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Everything was normal...until one call changed everything. How will we survive this? Brother, why did this have to happen?

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1 The Day Starts

I was walking home with my older sister. I am a freshman in high school and I live in an apartment complex. It’s not that good of a neighborhood but I have lived here my whole life so. Some things in high school are new but at least two of my best friends are in all my classes. When I entered the apartment I didn´t see my brother. I just thought he was working overtime or with his friends. I hear my older sister calling me. I turned around and looked at her.¨Only two more weeks until Halloween ¨said my sister Mia happily.¨ I am only in for the candy¨ I say looking at her. She looked at me and rolled her eyes to me. So, I rolled my eyes at her back. I entered my room and started on my homework. In the middle of doing my math homework, I put my headphones in. I started to hear Summertime Sadness by Lena Del Rey. A few minutes later I heard the door open and slammed shut. I took one of my headphones out and walked out of my room. I see my mom walk in. She is supposed to be at work. She looks at me and says¨You look just like your dad¨ in a cold tone. I feel some tears gather up in my eyes. There was a moment of silence. Then I hear my mom say¨I don’t want to see you or talk to you for the rest of the day¨ in a colder tone than before. I just stand there frozen. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. My eyes just follow my mom to her room where she slams the door again. I walk to my room with my head down and feel more of my tears coming down my cheek. I closed my door and laid my back on the wall of my room. I started to cry uncontrollably. At that moment I hear the door of my room open. My brother walked in even though my version was a bit blurry. I could still make him out.¨Hey Emmaly do you know where my phone is? ¨ he asked me while opening the door. I tried to wipe all my tears away but I wasn’t fast enough.¨ Who made you cry¨My brother Jonathan says in a furious tone. I look around my room trying to find an excuse.¨I was hearing sad ¨ I say trying to convince my brother. My brother nods and hugs me. Little did I know it would be the last time I see him well. The next day I walked out of my homeroom and then I felt someone holding my hand. I looked to my right and saw my second best friend Chole. I have been friends with her since middle school.¨Chloe¨I said happily and hugged her. She hugged me back and we walked together to first period. I sit next to the new kid Nick and my first best friend Rodin.We practically lived together our whole life.¨ Emmaly the principal wants to talk to you¨ says my Language Arts teacher while looking at me. When I stand up I hear most of the class say ¨ohh someone is in trouble ¨. I could care less about what they say. I just think it’s childish. I walk to the principal office. When I walked into the office the principal looked at me sadly. I don´t understand why tho.¨Emmaly we have to sadly tell you that your brother Jonathan has gone missing¨ says the principal with some sadness in her voice. I start to feel as if the room was closing in and the air was getting thick. Then everything went black. I woke up in the nurse’s office.¨ Your lucky that you didn´t hit your head¨said the nurse looking at me. Then I hear the door open. I see my two best friends Rodin and Chloe. They both run to me and hug me.¨Are you okay ¨ Rodin and Chole said. ¨I am okay guys¨ I say trying to reassure them. Rodin looks at me worried. I looked at him and said ¨ Are you okay you look worried¨ I say a bit worried.He is my friend so I have to look after him like he does to me. He looks at me without speaking.Something is wrong I just know. Then he takes a big breath and says¨We know what happened ¨. I felt my eyes watering up and then I started to cry.I don´t understand why I am crying so much.They hugged me.¨Everything will be okay¨ says Chole while looking at me and still hugging me.The nurse said I could go home and that it would be better if I went home to rest.Rodin´s mom came and picked me, Rodin, and Chole up. She left me, Chole, and Rodin at our apartment complex and went back to work.We walked to my apartment. I open the door and we all entered. Chole sits on the couch and chooses a movie. Me and Rodin go to the convent store at the corner.We get snacks and see a gray van.¨ Rodin be careful there’s a van right there¨ I say while looking at the gray van. The windows were tinted and I had a bad feeling about the van.We speed-walked to the apartment complex.When we got inside we put the bag on the table of the living room. I ended up sitting in the middle. Chloe screamed on every jump scare in the horror movie. I was hugging her most of the time. They ended up staying for five days because their moms and dads were very busy.They also didn´t want to be alone at home. Then the next day I walked out of homeroom and went to first period. I looked to the left and saw that Rodin´s desk was empty. In the beginning, I didn’t think anything of it. What if he just got sick? I walk through the halls and see Chloe. ¨ Chloe ¨ I say speed-walking towards her. When I finally got up to her I asked, ``Do you know where Rodin is¨. Chloe just looks at me. She looks like she is going to cry. ¨He had a fight with his dad¨ Chloe whispers. My blood went cold . ¨Is he okay ¨ I asked worried. I remembered the last time Rodin and his dad were in a fight. He came to my apartment with a bloody nose and purple eyes. He stayed at my house for almost a week. Chloe just looks at me and walks away. ¨Chloe¨ I yelled. I just go to my second period. Why is she acting like this? I sit in my seat then the teacher says¨ We have an assembly in two minutes so line up¨. We all line up and head to the autotirmom. I see Chloe in the second row. When we all sit down we see the vice principal.¨ One of our students, Rodin Rodriguez, has gone missing¨ says the vice principal. I feel as if all the sounds around me were gone. I felt like my chest sank. I ran out of the assembly. I ran home and went straight to my room. First, my brother and now my best friend, my first friend is missing.The first friend I ever made, why. I don’t get why the people I most care about leave me. What did I do to deserve this? Tears rolled down my cheeks. Then I hear my mother say¨ Why is she like that¨. After a minute of silence, I hear my sister say ¨ Jonathan and Rodin went missing¨. My mother just says ¨oh ¨. Her son my brother is missing and she doesn’t care.I don´t think she even knew about him being missing. I ended up crying myself to sleep . ¨Where am I¨ I say looking around. I see a house with red fencing and a blue door then.I also see a man and a women at forth.I can´t see their face tho. I jump up from my bed. I hear my phone reeing. I reached out and saw it was my brother. I immediately pick it up. Then I hear a man´s voice¨ Hi Emmaly Lake ¨. I feel a shiver go down my spine. ¨ What are you doing with my brother´s phone¨ I say trying not to sound scared. ¨ Are you going trick or treating¨ the man asks. ¨What did you do to my brother you creep¨ I say angrily. ¨ You and your brother both have sharp tongues¨ The man says a bit angrily. I can hear another person it´s… ¨What are you doing to them¨ I say. My blood is boiling. ¨ So you know I have both of them¨ says the man but this time in a different tone. I had a weird feeling like someone was looking at me. I stand up and walked to my window. I see the gray van again. ¨ Your brother is not that corporative you know¨ says the man. I look at the phone again. ¨Don’t you dare hurt them…don’t hurt them please¨ I say try not to cry. ¨ Bye Emmaly Lake¨ says the man. Did he hang up the phone. ¨ Hello HELLO¨I say then yell. I look out the window again. The van was gone. I sit against the wall. It has been almost a week since my brother has gone missing. I start to cry but I wipe my tears immensely. I can’t cry not now. I called my brother’s phone. He picked up the phone. ¨ I want my brother and friend back¨ I say while looking out my window.¨Meet me where the house with red fencing and the blue door is¨ says the man. ¨Okay deal then¨ I say without any hesitation.The next day when I get home from school I entered my room. I changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants. I share my location with my sister and activate the tracker my sister put in my phone. I may be young but not naive or dumb. I write a note for my mother, older sister, and Chloe. I wrote “ My dear sister, I love you, thank you for protecting me. Thank you for being a mom for me. You would always hug me when I was sad, mad, and happy. You were there for my ups and downs. I love you mom” to my sister and put that paper on her bed.Then I went to write my second letter.”Hey Chole, I know this is hard for you.I want to tell you what happens to us. Me, Rodin, and Jonathan …. If we are all missing, call the police.Look at the house with a blue door and red fencing. When we walk to school we always pass it. I think the number was 2221. I know how it feels to be only. I will always be with you and if you can remember what I told you when we become best friends. I will never leave your side like a soldier. We will fight together until the bitter end. This time I might not come home. But you need to know that I am so very happy that I ever met you and I know after reading this you might not feel the same but I loved fighting by your side as a soldier and friend “. I put it in my pocket then I looked at the other pic on the paper. Should I write this … Should I let her know my feelings? I don’t know if she will ever read it so.I got a pen and started to write” Dear Mother, I know you never really wanted me.You ignore me all the time. Ever since I was four years old.My brother and sister raised me.They worked their lives off to pay for and bring food to the table. You …you were too busy with your things. I will never forgive you for that. But now you will never have to see me never again”. I feel tears rolling down my cheek.I just stayed there looking at the short letter.I don´t know if I am crying because of the pain in my heart or because I was finally ready to leave all the pain,sadness, and anger that she made me go through. I wiped my tears away and looked at the mirror of my room. ¨I am ready¨I say while looking in the mirror.I leave my room and then my department. While walking down the stairs knowing I might never come back home. I knocked on the door. ¨ Emmaly ¨asks Chloe. I look at her and handed her a note. ¨ Why are you giving me this¨ she asked. I feel bad I might leave Chloe only but I have to save them even if I get hurt or even …die. ¨ Just in case I love you best friend¨ I say as I hugged her. ¨Oh okay well my mom is calling me¨ says Chloe. I looked at her and then said¨ Oh okay bye ¨ I say. She looks at me weirdly. I walk away then I remembered that I used to never say bye but see you later. It seemed like I already knew that I mostly was not coming home. I walk out of the apartment complex. I never thought I was going to miss this place. Then I remembered the dream I had. Was that the house I was going to see the kidnapper. I just shrugged it off and continued to walk where I was going to meet this creep. I ended up at a house that looked like the house in my dream. Then I feel someone cover my mouth with something then everything went black. When I wake up I am in a room with no window and one light. There also was a clock.I checked my pockets.My phone is not in my pocket.I did it fall out of my pocket or was it taken out of my pocket. I look around the area and see them.I run to them. ¨ Jonathan… Rodin your guys are here ¨ I say while crying and hugging them. They hug me back but not that long after we hear footsteps . The man entered with a woman. I would say that she is in her mid twenties and the man looks to be in his late twenties. My brother stands in front of us. ¨ I won’t let you hurt them¨ snaps my brother Jonathan. I tugged at his shirt and said, `` Please I can’t lose you again ̈.The man grabbed my brother by his caller and then picked him up. My brother was trying to fight him off but the man is stronger. I run to get my brother but the woman holds me back and then hits me in my ribs. I fell to the ground with my hands on my side and gasping for air.I looked at Rodin and saw him knocked out cold. I crawl to him still holding my side.¨ Rodin, please wake up¨ I say worried. He woke up a few minutes later but by that time I was balling my eyes out. ¨ Hi, Princesa can I know why you are crying¨ says Rodin weakly. ¨ Shhh save your energy and what did I tell you about calling me princess¨ I say with a bit of annoyance.After an hour the door opens again and the man walks in and puts my brother on the cot in the corner of the room. We went over to the cot and saw my brother with blood all over his face. I check his pulse and my eyes start to water.Rodin looks at me confused. ¨ Don’t dare leave me… brother please answer me … brother please¨ I start to sod. ¨ I am so sorry little sis ¨ my brother whispers. Rodin hugs me and cries with me. We stayed their holding his hand.

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