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Wanted by the Wanted ( Gay Erotica )

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As a boy that lives on the south side of town there seems to be a lot of crime, and somehow I always seem to find a way into it. (Old story)

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

As I walked down the ally I had always walked through everyday I heard a faint scream. For a moment I thought that maybe I should check it out but then I shrugged off the feeling and kept walking. When I got home I felt a feeling of dread. Why was I feeling this way? I wasn't sure but I new that I needed to go back and see what was there and why I heard a faint scream coming from the abandoned building. I sighed and put my bag down then grabbed my pocket knife and placed it into my pocket.

While walking there I felt fear overwhelm my body, why was I feeling this? Why did I want to disappear? I sighed. When I got the building I put my ear to the door. I heard faint gasping and it sounded like someone was choking. I opened the door slowly and heard a small "Help.." I froze and slid my hand into my pocket then slowly brought out my pocket knife then held it out for protection. As I followed the breathing I felt my heart sink when there was a trail of blood.

"Hello..?" Why did I say anything!? Oh my god i'm so dead!!!

"H-help.." Someone mumbled, I hurried into the next room and a woman about my age sat on the floor naked. Blood dripped down her face like she had been hit. I gasped.

"Oh my god who did this to you!" She started crying and I removed the tape from her mouth, blood slowly dripped down her chin and her eyes went wide. I hurried and undid the zip ties from her wrists.

"Get the fuck away! Go away, No! No!" She yelled while choking on her blood. I fell backwards.

"I-I'm trying to help!"

She then sat up and tried to crawl away. Was there someone behind me. I slowly felt the barrel of a gun put to my head. I froze.

"Mistake number one..Walking into an abandoned building because you hear something.."

A man voice said softly then chuckled.

"Sleep well darling.." I was then hit with something after he said that.

When I awoke I had a throbbing head ache and my feet where chained to a pole. My hands were as well but my mouth wasn't covered. I blinked a few times because everything was blurry and I couldn't see anything. I then realized I was in a short skirt and nothing else.

"Good morning sleeping beauty.."

I rolled over and the girls corpse laid besides me.

"AGH!" I flung backwards but couldn't go far cause the chain was surrounding my wrists. I cried out after. "Ow.."

"Shut up, you're the one who did it."

I started crying.

"W-what do you want! Money! Food! What is it! Please just let me go!"

He laughed and stepped into the light, his hair was dark and covered his blue eyes he wore all black and he held a chef's knife in his left hand. I scooted towards the wall as much as I could.

"Shh darling..."

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up. I started crying.

"Shh.. Its okay.. I won't hurt you.. Not yet at least.. I chose you over the girl which isn't normal. She was very pretty before she looked like this," he then used the knife and moved her blonde hair out of her face. I felt tears roll down my face.

"So, darling.. Whats your name..?"

I looked at him and he let my hair go. I then fell feeling really weak.

"Your name. What is it."

I shook my head.


I flinched.


He smiled.

"Fuck took you long enough. You're obviously not a good listener.. And if you don't want to look like this,"

He kicked the girl and her hand fell off her stomach.

"Then you should listen to me for now on.."

I felt sick. He then leaned down and grabbed my neck and pushed me against the pole.

"Now.. Time for your punishment."

He then held the knife to my chest and I grabbed his wrist that was holding my neck.

"P-Please no!"

He looked at me.

"Shut up, its not like you've never cut yourself, I mean look at your wrists. You don't even have much fat so it won't be as fun cutting you."

He then shoved the tip of the knife in my chest and slid it down a bit. I scream out and dabbed my nails into his wrists. a wet feeling slid down my legs and dripped onto the floor. The man then looked down.

"God damn it.."

He then put the knife down and undid the chains. He put zip ties on my wrists and picked me up. I sighed realived, knowing that he wasn't hurting me anymore. He then slowly walked over to stairs and up them. When he opened the door it got brighter. He then walked to the bathroom and put me in the bathtub. I looked down embarrassed. He then turned on the water.

"Look at me."

When I did he sprayed me with water right in the face I hurried and covered it. He laughed and then moved my legs apart and sprayed my crotch. My eyes widened and my face turned pink. He sighed and put some soap in my hair.

"Wash it."

I then started washing it.

"Oh my fuck, do you not know how to wash your hair?"

He then moved my hands and washed my hair and then he rinsed it out. I then stood up.

"My god sit your ass back down before I break your legs.."

I teared up and looked at the water in the tub. Bloody water surrounded me and my chest was dripping.. I sat down not wanting to get hurt again.

"W-Whats your name..?"

He looked at me while drying his hands off.


I then sat there for a second.

"D-Did you go to Narsfill High School..?"

He nodded.

"Yeah, now stop asking questions.."

"I used to like you.."

He looked at me.

"Ew you're a homo.."

I looked down. He laughed.

"Of course you are,"

He grabbed me and dried my hair and put me in front of the mirror.

"I mean look at you.. You look like a beat up barbie doll, or the class loser."

He grabbed my neck and slowly slid his finger a crossed it. I gulped.

"Your skin is soft.."

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