The Rain Train

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Like the momentary bursts of a flash lamp horrific scenes would swell and fade. As the magnesium exploded in her mind she would see a hideous face the color of a cataract hovering towards her. Then nothing. Another flash and she was backing away from the stall, desperate, scared, gun in hand. Another wave of darkness. When the burst of reality’s light came again, in the bathroom’s harsh sanitized light she was squeezing off one more bullet, it was all happening in slow motion, watching her shot pierce the milky thing and ripple right through it. She felt herself falling back. Falling back.


Pain shot through Bobbie’s arm and a small, aching red circle lit in the back of her head. She could feel it spreading, intensifying. Consumed with confusion and disorientation, she was only vaguely certain of who she was and why she was here. She could be in bed for all she knew.

No, I am not in bed, I am a cop. I witnessed a hallucination in...a…hostile environment. I…


Sparks flitted through the black. Sparks filled with minute sound attached to their light. They started to collide merging, amplifying. More and more they crashed into each other creating the noise of chaos and smells of fear. Converging into one bright spot it magnetised, spread.

Yelling. Rattling. bursts of light from the growing nebula and her eyes shot wide open. She was in an ambulance. Bobbie could see the EMT’s hovering over her shouting, checking her vitals. What happened?

“It’ll be alright sarge.” One of them said.

That’s Joel Tanger. She recognized him from previous crime scenes.


She could see the fluorescents now. Shiny bars of light reflected in the pool of cooling blood. Her head lunged toward the mangled corpse of some poor woman. Her gun was in her left hand and used her right to catch her self on the stall door frame pushing herself back. Away from whatever was trying to get inside of her (It wants to get inside me. It knows me).

Her gun was empty. She was standing again. HAd she fallen? She had shot the thing so many times but it just kept coming. The bullets just zipped right through it like a floating body of water and THWACK into the walls behind. Spat and Hagan had been shouting and shooting as well. Amid the Chaos she couldn’t find the strength to take her eyes of the floating menace and when it caught her stare She felt herself pause as if it was any other crime scene. Just another day on the job.

(It said my name)

In a slow motion trance she backed up as the twisting cataract approached her. Its hollow eyes staring into her, its smoky tongue moving with a kind of hunger in the cavern that is supposed to be a mouth. As it floated closer to her it was emitting a long constant moan. Like that of a dirty old man chasing a young woman, c’mere cutie give old Hester a kiss. When she hit the sink she stopped. It stopped then as well hovering inches from her face. It was pulsing as if breathing and the world stood still for one terrifying second. And like a snake it rushed her with a demonic roar. Bobbie screamed.


Comforting, lonely, embracing absence filled her body, her mind. A big, safe, dark hug. Bobby Pierce, at this moment was at peace. She didn’t know where she was but she knew, somehow, that she was alright. Was she dead? She didn’t want to be dead. Her mind filled with something cool and breezy. Breath. She was breathing. Relief rushed through her.

Without seeing anything she could feel herself smile. She wasn’t sure if she was physically smiling but dammit she could feel it. Was it all a dream, she thinks to herself. She breaths again. Not putrid air of a crime scene but, if there is such a thing, healthy air. She sensed a pulse in her mind. A soft, muted thump…thump. Her heart, her blood, ears. She could hear her pulse feel her heart. The pulse thinned to a beep…beep…beep. Bobbie’s eyelids becoming light. She would open her eyes soon. Very soon. Please, she pleaded with herself, Please let me be safe.

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