The Rain Train

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Kevin tried to speak. His throat was dry. He was in shock and having trouble forming thoughts let alone words but this was the woman. She was a cop. He was compelled to at least try to say something. The three officer began to slowly step toward him. One of the fluorescent lights began to flicker in its ballast. He looked right at her almost smiling.

“You.” He said almost to himself. “It’s you.”

The police woman kept her stare focused on him and his arms and took another step closer to him.

“I am going to step around you and take one arm at a time around the bottom of your back to put the handcuffs on, okay?” not leaving his gaze.

Kevin was experiencing a fine mixture of pain, terror, shock and a dose of joy. That joy was buried pretty deep but…this was her. This cop was the woman he had heard scream in the confusion right before he would awaken. The glimpse of her face was always brief but he had had the dream so many times he knew this was her. Didn’t doubt for a second.

“What the fuck is he smiling for?” One of the other officers said, gun trained on Kevin’s forehead.

“I don’t know and I don’t care this bathroom is really starting to smell and we still gotta see what kinda cluster fuck is in that stall.”

The woman from his dreams spoke to them.

“I got this. If you guys wanna go out and assist the patrons I can log the scene.”

“You sure Bobbie?” One of them said. “I know you’ve seen some fucked up shit before but this one looks pretty bad. Need us to hang here for a second?”

Kevin watched as she grabbed his arms twisted them behind his back and cuffed him up. She looked right at him with cold blue eyes then looked to the stall. She wasn’t able to see the horror inside yet.

“Yeah,” she said, “Better hang for a second.”

“That’s what I thought. I couldn’t handle this shit alone.” One of the cops said.

“Yeah, cuz you’re a fucking rookie Spatnicker.” The other said.

“Alright stay focused” Bobbie said. “I’m in charge of you guys and if we fuck anything up it’s my ass.”

Silence and tension flooded the bathroom.
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