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Under The Bed

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young jessica carl only a 14 year old girl...her family moves inti a new house this night she saw something strange and heard some sounds...what could it be..she told everyone about it,,no one cared. her friend came for a sleepover....what they saw got them horrified.....

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1, The sound

Hi! Im Jessica Carl. I am a 14 year old high school girl. here is my story....

today, we did a science project in school. we were talking about the human hand. We were also moving to a new house today. I was super excited because my friend was living in my neighbour hood! after we moved in our new house, we decided to meet my friend! after that we decided to get some fish and chips on the way back home. We went home and ate the food After that we went to sleep. My Mom always used to read me stories even though I was all grown up. My mom left since my baby brother was crying. I got a little sleepy and was about to sleep when suddenly I heard a knock from underneath the bed. It was a quite loud sound. I was scared for a second and then didn't think much about it. Again I heard a sound but it was quite louder than the first one. I got scared and went to my mom. she didn't even care at all. I thought I was just dreaming so I just went to Bed...

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