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Matilda seems to have it all. A perfect boyfriend. Her best friend is someone she could never leave. She has the perfect life. She has an optimistic soul, and is always happy. But behind every happy face lies a dark secret. And Matilda is no exception. * Matilda Adams. A sunshine with an optimistic soul. Her most precious thing is her yellow bike. It's the only thing she has left from her parents. Her parents died tragically in a car crash when she was eighteen. Three years later she is still in the search for her parents' killer. It turns out that that person is closer than she could ever imagine. Elijah Moore. Matilda's boyfriend. To Matilda he is kind and caring, but it seems like he knows more about her parents death then he tends to lead on. He has a dark secret. A secret Matilda can never know about. * Will Matilda find her parents' killer before it's too late? And what does Elijah actually know? Β© 2022 theblondewhowrites. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



β€œRemember Matilda,” Her mother held Matilda’s cheeks in between her hands. β€œNothing is as it seems. The good ones might not be as good as you once thought, and the bad ones might not be as bad as you once thought.”

Matilda was five at the time, and her memory of this conversation had been locked at the back of her head. She didn’t understand what her mother had been talking about. The world she was living in was colourful and bright. Lots of colours, and unicorns did exist.

β€œBut you are a good person, mommy.” Matilda’s mother had smiled at her daughter, the bad world they were living in hadn’t affected her yet, but it would. Matilda’s rainbow world would be destroyed when she got older, and she would have to fight for her life to get justice.

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