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By J. D. Roxburgh All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Horror


Blood and lust have ruled my life for as long as I can remember, and then she came along and turned it all upside down. A life on the run, running from who you are and what you are means isolation but how do you cope when someone comes into your life and turns all your natural instincts inside out?  When you hide a deadly secret how close can you allow anyone to get to you? Dip into a life unlike your own, experience a life that no human, no animal has ever experienced... Become Feral.


I take another sip of my ice cold beer, the cool nectar sliding down the back of my throat dampens the irritation prickling up inside of me. I glance across the small sticky table to the blonde opposite me; she is still babbling excitedly, about what I have no clue, I cannot bring myself to tune into the words gushing out of her pink lips. I struggle to maintain the mask of calm that is hiding the storm flaring up inside of me. I clench my fist as hard as I can leaving halfmoon shaped marks on my palm, the pain distracts me for a glorious moment until it fades and her volume seems to increase. If she notices the muscles working in my jaw she doesn’t let on, I’d be surprised if she noticed if a natural disaster struck at that moment. I get lost momentarily in a daydream of spinning winds and destruction and a small wry smile creeps onto my face. This is noticed and she takes it as a sign of encouragement and beams at me. I can barely hold back my look of distaste as she opens her mouth and begins jabbering again. I gesture to the ancient man behind the bar who, among others, hasn’t been able to tear his eyes from us since we walked in. After what feels an age he totters over with a fresh bottle of wine and begins topping up her glass.

I down the last dregs of my beer just in time as he returns from the bar with a fresh bottle which I gratefully accept with a smile. It is soon wiped from my face by an inane giggle. She picks up her freshly filled glass and takes a large mouthful whilst managing to spill it down herself. My irritation is beginning to burn into rage and is bubbling up inside of me, I am about to boil over; I can see my eyes darkening, I can feel each and every hair on my body stand on end, I feel alive like a pulse of electricity has just coursed through my blood. I grip my beer bottle by the neck so tightly it cracks. I let out a hot shaky breath as my heightened senses fade and I drift back into the moment. The sharp sting of pain from the broken glass soothes me even as she starts with her inane gibberish once again. She stops abruptly as she notices the blood crawling down the side of the frosty glass and gasps. I am about to snap at her when she leans over the table and takes my hand in hers. My annoyance subsides as I am granted a complimentary view down her low V neck. She is well proportioned; an asset I noticed immediately, naturally gifted, looks wise anyway. The wine she spluttered down herself provides an attractive wet sheen to her chest, arousal growls from within, something I am powerless to control. I hear a small chuckle and manage to tear my eyes away and meet her baby blue ones that are shining with amusement. She draws my hand toward her mouth and darts out a delicate pink tongue to lap up the blood running down it. She is an imbecile; that much is apparent and yet the animal inside me cannot deny the base physical attraction. It makes me sick to my stomach how much it arouses me when she takes my thumb into her mouth, sucking gently and swirling her tongue around the tip before she nibbles on it playfully. I hiss at the slight pain and the arousal now begins to roar. Her eyes, which I am sure are mirroring my own have now darkened with desire.

As she leans back into her seat she doesn’t release my hand, we lay our intertwined hands on the marred table. There is a large part of me that wants to snatch my hand back, but I must tread carefully less the entire night’s plan be unravelled. As she gently sips her wine she stares at me intently; her once baby blue eyes now almost indigo as they swim with lust. I raise the broken beer bottle to my lips and carefully lick clean the edges of the sharp glass, the coppery taste of my own blood makes my entire body tremble in anticipation.

As she watches her breath catches and a subconscious hum escapes out of her. I watch carefully as she takes a large gulp of wine in an attempt to steady herself, her eyes begin to take on a glaze. I smile triumphantly as I can see the intoxication begin to consume her body, her chest is now heaving as the stimulating chemicals in the alcohol now begin to take effect.

I know she’s had more than enough to work in my favour and I don’t want to take the edge off by letting her get paralytic, besides which the pair of us have attracted enough attention, any more would be foolish. I stand up, indicating it is time to leave. I swallow a chuckle as I am now granted a view at the older men sat behind her at the opposite side of the bar. They are sat adjacent to one another, matching fish impressions on their faces; mouths hanging open and eyes unblinking. They also have matching tents in their trousers as they stare unable to tear their eyes away. I grab her jacket and hold it out for her, as she slips her arms in I turn her around in my arms making sure to brush her breast. I have to bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from laughing at her reaction; she almost loses her balance as her knees shake so much, she’s so turned on it’s almost too easy…almost. She glances across the bar and notices the men staring, she screws up her face in disgust and opens her mouth to complain. I stop her tirade by pulling her jacket collar and pressing our bodies close together. Her breath catches in her throat and there is no blue left in her eyes; they are onyx in colour and wide with arousal. She opens her mouth to speak again and I take my opportunity; I kiss her forcefully, using her surprise and slipping my tongue inside her mouth. I hold her up as her knees buckle and a moan escapes from the back of her throat. I smile internally. She is more than ready.

I pull away from the kiss abruptly leaving her open mouthed, panting and so wet I can smell her arousal in the air. I wink at the men as I lead her out of the bar, they are both paralysed with arousal. As we exit the bar she begins to gripe about them, I inhale the cool, dark night air and let it wash my irritation away. I smile cockily as the blonde stumbles as the fresh air hits her and heightens her intoxication. She hangs onto me like a lifeline and I laugh at the irony. She’s so drunk she doesn’t register that I am leading her away from the bar, away from the town, away from anybody else.

As she staggers alongside me I feel my need begin to grow; I have to take her now, my grip on her arm verges on painful but she is too gone to notice. As we move away from civilisation I feel myself becoming impatient but I grit my teeth; I need to hold on, I cannot lose control yet. I spot a pair of headlights in the distance, they are speeding toward us. Panic seizes me, I glance at the blonde, she hasn’t seen them yet, and I take my chance and yank her off to the side, into the underbrush that lines this dusty excuse for a road. She frowns at me, the sharp movement has shaken her momentarily from her drunken stupor. I feel my panic begin to rise, I cannot lose her now, I need release. I smile with all the confidence I can muster at that moment and gather her in my arms for a tight embrace. She groans and closes her eyes as I kiss her and I moan too as I see the lights from the car sweep across her face. She is too caught up in the kiss to hear it and I relax as I hear it drive into the distance. I break the kiss, much to her disappointment, and lead her deeper into the woods that lie ahead.

She coos at me about how romantic it is under the moonlight surrounded by nature. I am struggling, squirming under the light for the will to hold on just a little longer. She talks about how perfect it would be for a romantic picnic and looks at me with hope shining in her innocent eyes. I turn her attention back to the matter in hand by licking my lips slowly and raking my eyes down that delicious body. Her breathing kicks up a notch and I can smell her from where I stand. I approach her slowly like a hunter approaching prey, not wanting to spook her. Though she backs away gently there is no fear in her eyes, just anticipation. She gasps as she backs into a tree and she looks at me through her lashes. The moonlight cascades down her body making her skin luminescent. I close the gap between us and knock her legs apart with my knee, replacing the space with my leg forcing our bodies closer together. She shudders with pleasure as I lean in and latch onto her neck. I mark her as mine as I press my knee into her sex, she lets out a breathless moan as I lick the bruised patch on her neck. I can feel her pulse racing underneath my tongue in sync with the throbbing in between her legs, it fills my head and I begin to feel giddy. She begins frantically pulling at my clothing as I slowly lick all the way up to her soft pink lips that I ravage. I pull off her jacket as I bite down on her plump lower lip. As soon as I release her she strips away her top in record time and I take a moment to bask in the radiance that glows from those pale breasts barely contained in the lacy bra that encases them. Her eyes shine at me as I tear off my own top and fling it behind me. She looks almost coy as she reaches behind her own back and unlatches her bra clasps. It’s the first time tonight that I have found myself truly attracted to her; the bravado, the chatter, the falseness has all fallen away to reveal a shy young girl. A girl who wants this so much she almost afraid. Her fear doesn’t stop her, I admire that and feed off the scent of uncertainty teeming off her.

As the taller of the two I kneel before her as that magnificent bust is revealed to me. She deserves worship and that’s exactly what I give her. I use my tongue to map out a trail from her delicate belly button upwards, I skirt around where she wants me most and circle my hot tongue around the swell of her breasts one by one, torturously slowly. As she groans helplessly I empathise and wrap my lips around a pert dusky nipple. Her cry of pleasure rings out echoing around the empty forest granting it the life it has been missing. I can almost hear the bliss soaking into the trees, they sway together in the breeze with an almost new vitality; it is the most beautiful feeling. She brings me back to reality as her fingernails graze my scalp.

I kick her into overdrive as I gently bite down on a nipple and she winds her hands into my hair and yanks me up to meet her lips where she kisses me with a ferocity I didn’t think her capable of. The beast inside me growls with approval and I begin fighting with the fastening of her trousers. She tries to push me off to get her hands on my clothing but I slam her back into the tree. There is a flash of fear across her face but it is soon consumed by desire as I rip her trousers down her legs. Kneeling at the altar of her I can see just how ready she is; her arousal has soaked through the flimsy material covering her mound and is now dripping down the inside of her thighs. I glance up at her, she is in a state of bliss already; she rests her head against the rough bark, her eyes shut to the moon and she struggles to remember how to breathe.

I can feel the struggle within me, I am beginning to lose control; the scent of her invades my senses and seeps down inside of me and feeds the creature that dwells there. I kiss up her calves and thighs interspersing my reverie with licks and nibbles until her knees are threatening to give way. I plant my strong hands on her hips and make sure she is stable. As I reach her hip bone I bite down extracting a strangled cry somewhere between pain and pleasure. I can’t hold it in any longer; I grasp the tiny material covering the last of her between my teeth and rip it from her body. She gasps in a mixture of shock and joy as the cool night air hits her soaking arousal. I do not give her time to recover as I immediately use my tongue to swipe at her and am rewarded with my first taste.

She winds her hands even tighter into my long hair and pulls hard, feeling her nails digging into my scalp is driving my over the edge as I delve into her folds with my tongue. Her taste is exquisite and I fight to keep the swine at bay for a little while longer; it is getting harder by the second. I lap at her as if my life depends on it and I can’t help but smile into her and let a small chuckle escape as that thought crosses my mind. My hot breath ghosting over her swollen bundle of nerves causes her hands to clench in my hair and she yanks me closer to where she needs me. I glide my hands up her body and manipulate her erect nipples as I suck on her pulsing nub. She shudders under my ministrations and lets out a cry, warning me that she is dangerously close.

She is a siren in the ocean calling out to the creature on the rocks that I am holding back from the tumultuous sea; it hears her cry and I have nothing left. As her body trembles, jerks and bucks into my face its cage is opened and it is set free. I bite down hard and her eyes fly open in shock and pain, she loses control of her body and her climax takes over. As she floods my mouth with nectar my hands tighten over her milky breasts and my nails rip into her flesh, crimson blood oozes out in contrast to the glowing white of her skin. As she screams I lap up the pleasure that has gushed out of her, her cries grow dim as I tear my nails down her body like knives through butter. I fall over the edge and orgasm with an animal cry.

As her last breaths shakily escape from her lungs I let her fall into my arms, the light from her eyes has faded and they barely show the confusion, fear and pain she is feeling. I look at her through my beast eyes and nuzzle her as she fades away from this life. The moon looks down at me as I lick the life from my skin. Her sacrifice was noble and essential, not that she will ever understand. I clamber up the tall tree and stretch my limbs in the pale moonlight. I purr with content; I am satisfied…for tonight at least.

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