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When The BOOK Opens 1

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While reading a scary book, Esme realizes that she's a character in it. Esme 's life was perfect before this blasted book came and made her a wanted murderer

Horror / Mystery
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Esme was supposed to write a horror story for a school assignment, so she went to the library for some ideas. She was feeling lost and was about to head home when suddenly she saw the librarian bringing a new book which had no title and was glowing. Mr Parker, who was the librarian, however, did not notice . Esme asked him if she could borrow the book for a week or so and he replied yes she could. Esme took the book home and on the first page it said 'when the book opens '

As she reads the book she realizes that it is a story of masked murderer who, at the last page gets to, be unmasked and as it is a picture book she sees that it is her who is in the unmasked murderer

Esme dropped the book in shock and as she saw that the words and pictures began to fade and on the first page in bold letters it was printed " Now you shall do what I say " second page was empty and so was the 3rd 4th 5th 6th and so on but on the 12th it said "Either you die or every one else" and the rest pages were empty except the 21st in which was written 'I shall help you but in return you will do what i say'

Esme thought why should I trust Him?Her?It?and as though that book heard her it was written 'if you want to talk to me directly look behind the mirror'

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