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By Molly Bean All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Horror


Pandoma is a hidden magical land where two teens; Isabell and Rosie are sent to retake Pandoma from an evil ruler. As they travel across the land with their guide Zane, they meet dwarves that live underwater, people made of origami and a futuristic town called Einsteinia.

Chapter 1

While walking to Luther desert, the grass started to look like thinning hair. hints of
sand decorated the grass. The closer they got to the desert, the more sand they could
Eventually they reached a point where there was no more grass and they knew
they were in Luther Desert. The desert was deserted like any desert usually is and will
always be in Pandoma. There was nothing but pale yellowish brown sand for hundreds
of miles; maybe a few pebbles and rocks here and there. The bright, huge, yellow sun
beat down upon them with intense heat. Little breezes were blowing sand all around
creating miniature sandstorms. The desert looked lifeless and was filled with an eerie
silence. But the hot and waterless desert was their second stop to find what they were
looking for.
It’s been hours since they first entered the hot desert. Isabell still had not seen
any sign that they came up to the shrine. Even though they knew they wouldn’t get
there for a couple of days, Isabell couldn’t help but look around and Rosie was starting
to get anxious. Isabell wanted Rosie to finally get her own weapon. She just knew it
would be leaf green since leaf green was Rosie’s favorite color.
50,500 Molly Bean Pandoma !2
“It’s about time she got her weapon too,” Isabell thought to herself.
“I don’t see anything yet. It’s just an ocean of sand.” Isabell stated looking out in
the barren land with her hand over her forehead to block out the setting sun. She
glanced at Rosie and noticed she was doing the same. They had stopped to rest and
surprisingly there were small breezes to cool them off. But it didn’t help too much. “I
know Zane, you don’t have to tell me,” Isabell said when he was about to say
something, and he chuckled.
Rosie and Isabell took a big gulp of water out of their water bottles and nibbled
on their grill cooked cheese burgers they had packed. They packed burgers, chicken,
fruits, and sandwiches in tinfoil that preserved food by either keeping it heated or cooled
for months at a time. Their water bottle kept water cold and made a continuous supply.
They would never go thirsty.
“I wish I had brought sunglasses, if I had known,” Rosie said shielding her eyes.
The orange setting sun was almost as bright as the sun during the daytime.
“Don’t look directly into the sunset, it will seriously make you go blind,” Zane said.
“How much longer until we get there?” she asked. Their guardian took out his
map and looked it over.
“Umm, about three more days,” Zane said.
“Ugh,” Rosie and Isabell moaned together. They were not happy that traveling
through the desert was going to take a couple of days.
“I think we should set up camp for the rest of the night,” Zane suggested when it
was minutes away from becoming dark. He did not want to travel through the night and
sleep during the day. The sun would probably burn them in their sleep and there were
50,500 Molly Bean Pandoma !3
other known dangers such as the desert lions. They also had to sleep sometime and
nighttime was the best option.
“Is there going to be any watcher?” Rosie asked while she started rolling out her
black sleeping bag.
“Yeah, we should probably have one,” Zane agreed. “I’ll watch first, then I’ll wake
Isabell up, then you last.”
An hour after dark, the night was cool even when they were next to the fire. The
purple flame flickered and danced in the night.
“Even fire flames aren’t the correct color here,” Isabell said amazed before her
and Rosie fell into a deep sleep feeling better knowing that someone was watching over
them. Their guardian was watching for danger and nothing was to be heard.
Four hours later, Zane woke Isabell up. She rubbed her eyes and sat up slowly.
Zane waited for her to be more awake then said, “Isabell wake Rosie up in four hours
and tell her to wake us both up in four hours,” he instructed settling in his sleeping bag.
Since they didn’t have watches, Isabell decided to count to four hours in her head.
When Zane was satisfied that she understood his instructions, he laid down and quickly
fell asleep.
Isabell counted each passing minute and listened to every sound while staring
blankly at the flicking fire, which eventually turned yellow, wrapped up in her black
sleeping bag with her sword. The only sounds were Rosie’s and Zane’s breathing, her
gasp at the changing color, and the flickering flame. Counting helped keep her busy but
time passed extremely slow. She could not keep occupied enough. With every passing
50,500 Molly Bean Pandoma !4
hour, Isabell’s tension decreased which made her feel drowsy. It was eventually Rosie’s
turn to watch, and Isabell quickly relayed Zane’s instructions to her.
“Okay. And why is the fire yellow,” Rosie asked noticing flame.
“No clue,” Isabell replied.
“Interesting.” Rosie said sarcastically while Isabell began lying down. Isabell
quickly fell asleep again with Rosie watching over this time. Rosie reacted the same
way; tense at first and slowly began to become less tense and a little drowsy. She even
gasped in amazement when the fire flame turned hot pink.
“I wish we had fire like this at home,” she muttered to herself.

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