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~The Silence is Loud~

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Placed in the 1800s, this 15-year-old boy, Carlos Rivera, who is stuck home alone with his parents at his siblings' party. Without food or the power line to call the police to help him out, he needs to find a way to get out of his own home, while being tormented by a monster. Find out if he actually gets out or if he just ends up going crazy.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I’m home alone, my parents left with my siblings and now I’m home alone with no one. The silence is loud, it’s so quiet in this house, I don’t know what to do, my dad said he’s doing this because “I’m grown now, I can’t go to a kid’s sleepover/party” I’m only 15 years old, I’m not that old that i can’t go to parties. Ugh,they just called me saying they won’t come ’till tomorrow or maybe even the next day. I hate this, I don’t even know how to cook or anything, I’m gonna starve, and I’m not allowed to get takeout. I should probably ask my mom if I can get takeout, because like i said i don’t know how to cook. She hasn’t responded, she probably is talking to another adult. I swear I just saw something; it didn’t look human at all, it was white with sharp, large, yellow teeth.

This thing or whatever it is, it’s trying to scare me and it’s working alright. It just comes out of the corners and scares me. My mom replied to the call I sent earlier and said “Sure honey, you can get takeout. I know that you don’t know how to cook, and I don’t want you burning the house down. I left you some money downstairs in the kitchen on the counter.” I ran downstairs to get the money I was starving, and then I saw it. It had the money in its hand, and it was swinging it around like it was playing with me. I couldn’t stay there and let it play with me so I just snatched the money and called McDonalds, ordered the food and waited so I could go pick up the food.

That thing cut off the power line. They didn’t get my call, I mean I could just walk out of my house and go to the nearest McDonalds, but it locked the doors, so i can’t get out. I’m gonna starve here, there’s no way I’m not. And I can’t call my father or my mother because the power line got cut off. I don’t know what to do. It’s been 2 hours since my parents left to that damn party, and it’s been at least 30 somethin’ minutes since the power line got cut off by that thing. UGH! This is so stupid I actually do not know what to do.1st this thing is scaring me, 2nd he cuts off the power line, 3rd he locks me in my own house. My mother is probably scared shitless because of the power situation.

I have to get out of here, I can’t stay here, this is just too much. I keep hearing and seeing shit. I need to get out of here and get food quickly. But all the doors and windows are locked, I’ll have to find the keys that lead to those doors/windows. The only problem is that we live in a big ass house that has more than 2 floors, we have an attic and a basement, so this is going to be a long trip. What I didn’t realize is that this freak wrote shit on the walls that I’m gonna be blamed for. He wrote some shit like “RUN” or some random shit that i can’t make out “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT", like who the hell it’s going to because me, Carlos Rivera did nothing.

I found 1 out of 5 keys, it was in my room. I don’t know why it was there. All that matters is that I got a key, but there’s only a teeny tiny problem, I don’t know what door it goes to. I don’t know if it leads to an outside door or a door that leads to absolutely nowhere and just leads to another part of the house. If it leads to another part of the house, I’m actually fucked but if it doesn’t, I’m getting the fuck outta here and getting food. It leads to another part of the house, guess no leaving yet for me. 2 out of the 5 keys lead to the back door and the front door, I need to focus my attention on those. 3 out of 5 keys lead somewhere inside the house, they could lead to a random door, or they could lead to the attic or the basement. I only have 1 of the keys.

I can’t find the other keys. I tried searching in my parents' room, but the door is locked. I guess I have to find more keys than just 5 or this door’s key could just be one of the 5. Ok i found one of the keys, now i need to try it on every door that’s locked. I don’t know why the hell this is happening to me. I’m sure my mom thinks I’m having a party. She probably thinks that’s why I’m not answering her calls. But I don’t have friends and I’m not popular, so I don’t throw parties. The key that I found leads to a door that just has random paintings that are looking at me. I got out of there as quickly as I could.

Yes! I found another. I’m hoping it leads to an outside door, I just wanna get out of here. I tried to ask this thing many times where the keys are, but it just leaves. The key that I found leads to the kitchen. But the kitchen didn’t look like the kitchen that my mom cooks in every day. It looks gloomier and darker than usual, and there’s a creepy ass picture version of the picture, the picture that we have in our kitchen is Jesus with his 12 apostles. The picture in this kitchen is like that picture but instead of Jesus the devil is there and instead of the apostles there were people doing a ritual to summon him (the devil). The door locked behind me. Then something threw a knife at me and somehow, I dodged. I had to find the exit. Fast.

I got out of the kitchen by looking in every cabinet, drawer, whatever a key could be in. I found two keys in that random kitchen. One that leads out to the kitchen, and one that leads to another door that leads to a random door. That kitchen led me to a different part of the house that I’ve never seen before. And trust me I’ve seen all of my house because of course when you move in you see the full house tour that they give you, or whatever that shit is called. I just realized it’s already nighttime, I’m not going to sleep yet because I need to discover the parts of the house that I’ve never seen before, and I need to find the rest of the keys.

I’m stuck in this part of the house that I’ve never seen before. I hate it here, it stinks like a rotten corpse, where? I don’t know, I’m just trying to find the keys, destroying everything. I saw it again, more clearly this time I don’t know how to describe it, but it has 3 eyes to be exact, sharp ass teeth, long fingers. The eyes are nothing that I’ve never seen before. They have two irises in each eye, and they look terrifying. The teeth look like the teeth from a saber-tooth tiger. Anyways, I found a way to get out of this dreadful place. I’m sure there’s more parts to this place but I don’t care. What the hell did I just see? It looked like that thing, but it wasn’t alone it was holding something that looked like——me. It was holding my head——my decapitated head, my body was just lying there without a head. It smelled horrible, I let out a screech. I couldn’t bear to see, so I quickly ran. I think whatever that monster is, is doing all of this.

Ah- Fuck at this point I’m seeing shit and I’m not even finding any of those damn keys. I think I’m going insane. If you think I’m not here, I just saw my damn crazy fucking ex-girlfriend. I think that the damn monster did that; teleported her or something. Fuck yes! I finally found another key to get out of here. Ah- WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY IN THE HELL IS SHE CHASING ME?! Ok… I’m hiding in a closet from her, trying not to make any noise so she doesn’t get me. Hell, I think she’s gone now. Good. I don’t want to deal with some crazy ex-girlfriend of mine. But I guess now I have to deal with some demon that doesn’t let me get out of my own damn house.

I got that key that I found before and I found another key that I can use. Now time to find which doors they can open up. Found them. I finally got out of that gloomy looking “living” room, but sadly there’s another gloomy looking place that looks like my room? Now I’m really confused. Why in the world is my room in this world? Ugh this so confusing, well time to make a mess of this room to find that key or keys. Shit I just realized the smell of this room; it’s coming from the closet. I don’t wanna check it out but I’ll be calmer if I did. What.The.HELL?! Why in the hell is MY corpse in the fucking closet?! And it’s not like before when I saw it, this one… it…looks…real. Then I remembered I had gloves in one of the cabinets in my room for a science project for school. I’m using those to touch the corpse, to hopefully make sure it’s fake. It’s not. I immediately closed the door of the closet out of fright.

Ok, I’ll try my best to ignore what the hell i just saw. Lemme just focus on finding the key to get out of this room, did i mention did i get locked in this room? Yeah, now I have to find a way out. Ok, time to look everywhere, I’m keeping the gloves on just in case I run into another corpse again. Oh, fucking yes! I finally found the key after spending 20 minutes of searching, guess where it was. Under the bed. I know stupid, I should’ve searched there first. Well, whatever time to get out of this rotten-smelling place. Ah- where the fuck am i? It looks like some sort of living room maybe. Still, I am apparently still in this somewhat weird ass world, well at least I’m in a “living” room. Ooh i just realized this is the living room in my house, well it looks like it. Ah fuck more shitty corpses, but it looks like my actual family, my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister. I’m not even surprised anymore but the smell of corpse is pungent. I’ll have to plug my nose.

Ok i guess what I have to do now is to find a door that leads me to my actual world. So, I can get the fuck out of this house. Ok, as disgusting as it is, I’m gonna check the corpses first. You never know when there’s a key in their pockets, so I just have to. If there is a key that at least leads somewhere else, I won’t be satisfied but I’ll be happy. This is shitty, it smells disgusting. First, I guess, I’ll search my mother’s corpse. No key. Ok now imma just moved to searching for my little sister’s c-corpse, Charlie. I found a key but it’s not the correct one and I don’t even know if it leads somewhere. I’ll just keep it for now. Now little brother’s corpse, Mal. Ugh what the fuck this one is the one that has the strongest smell. I-I don’t think I can search this one. I can’t even get close to it without wanting to throw u-up. I’ll just skip his body for now, I’ll go to my father’s corpse. Uh no key but I found a…knife—a bloody one to be specific. I don’t know what I could do with it, but I guess i could use it as a lockpick, or if I see something i could stab it maybe.

I have a knife and a key now. First, I’ll find out where to use the damn key, second, I’ll use the damn knife as a lockpick, so I can move quicker and maybe if I get to my original living room, I can get the fuck out of here. Ok that key led to an actual place that I know, My parents' bedroom, but like it’s actually normal this time. Ok let me get the fuck outta here. For this room I’m not even gonna try finding a key, I’ll just use the knife for the door. That shitty thing is here again, this time i wasn’t going to be a pussy, I’m gonna go infront of it and try to talk to it. Fuck, it ran away like a scared fucking cat.

Well, whatever where the fuck am i now? Would Ya look at that? It took me right to the front door. Huh? am I finally gonna get some fucking food? I’m starving. Wait- why is it daytime? I’m 100% sure that it was nighttime, what’s the time? How? the time hasn’t changed at all! It’s still 12:00 PM what in the actual FUCK is going on? Was I hallucinating? Am I going crazy? God, I have so many questions. I just checked every part of the house, everything was normal, nothing was out of place. Though, I still have that bloody knife. I should probably wash it or maybe even throw it away. Fuck, all of that I need to get food I’m starving. The power line should be working right? I should probably call McDonalds again. It’s been a few minutes since I went ahead and got the food. I’ll have to call my mom to check up on her. Questioned her if anything strange happened over there. She said “No, why?” I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, so I just replied with “Nothing…” Then I went on about my day like nothing happened.

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