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The Little Halflings

By Sabrina Carter All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy

Perfect Day

1 Perfect Day

It was late spring in Myrtle Beach South Carolina 1991. And I’m Elesvetta Cores. I’m sixteen years old. And go to South Brunswick High School. I play soccer and have little friends. 2 good friends to be exact.

Sarah Parker and Philip Green.

Sarah Parker is the Daughter of the mayor, and the most popular girl at our high school. Philip is more quiet, and distant. Like me.

I live with a woman named Maria Cortes. She’s not my mother, but the closest ive ever had to one. I was left on her door step when I was just a baby. I started school with a reputation.

Being an orphan kind of left you open to alot of rumors. Like the one where my parents were axe murderers who slaughtered dozens of people along the coast over the course of years before abandoning me and going on the run.

And that’s mild. But I still have my friends. Since kindergarden. And I am content with my existence.

Today is the Friday the 21st, The final day of the term, the day of our big game in soccer to decide who goes to finals and Sarah’s Sweet16.

And I walk down the halls behind her with Philip. We allow her the lime light. She’s made for it. We’re not. Its a society thing. I’m sure everyone understands the lagistics of popularity. We’re invisable. And content that way.

The rest of day was spent mostly waiting. Math, science, lunch. And when school was over I headed for the locker room for our pre game meeting. To get hyped up. Or to get our star shooter Sarah hyped up that is.

We dressed, the team spirit was infectous even for a dark soul like mine. And I yearned for the easy carefree attitude’s my teamates had.

We took the feild at exactly 4 o’clock on the dot. And shook hand’s with our apponents. The West Brunswick Trojans, our rivals.

It was our shot at the finals, and we were gonna take it.

It was fourth and we were down by three.

We had the ball.

It was nearly six thirty and both sides were exhausted.

The whistle blew.

The game was on.

We moved aggressively to the others side.

Shoot and. . . . Blocked.

And they take it. I defend.

Its a scuffle of dirt, and feet, and legs.

A tangled dance of players all after one goal.

No one noticed when Sarah took the ball.

She hit the goal line and shot.

She scored and the crowd went wild.

We were going to finals.

Division champs.

Even I had to give my best friend her credit in this situation. The lime light was her’s and she deserved it. A content existence.

I went straight home from the locker room. To grab my things for Sarah’s party. I went straight in the small house and upstairs. I didnt speak to my “mom”. With four other kids she had enough problems and I was nearly an adult. After that I ran the strip to Sarah’s hotel. Yeah her daddy owned that too. It of course would be the venue for her Party. Beach side.

Nothing but the best for his little princess. I took the elevator upstairs, and used my key card to walk in. I could hear ACDC blaring on the radio and rolled my eyes. So Sarah. I went to the open bed room door and was nearly hit by a flying high heel. I snorted.

Philip was leaning against the wall grinning from ear to ear. his long brown hair hanging around his face. He even made jeans and a dress shirt look classy. Cheeky bastard.

Sarah's poofy blue butt was sticking out of the closet and she was digging about.

“Dang Sarah. Danger of flying objects here. Chill girl. You got time.” I laughed.

She turned. Holding on to her cinderella dress. Blonde curls bouncing. She was wearing a big grin. Her blue eyes twinkling.

Trouble and I knew it.

“Vetta! It’s about time. Your not gonna have time to change.” She said excitedly.

“I look fine Sar’. It’s cool. This is your night.” I dismissed, I did not like the way she was looking at me.

But of course she turned on those puppy dog eyes of her’s. Those deadly baby blues.

“Ugh!! Fine.” I groaned and she squealed. And not very elegantly, I might add.

Thirty minutes later after a lot of plucking, and polishing, and curling and spraying and lining. I was ready to face the mirror. Sarah looked way to pleased. Her blue eyes looking proud, and I sighed resigned. It was her Birthday. I’d let her have this one. I turned to the mirror.

It was like one of those out of body experiences those people have on tv. It was like I was seeing myself for the first time in a long time.

My long dark hair in tiny black curls, eyeliner making my bright green eyes shine. Sarah of course would pick the best dress. Black strapless satin dress. The sleeves and neck lined with Rosed lace. With the shoes to match.

Sarah stood next to me and in our reflection I could see Philip smiling. The three of us looked like we belonged together. I had always known it but seeing this set my mind at ease. I had a family.

We went downstairs at 9:05. Fashionably late. Of course. The music was blaring. Sarah had a kick for 80′s rock. So it was Elton, Dont go breaking my Heart. Sarah was in her spot light.

She greeted her guest. Her star quarterback boyfriend attatched to her arm. Brandon. He was a senior. He’d graduate and leave her this year. But she’s positive they can make it.

Sarah’s parents are at the entrance. They look so proud of her. And I cant really blame them. Sarah’s a good person. She not vain or conceded. And she’s worked hard for everything she has.

I linger by the refreshment table.

A cute punk rock looking girl just asked Philip to dance.

I think that’s the biggest ive seen him smile since we started high school. Of course he said yes.

Things were as they should be in the world.

There was a tap on my shoulder. And brown eyes. White smile.

Jason Bradleys. Star basketball forward.

“Your Vetta right?” he asked nervously, rubbing the back of his neck and I smiled.

“Yeah.” I breathed. God I’m such a sap.

“Um. You wanna like dance or somethin.”

“Yeah.” I breathed again, taking his hand, We danced for song after song. And when I met his team mates, he introduced me as his girl friend.

Which I never agreed to. But what the heck. It was so perfect. He was perfect. Sarah, Philip, and I chatted away through the night and danced. A perfectly content existence.

“You wanna get some air?” I asked after a while, and he nodded eagerly.

We stood on the beach watching the waves lap on the shore. The dark clouds covering the moon in the distance. But the star’s still shone.

We laughed and he spun me in the sand to the music blarring outside from the party.

He smiled that white smile. And I melted.

He held me close, and I didnt pull away.

Our lips met as the waves crashed on the shore around us.

A Perfect ending to a perfect night.

My life was hard.

And I was an orphan.

But In this precious moment.

I’m happy.

Midnight struck and the night had come to an end. I kissed Jason goodbye as my boyfriend, with a promise to see him on moday, and to call him. He left.

Philip disappeared. I assumed with Cindy. “His” new girlfriend.

And Sarah was saying her final goodbyes.

Always in her lime light.

I left her to it.

I would let her have the rest of her night.

I walked the strip alone. Nothing but the sound of the waves to keep me company. Not even the occasional drunk or drifter.

The dark clouds had shifted. And the bright white full moon was the only light I needed to make my way home.

The lights flickered slightly over the sound.

The wind blew forcefully and moon seemed to shine brighter.

I laughed nervously as a howl echoed in the night.

Dogs were common on the beach. No big deal I was just scaring myself right?

A snap and a low growl changed my mind.

I was frozen. And alone.

There was a snarl and I sucked in a breath and turned.

It was another one of those out of body things again.

A couldnt be really happening but actually is moment.

It was three feet taller than me.

Malf man, half beast.

A long snout and pointed ears.

Claws. Razor sharp.

Teeth. Equally so.

I shook visibly. Its bright green eyes like my own twinkling in the moonlight. The waves crashed.

and I ran.

A howl echoed in the night.

I quickened my pace. I could hear it snarling.

I ran faster. My heart pounding. Body numb.

A moment of shere fear in the universe.

Life or death.

I tripped along the dunes rolling down the short distance next to the water.

I looked all around me, breathing heavilly, my chest hurting.

Was it never there. Was I crazy.

I never got a chance to contemplate further.

There was pain.

Red hot pain.

And blood.

I could hear my bones snapping in it’s jaws.

My left arm being pulled from it’s socket.

Its sharp claws cut through the flesh of my chest and neck.

My heart was beating furiously, Pounding loudly in my ears. My vision blurry.

In ways. I was ready for the end. At least for one night in my miserable life I was truly happy. And I was resigned to die. Anything for the red hot pain to go away.

There was a loud snap as I was Dragged in the jaws of the beast away to be feasted on.

I was released.

I could see the moon. The bright white glimmering over the red sand.

A beautiful blonde man stood over me.

He looked so young and old at the same time. He was watching me sadly.

I took a gargling breath. Choking.

“Shhhh. . ” He murmered softly. I was scooped up into his arms. It was still red hot. But the blurriness was taking over. After a moment of pain. I lost conciousness completely.

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