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Crazy Doll

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This book is about a homeless girl getting help by a bad boy and falling in love but what she doesn't know the bad boy has a girlfriend and the girl named Anna trys to kill him and gets killed by the police and her body became the girlfriends and bad boys baby favorite doll to play with.

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Chapter 1-2



As Anna sat down. A crownd walked by a handsome guy droped a $100 dollar bill on the cold floor Anna thought the boy was really cute she picked up the $100 dollar bill from the cold floor she was too kind to spend the money. So she waited and waited until that same boy asked Anna do you know where the money is? Anna gave him the money it was already dark so she fell asleep.in the middle of the night that boy came and brought Anna to his house in the guest bedroom.when she woke up she felt greatful and confused. As she yelled WHERE AM I?!? That cute guy came and said hello I'm Andrew nice to meet you I felt bad for you so you can stay as long as you need.


In love 💕

As she went to the bathroom room someone with a mop in her hand said MR ANDREW SOMEONE CAME IN. No no no said Andrew this is our guest.Oh no sorry mr Andrew. What's your name asked the maid

I'm Anna. Ok miss Anna at your service maybe you should take a bath said the maid.Later Anna found out that Andrew was a bad boy and that maid was named Nia.When Anna came out with make up,a cute dress and much more she looked awsome,pretty and cute.When she came down for dinner she felt butterflys in her stomach and she had never felt this way.


New girlfriend 😂

As Anna was walking to dinner she saw a cute doll she hugged it and felt weird like there was something in the doll. She started walking and had a pain in her stomach.She started to run as fast as she could she made it to dinner. A pretty girl was there kissing ANDREW?!?! Anna tryed not to cry. She was just jealous her face was red she was a psychopath she ran to the guest bathroom she grabbed a knife.


Bloody knife 🔪

As she grabbed the knife she ran to the dinner and then went to the pretty girl and tried to kill her. but the pretty girl was to strong. Andrew called the police department and Andrew yelled LILY?!! Anna cut off Lilly's hand and there was blood everywhere. THE POLICE ARE HERE!?!


Bye bye Anna 💀

Then police ran in grabbed the knife from Anna and staped Anna they all felt like a something was hitting them blood all over they brought Anna and lilly to the emergency room Anna died lilly was ok but she didn't have a hand.


That doll 🪆

Years later lilly and Andrew had a baby named Mia and gave her that doll that Anna hugged before her death. Anna was that doll she acted cool. It was Mia's favorite doll to play with. As Mia was sleeping on night she saw the doll blink she stared to cry. Lilly and Andrew ran in and hugged Mia. Then they went back to bed. When Mia was four Anna saw a knife and waited until Mia was asleep. When she was sleeping she killed Mia.


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