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An Unusual Storm

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Michael moved away from his small hometown when he enrolled in the police academy fresh out of Highschool. He returns home once the previous Sheriff goes missing. Michael has his hands full of missing children cases and slaughtered livestock. It is up to Michael to figure out what is going on and put an end to the myths that engulf his small hometown.

Horror / Fantasy
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Prelude: Homecoming

'An Unusual Storm'


Prelude: Homecoming

Michael Dryer moved away from his hometown of Walkins Missouri, in Van Austin County, when he enrolled in the police academy fresh out of highschool. He worked his way up the ranks but found that the corruption, throttled throughout the force in the big city, left a bad taste in his mouth.

Michael heard that the Sheriff of his small hometown passed away suddenly, and with curiosity, he searched for the obituary online. Lo and behold, Marcus Ramsey of Walkins Missouri, in Van Austin County went missing two months ago and they held his funeral last weekend.

‘Marcus Ramsey of Walkins Missouri is survived by his wife, Isabel Ramsey and their two dogs Jake, and Scout.’

Still in disbelief, Michael doesn’t hesitate to inquire about a transfer. Maybe a fresh start in an old place is what Michael needs to find his lost passion for justice.

Congratulations Michael, you got the job and you’re moving back home.

I guess not many young law enforcement officers are dying to rot away in a no-name town, older than moss.

Walkins is a one church town, nestled dead center in the Missouri National Forest. Anyone who’s ever been through the Missouri National Forest knows that it’s more of an alligator infested swamp than anything else.

Michael soon learns that his hometown of Walkins is not the same as when he was a boy. Superstitions fill the local paper and whispers are heard throughout every corner pub and grocery outlet. It seems the people of this small, backwoods town are being plagued by something… But Michael was never really one to believe in all that… not yet anyways…

As Michael cruises through main street in his old sunburnt pickup, he passes people who just look worn. Come to think of it, the whole town looks tired. Tired streets, tired sidewalks, overgrown grass in every yard. No one greeting each other like they used to. Not even making eye contact. Just passing by, like ghosts. This is not the same place Michael grew up. Kids don’t play in the streets like they used to, but that’s just technology for you… A phone in every face, a computer in every place, right?

What happened here?

The Annual Walkins Fourth of July Parade had just past, and the remanences of streamers and confetti litter the road and sidewalks. As Michael passes through, he can’t help but notice the list of missing posters stuck to the utility pole right outside the Walkins post office.

A bunch of kids and a few dogs it looks like… Well, at least the people of Walkins still celebrate the birth of our nation...

As Michael gets through town, he takes a slight right onto a single lane, dirt road… About half a mile up he find his old man’s trailer in the woods. It’s still the heap of junk Michael remembers... Rusted metal sidings and a broken window scattered on the rotting porch. At least it’s home. Maybe more than before. So many memories… Not sure which are good, and which are bad. Michael assures himself that the inside must look just as welcoming as the outside. Michael notices the front porch light is on, but from the looks of it, no one has been here in ages.

Michael: At least the power is on…

Michael mutters to himself in disbelief.

Time for a hot shower and some TV before he hits the hay, ready for that big day tomorrow. Michael’s first day as the Sheriff of Walkins. He dreamt of this since he was just a little runt. But it doesn’t feel nearly as good as he imagined all those years ago… Neither did the cold shower and static filled TV that night.

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