Green Sunday part 2: Second Sunday

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Dreams Come True Girl

“We have to keep moving Sparkles” Mr fuzzles said panting like a dog.

They were on the cold streets, it was dark and quiet, snowing calmly. The lack of noise made them feel like they were in a snowglobe, the sky an open vacuum of stars staring down with bleak ambivalence. A building cacophony of silence following them, whispers, whispers, moans, bones creaking. Squelching noises, hungry breath and padded feet crunching up the snow.

“They’re coming Mr Fuzzles, we can’t outrun them forever, we need to go somewhere, find a place we can hide.” Sparkles said, fighting for breath as Fuzzles pulled her along.

“Hmm” He said putting his paw to his purple chin.

It was dark, pitch, the streetlights waned, the moon was the only one on their side and it was known to play both sides when it was full. Figures moving slow but resolute under the glow of the orb floating in the sky, the glow from it’s teeth touching only their outlines. So many outlines and the sparkly one stood out the most, all those sequins. Leading his army of beasts, beasts of the new world. All those mascots climbing out of the murk like ghosts from a Saturday morning cartoon coming to claim the town.

Muffled screams, glass breaking, the slow roll of furry death unfurling on the sleepy town.

“I think we should go to the police Mr Fuzzles”. Sparkles whispered.


“Cut it”

The sound of bolt cutters biting on the hanging lock on the back of the building. The shaded figures pushed passed her into the building through the back.

“Put her down on the counter”

“I don’t think we can lift her”

“And what do we do with her head?”

A fat but well manicured hand flipped on the lights, they popped and croaked into life. First the kitchen, stainless steel everywhere, deep fat friars, fly buzzers buzzing in the corners. The smell of cinnamon and cold chiros.

“Why did you pick a donut shop of all places?” Roch said.

Juanita turned her head and looked her up and down and said “I don’t need to answer that.” She marched through to the front of the store. The lights were all on but blinds were tightly shut and there was a steel rolltop door protecting the glass storefront.

The donut shop was standard in a small diner feel, but tighter and more like a dispensary for a bake shop than an actual restaurant. A few stools up against outcroppings from the wall functioning as small tables. The floor space had a handful of small circular tables with tall backless chairs dotted around them. Very modern. Pictures of happy donuts on the walls.

Juanita could have found it by the smell alone but she couldn’t mistake, even in the dark, the giant metal donut sitting on the roof of the shop, beckoning her.

“Fuck this bitch is heavy” Kat said.

“Don’t body shame her, she’s a stunning and brave larger woman” Jaclyn said as she cleared a place for her on the counter. “Can you get her up here?”

Roch and Kat strained as they pressed the lifeless body of Garylynn against the counter and struggled to leverage her up onto the wide counter top. “Why are we even doing this? Her fucking head is off!” Roch screeched as she lifted one side of the giant woman, straining, her neck getting as veiny as a weighlifters stool.

Jaclyn passed them and put her laptop down on a circular table in the middle of the restaurant floor and took a seat in front of it and started taping away.

Roch and Kat got Garylynn’s body hoisted onto the counter, Kat reached down and dropped her misshapen soggy head on her chest. Roch was hot and bothered, her frustration apparent physically and mentally. Panting, she said “Jace are you hearing me, I’m talking to you.”

Jace spoke without looking up continuing to tap away at her laptop “I’m working on it, I just need to tap into the satellite and we can get some help.”

“I thought the phones were down?” Kat said leaning on the giant’s corpse.

“Phones are but we’ve got our satellite to play with.” Jaclyn smiled looking up briefly, the light of her laptop illuminating a set of adult braces.

“But he’s not here, what can he possibly do?” Roch said.

“I wont know until we get him on the line and we can do a full diagnostic”. She turned and looked at the body and squinted. “Err, can you, erm, pass me the head please?”

Roch looked at Kat and shrugged, lifting up the head with a straining noise, it was like a big medicine ball, deceptively heavy and bulky. She dropped it heavy on the small round table, looking at her hand and grimacing wiping a thick goop onto her tank top. “Gross”.

“O-k” Jace said as she pulled a cable out of her laptop and thumbed the misshapen ball of a head, moving the hair looking for something particular. “Aha” She said as she pulled back what must have been a horribly deformed ear. She plugged in the cable and sat back down in front of her laptop and started typing. The screen was blue and blank, a bar climbing that said ‘Establishing connection’ a picture of a floating satellite with a smiley face on it.

“Oh no no no, this isn’t right.” A nasally effiminite voice came out of the speakers, a feed of some dark room. A close up on a man’s head moving and then the camera being fixed in place, a close up on a man’s face. “What have you done to it?” Macintosh Lysander said as he looked down at his feed of the diagnostics report.

“Erm well” Jace said.

“Is she alright” Juanita came around the counter.

“Where were you just now?” Kat said as she pushed past her into the restaurant.

Juanita dusted icing sugar off her face and shirt and said “I was just checking we were secure”. Quickly changing subject she said “You contacted Lysander without me?”

“Well, I needed to send him th-“

“I’m the leader of this fucking team, you got it???” She said as she bounced her fat ass at Jaclyn knocking her off the high stool and taking her place in front of the laptop. “Hey Maccy darling, its me, she just had a little accident.” Her voice was sweet but then switched on a dime “It was that transphobic bigot Sunday. She cut off her head, but its no biggy right you can fix her, can’t you?”

“Nita that is a one of a kind prototype, do you have any idea the strings I had to pull to get that out of dad’s lab without him knowing?” He breathed in making that cloying sucking noise that he does. “If he finds out its missing, he’ll kill all of us. I’m not kidding.” His voice dipped in and out of the effeminate voice. He realised this paused and did that annoying clicking tutting noise reseting his voice to max effeminate swagger. “I can reboot the system from here but you need to reattach the head yourselves. I can walk you through it, but first I need an update on the mission, did you get the samples I asked for?”

“Maccy it doesn’t start til tomorrow, we’re early. We’ll get them, don’t you worry. These animist assholes wont continue their sick oppression any longer than they have to. We can put a stop to the whole fucked up Animarchy.” She said raising a fist doing a cringeworthy rosie the riveter pose.


The doors on their cells clanked shut.

“Oh shit, is that guy dead?” Jimmy said

He saw feet and dark black blood spread out and cold on the linoleum floor of the lock up.

“Shit” Jimmy said propelling himself away from the bars like a teen banished to his room for not eating his broccoli. “How the fuck did we end up here?”

TJ looked up at him wearily but said nothing. Sunday was still out, he layed her out on the bench of the cell, her head in his lap, looking down at her, trying to get her to wake up.

“This is all your fault man, if I hadn’t met your dumbass-“ He pointed at TJ.

“You’d what?” TJ said, looking up at him.

Jimmy snorted and chupsed, spinning out to look around the cell. “Look man I didn’t mean- err” He looked down at Sunday, her face seemed red and she was sweating and breathing fast. “Is she ok?”

TJ put his chubby hand on her head, her eyes were closed but her eyelids beat up and down like a window in a haunted house. “She’s got a fever, she’s burning up, is that normal, you know when you get tazed?”

“What you looking at me for, oh what so cos I’m black that means I’ve been tazed?” He said taking up an indignant pose.

“No I-” TJ said recoiling.

“Ho-he-ho-he-ho, tee-hee-hee, evil laughter etc” A low wharbling voice said.

“Who the fuck, there’s someone else in here?” Jimmy said.

They were in a cell that joined with another but was separated by it’s own set of bars.

“Hey don’t ask me, I don’t know that guy” Another different voice said from the corner of the cell.

Jimmy’s eyes started to adjust to the dim darkness of the cell block. He could make out a fat neck beard with long blonde hair and glasses, and a plunging hairline in the corner of the cell adjacent. He got closer to the bars to see if anyone else was there.

“Boo” A voice whispered in his ear, the breath hot and harsh blowing spit right into his ear like an air wet-willy.

“What the fuck?” Jimmy said as he reeled backwards, a flash of white flesh hit the bars making a crashing unrestrained noise like a rhino hitting the sides of his cage. A bitter vicious ghost of eons past rattling his chains at the living he despised.

“Carpenter” TJ said as he looked through the bars, the dim eyes of a beast staring at him over a vicious broken smile.

“So you remember me?” He scoffed “That’s good because I barely remember me.”

“Who the fuck are these guys?” Jimmy asked.

“Skinny one is the guy we’re looking for, don’t know about the fat guy” TJ said not taking his eyes of Carpenter. As if he was preparing for him to transform into a cloud of bats.

“Hey you’re not too slim yourself there buddy.” The blonde neckbeard said letting a louisana drawl sneak out. “I’m BJ Tirk, you might recognise me, I’ve been on the tv” He said proudly.

“Oh yeah” Jimmy said raising a finger. “You’re that guy who survived the attack in Arkham”.

“That’s me” He said grinning.

“That faggot who got caught with his dick in a gloryhole.” Jimmy continued.


Sunday started to cough, a spitting sputtering sound in her throat, liquid on her lungs.

“She doesn’t sound too good” Jimmy said.

“Uh oh” Carpenter said laughing.

“What? What is it?” TJ screeched.

“Now that would be telling tee hee hee” A little girl’s voice said rattling around like it was all around.

She danced in and out of the corner of his eye, a toy dropped through the bars, a plush lizard. She was talking to him. Her little hands brushed the outside of the bars, her little feet tapping delicately around the puddle of cold blood and brain matter. The lights flickering in and out.

“Are you going to stay in there Mr Badman?” She said.

“It’s safe in here.” He replied.

The little girl giggled and shook her head. “I don’t think so”

“The world is safe from the big bad wolf as long as he’s locked up in here. He can be the monster they want him to be, but he can’t have any teeth, he can’t breathe fire, he can’t c-ut”

“Who the fuck are you talking to old man?” Jimmy said.

“Oh yeah he does that” BJ said. “Talks to himself, sometimes in a little girl’s voice, he’s a few cumshots short of a bukkake party if you ask me”. BJ said looking out the small window by his cell.

“They can point to me and say ‘Look at that animal – he smells daddy, what is that – it’s scary’. I don’t wanna leave, this is my home, this is where I belong.”

“But we can’t play if you’re in there Mr badman” Laura giggled. “Don’t you wanna play with me?” The little girl was everywhere, her voice scratching around the inside of his skull, his blood running hot and cold, heart pumping, he forced it to pump.

“Carpenter! Carpenter!” The voice of the fatboy was muffled, cotton wool in his ears, the room spinning, light fading, vision coming in and out, shapes nothing but shapes.

“Carpenter, we need your help!”

Silence followed.

“This motherfucker is supposed to help us? I’d be surprised if this guy could take a dump on his own, does he wipe his own ass?”

“Who wipes” Carpenter laughed, a maniacal lilting laughter “Hahahahaa”.

Sunday bust into a coughing fit again. Her eyes lolling back and forth then popping open wide, so wide and round like they wanted to jump out of her skull. Veins on her face raising up like the lines on a cobras neck. Her chest rising and falling hard, robotic like a piston, something coming up a noise in her throat, she vomited on the floor, a black lumpy ichor.

“Tell me, what’s wrong with her” TJ cried.

Carpenter sighed, “You know”

“No, I don’t.” He said, catching in his throat, his heart jumping up to meet him, tears building like he got hit in the nose with a basketball.

Carpenter breathed in and through his teeth making a sharp hissing noise as he sucked in air and whispered “She’s infected”.

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