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Girl Death - Untold story of a little girl.

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A mystery behind a girl death. Why she was killing everyone? Who is she? When she tries to kills us (everyone)? Where she will be there? How she looks like? (WWWWH). One new group of people's were came to the forest road for a friend's marriage. After that what happened to them all. The Mystery behinds a girl death.

Horror / Thriller
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Girl Death - 1

One group of friends are going to his friend marriage. This is starting scene of story....

Marriage function is in middle of the forest. So, some friends don’t like to go forest first of all....

And finally accepted to attend the marriage. Because in the forest there is a big house 🏡, looks like palace (villa). It is perfect place for the Photo shoot, camping, etc.

Then, Friends all are planning for the marriage to attend on time, and they are all ready to go on before day.

And there are started to go his friend’s marriage.

In a car journey of friends in trouble in the middle of the forest. Because the car was not starting, Due to Engine over heat.

And there are waiting for any vehicles are coming into the forest road, so much time is gone, but no vehicle is there.

After some time one bike is coming. In the bike two people are there. And there repaired the car....

After some time in the middle of the forest there was a girl standing in front of the road... Then they stopped the car....

After stopping the car in suddenly. There is no one visible.

There are thinking like it is an imagination, so they started moving slowly.

And after some time on top of the car some sounds are hearing, again they stopped the car and seeing what is going on, in the top of the car.

Top of the car one girl is sitting and looking to them.

Her eyes are glowing (shining) and smiling at them.

She looks like dark and black dress in the night road....

Story Continues...

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