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Dark Minds

By Stuart Byng All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Thriller


Dark Minds is about the power of the mind. It begins with the Parish family moving into a new home, in a seemingly quiet English village. As we move on, we learn that all is not as it seems in Redwell. There are dark forces at work. The family begin to struggle with the odd happenings. Only with the help of another powerful force are they able to make sense of their situation. Finally, there is the confrontation of these forces which will leave no-one concerned quite the same again....


The village of Redwell seemed, on first acquaintance, to be the typical, quiet English village. The Parish family thought exactly this when they first decided to move there.

Robert Parish thought it would be the ideal place to open his new grocery shop and the perfect place for his ten-year-old son, James. Sarah Parish, Robert’s wife of eleven years, had come up with the idea of her and Rob running a grocery shop only three months earlier, when her elderly grandmother had left Sarah a substantial amount of money in her will. Life seemed to be going very well indeed for the Parish family.

In their new home village, Redwell, things were continuing quite normally without them. At least, as far as normal went for the place. Only a few fights had erupted lately. Things had become rather quiet. No unexplainable deaths for quite a while either. Of course, the Parish family had not witnessed anything like this when they had visited what was to be their new house with the estate agent. Oh no. Things had to be calm for awhile now.

There was already one new villager that was becoming awkward. Let the outsiders arrive first. Then see what would happen. One of them already showed promise. That had most definitely been noted. That was why it was so important to get them here…

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