground in a dishevelled pile.

Once on the other side of the door, he pulled the door shut, jake fumbled with the keys, hoping no one had heard him fall, the keys made jingling noises in his shaking hands, jake quickly put the keys into the lock and turned the key. He let out a sigh of relief, feeling more secure knowing the door was locked.

Opening the car door, Jake tossed his backpack into the passenger seat, got in, and just sat there; he needed a plan. He thought about what would be the best roads to take, as main roads might have too many cars blocking certain areas, yet the same might be said for back roads. He needed to avoid as many people as he could. He had a thought, he knew some of the older blocks of houses had paved and grass alleys that split the block in half, they were only used by residents to get in and out of their back yards, trailers, small boats mainly, he could try to use them to make it to Amy.

Jake started the car and then pressed the automatic garage door so he could back out. Jake put the car into reverse and pressed his foot on the pedal, nothing happened, thats when he realised the beeping of the warning alarm was going off, jake looked at the small screen on the front pannel, one of the neighbours kids was standing behing the car covered in blood, his cloths looked like they had been almost torn off him, jake looked up at the rear view mirror, the kid had disappeared. Jake quickly pushed his door to lock down and felt a sense of relief as the rest of the car doors automatically locked in unison. The alarm had stopped. Jake just sat there thinking to himself, maybe the kid ran off; maybe he went back home.

Jake checked his mirrors again. In the drivers side mirror, jake could see the kid making his way up the side of the car towards his door. The kids' heads were just able to see inside the car. Jake put his hand up to make a small waving gesture. As he did, the kid lunged at the car window hard. Blood from the kids' hands was being smeared on the passenger side window, along with blood from the kids' head. The kids face was twisted and contorted into madness, snarling and scratching at the drivers side door. Every couple of seconds, the kid would use his head like a hammer on the glass. Jake wasn't sure what to do, so he just watched as the kid bashed his head on the window. Jake observed that the little kid was obviously very sick or dead.

The TV report said that the infected were dead, moving dead, and to avoid them at all costs. Jake put his foot down on the pedal, slowly reversing out of the garage carefully. The kid stayed at the side of the car, slapping and hitting the glass until it was one big red smear.

The car reached the gutter with a thud, then rolled to a stop, as Jake turned the steering wheel and put the car into drive. He waited till the child had returned to his window, then put his foot on the excellerator and speed off, leaving the snarling kid running behind the car. Jake had started sweating; he was hoping Amy was safe

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