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Escapism I

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Have you ever wanted to escape the pain and sadness of life? Have you ever wanted to escape to a place beyond reality? A world beyond our own? Well, it comes at a cost. Antion just didn't know that yet.

Horror / Fantasy
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It’s peculiar to think that we live in a reality made up of such complicated mechanics. A world, governed by laws and rules that most of us frankly don’t understand. Strangely enough, all our complete knowledge combined amounts to nothing in the relative scale of that which we do not know. Rules of statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics are purely governed by the laws of probability. Yet no one is scared that, however unlikely, someone could just melt or spontaneously combust in front of them. There is no way of saying that it won’t happen; after all, probability isn’t certain. Probability is quite uncertain really, it’s almost demonic in its unrelenting manipulation of the world. Imagine the horror one must feel to see a loved one taken, not by something they could foresee, but by the cruel claw of chance snatching their life.

Of two children born at the same time, reality will not give the same hand to each, one who may be in poverty, and the other who may be in the utmost bourgeoisie household. Reality is cruel and often disappointing, so it is no wonder that quite often people decide to lose themselves in a world beyond and escape the harshness of the real world.

Many would dream of a place beyond that of their repetitive and monotonous lives. One not of grey and dull colours, but one of colour and atmosphere. One not of grey clouds and concrete pillars, but one of fractals and shapes, blue skies, and sun. A place not of negative stimuli but of glee, joy, and happiness. An escape to leave reality and live the life they always wanted, to no longer endure the pain and sorrow of this mortal world.

I would like to account the tale of a man, who like many, wished to escape reality. A man, who through probability’s clutches, had been dealt a hellish hand in life. Though reality may be hard, it can also be caring. However, such generosity makes it all the more painful when your life seems to plummet off a cliff.

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