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The deadly truth

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This book is about a mystery that happed in 1933 called the “Blackwell Manor Mirder” about a little girl named Marie that mysteriously went missing from her childhood home and was found dead in the woods

Horror / Mystery
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This is the story of Jennifer Horowitz, she lived in New York with her father, Then, one day after coming home from a regular therapy visit, she comes to find her dads missing but, will she find him, or will she die trying to keep him from dying?

Jennifer lived a simple live, she had a boyfriend, a best friend and a luxurious house. She had it all until she didn't, but will she find that out before or after her dad's mysterious death?

She needs to find him, before they do... And if they do it won't be good. She knows all about her abnormal past, but is she willing to fight for her father's life? She needs to, or else they will and they won't treat him like the saint he was, but how the devil would treat sinners...

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