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Inspirations from the Intoxicated Wallflower

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A collection of nonsensical, strange and unsettling short stories. Drunk, stoned, or overstimulated at a function- sometimes a bitch just gotta write what’s on her mind. Most of these don’t make sense, kinda funny, or shit I reread in the morning and go “goddamn, I like that”. Just take a look, you know you got nothing better to do. Go ahead. Coward.

Horror / Poetry
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If there’s a fork in the road, for some reason, I subconsciously always aim for the left path. Left just seems kinder. A lighter word, even. Right sounds abrupt, like whatever I might find that way is not as pleasant as the left one. For all I know, both paths can lead to the same damn thing.

But I don’t take chances, I was always one to stay comfortable in my lane. No risks.

I always go left.

I always use the shift key on the left side of the keyboard.

I search the hallways to my left if I can’t remember where my class is.

Pick a hand?

The left.

Left just felt simpler.


Kept me at ease, even when wrong I still felt safe with my initial choice.

The word left…

Its' direction…

What ever it may be.

I always liked left.

It never let me down.

Until I was left alone.

If only I was right.

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