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Of Angels and Demons

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This is the beginning of a book containing letters from various demons and angels. Let me know what you think. Any particular angel or demon you think should be in there?

Horror / Fantasy
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Hello, my name is Fate. I am a demon. While there are many people who believe in demons, there are not many who know that Fate is one. That’s because I am an exceptional demon and very good at what I do. Before I get into my talents and skills I want to let you know why I am writing this letter.

You see, demons are a proud race. In fact the greatest conflict to ever occur took place because we could not believe the passion our God had for you wretched humans. Perhaps I will go into that more a little later. The most effective demons are ones that do their job without humans being aware of “demonic” influence. A properly messed up or destroyed human is considered a work of art. A demon’s artistic ability is rated on his ability to insert the following things listed in order of importance into a human’s life:

Disbelief in the Living God or Belief in a false God

Disbelief of Demons or Demon Worship

Spiritual Anguish or Blaming the Living God for something.

Hate or Love without Justice

Hate of one’s self or Love of one’s self

Now should it come to pass that a human becomes a believer in the Living God all is not lost. No, not all. In fact, for a good demon - a real artist, messing up a “Christian” has the greatest potential for a work of art. The list changes a bit however:

Disbelief in God’s love and belief in God’s disapproval

Disbelief in God’s power and Disbelief in demonic power

Hate or Love without Justice

Hate of one’s self or Love of one’s self


Focus on sin, sinners or not sinning.

Focus on demonic activity instead of God.

Desire for money

Desire for power

While it is not necessary to have these things in a human’s life, the more of them there are the greater the work of art. I Fate am at the top of my art. Other demons wish they were me. The number one mistake other demons make is they reveal themselves. Demonic influences are quickly acknowledged by “Christians” in areas like addiction, witchcraft, false religions, hate and fear. No one considers the carefully orchestrated events that take place in their lives as demonic influences, instead they are seen as random events. Humans just chalk them up as fate. I can’t help but smile at the artistic genius of it all.

Oh yes, why show my hand? Well as I said, demons are a proud race. Pride is in fact an obsession. When it is all said and done that’s all we have. If you create a great work of art and no one is around to appreciate it you have accomplished nothing. For eons, the praise and honor I received from my demonic associates satisfied me, but it is no longer enough. I have found new satisfaction in telling certain humans of my feats. I know it sounds like I am making the error of lesser demons. I am not. It’s quite the opposite. I am so good at my work that even a bold face statement such as this letter will be dismissed as fiction. This letter, which will be very close to the truth will be considered nothing but fantasy. The insights contained in it dismissed as entertainment at the most. This letter will be the crowning achievement on the top of a flawless career that has produced many works of art who will never know the love of their creator.

So, read on in entertained disbelief and know that I hate you with all of my heart and will destroy you. All of hell will celebrate my name. It will be a sweet pleasure to me because I wrote you and told you exactly how I was going to destroy you.


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