Balloon Man

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Chapter 10

Foret knew when he took Giselle to Herme it was a bad decision, but he couldn’t help himself. He wouldn’t acknowledge Alouette was his child. He was too busy trying to keep his business afloat, coming into financial hardship with some ill-advised investments, and he felt compelled to look only out for himself.

When Ada died, Foret went into a dark depression. He couldn’t do anything to shake the sadness. When Herme came and asked Foret for help, the last thing Foret wanted was to have to take her back into his home and support her children.

Instead, Foret went to see Kata, the town psychic, to get some closure.

Kata listened intently to Foret’s talk of sadness from losing his wife. Kata was suspicious of Foret’s relationship with Giselle and was able to calculate what had happened between Giselle and Foret.

Although Foret did not want to divulge too much to Kata, he did want to talk to Ada’s spirit and ask forgiveness and direction.

Kata played along with the game, as she always did, and gleaned information about Herme’s involvement. Kata asked Foret to bring Herme in the next time Foret came for a reading.

When Foret came with back Herme, Kata started talking to Herme about selling the baby.

“Who would buy this baby?” Herme asked.

“Oh, you would be surprised. I see you going into a new business venture, one you will do well in. I can help you with transportation, connections and customers. Do you understand what we are both talking about?”

Herme shook his head up and down and smiled a toothless grin.

With money coming in again, Herme was already brainstorming on other ways to make the idea a lucrative business.

Joe Bob and his crazy friend, they knew people. They would be able to help him get started. The thought made his grin even bigger.

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