The Rain Train

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Bobbie had seen some pretty nasty shit. She had been assigned the Cloister killer case and spent two weeks picking up mutilated bodies in and around Riverside Park. But that was seven years ago. She had had enough and transferred to Queens to clear her mind of the memories of what she dealt with up there and, she wasn’t the only one. A couple of other cops, rookies like her at the time, had either quit the force or transferred as well.

In all five officers heavily involved in finding those bodies had left the precinct. There were the assholes, weren’t there always, that called the five of them weak naming them the squirm squad. But she didn’t care. It was a rough two weeks and to be a rookie only one year out of the academy having never seen any real violence save for slide shows and historical crime scene shots it was a lot to ask.

She was stationed in Queens now and enjoyed the cops she ran with. Bobbie had worked her way up fast to sergeant and she wasn’t about to put her boys in the same position those assholes in uptown put her in. She decide they needed to see this. She wasn’t sure what she was in for but they would have see gore at some point it might as well be under someone who gives a fuck about them.

The man in cuffs was gazing at her as if she was a celebrity. What a messy situation. The lights flickered in rapid intermittent breathes and came to a stop holding the stall in a harsh glow. The smell was getting bad; Spatnicker was right about that. The bathroom was filled with the thin innate buzzing of electricity from the fluorescents. She could hear her breath. This was going to be bad. She knew it the second they barged in and she had noticed how much blood was puddling on the floor. She could feel the energy of her men behind her, anxious, nervous, alert.

She rose and pointed her glock ahead of her. The man’s gaze followed her until he couldn’t turn his neck any further.

“It’s bad.” The man said. “It always turns out bad”

“I wouldn’t say anything if ya know what good for ya.” Sap Knicker said.

Bobbie shot a icy look at the young cop,

“Spat!” She scolded.

“Sorry Sarge.”

Bobbie moved closer to the stall. She could feel the heat from the decomposing body lingering in the air and called up her calm state. The one she had had to use seven years ago. She was careful to step over the blood pool when she was startled out of her skin by her shoulder talkie.

“Pierce.” A harsh jolting squawk in her right ear.

Heart racing and calming and racing and claiming.

“Yeah, lieutenant. We got it under control. Two perps and…one…DOA.”

From her shoulder,

“It’s been five minutes”

“We had a bit of a fun time getting a hold of the situation but it’s all under control. We’ll be out in two.”

“Copy that. Hurry the fuck up.”


And that is when Bobby's world was turned upside down.

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