The Disturbing Account of Kazama Godai

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All legends have their origins. This is one such origin. The story that inspired horror films for years after it's creation. Now it's been uncovered and it's implications are vast and terrifying.

Horror / Thriller
Josh Moberly
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Prologue: A Communication to Director Harper from Field Operative Dunaway

Director Harper,

We were finally able to decode the encrypted e-mail sent from John Moltisanti to Keiko “Kay” Yureimoto (hereafter referred to as Subject 15) on January 6th, 2013. It wasn’t easy, and we had to resort to Item 97 for assistance in decrypting it. The first part of the e-mail reads as follows:


I know that I should probably wait until you’ll be back from filming next week but I don’t know if I can keep this information contained for much longer. In the last two days alone, my computers have been attacked about three dozen times.

Luckily, they didn’t realize they were going up against a guy who designed an AI to serve as his cyber warfare and antivirus suite. So when those bastards tried to ‘hack’ my system, RENA flooded their servers with about three petabytes of -suggestive adult material. I’m not saying it was porn, but if you remember your Avenue Q quotes, then you’d know that I’m lying.

Anyway, I think that they are after my friend’s partial translation of one of those books you took from Lance. The ones from our little excursion to what was left of North Arkham High. I don’t know how they got there but, after reading this translation, I’m worried. Extremely worried. Now this could very well be an elaborate hoax (I certainly hope it is), and my guy hasn’t finished translating the second book yet, but this corroborates what we saw at that school with our own eyes, and if that is the case then I have a good idea as to what the other book might be. If I’m right then I don’t think either of us want to -or should- read it.

Anyway, after you read finish reading this e-mail and the attached the translation, the e-mail will delete from your registry, the translation will wipe itself from your hard drive and RENA will scatter any traces to deepest parts of the net. I'm talking Marianas web level deep. So you don’t have to worry about whoever's been coming after my computer coming after yours attacking computer.

And if I sound overly cocky right now, I'm relatively certain that is just a defense mechanism to cover up how terrified I am. I don’t like where all of this shit is going Kay, and neither does Other John. This Kazama guy’s account seriously freaks me the fuck out, and Other John just has that smug look on his face that freaks me out even more. Everything in this has me on edge from the wibbly-wobbly time crap, to the appearance of The Red Hand in the fucking 1920s, the mentioning of my [Data corrupted...decrypting...decryption failed...Message from administrator: "Fuck you spooks, enjoy another petabyte of porn -XOXO, RENA"], and let’s not even start on the obvious paranormal mindfuckery.

Most of all I really don’t like what the final few paragraphs imply. Like, I'm having trouble typing because I have the translation open in another window and I keep glancing at the final words, and I hope to god that my buddy is fucking with me. Because it really isn't funny. Like, my hands are shaking, and I'm racking my brain for the proper words to express my fear, and I know I'm hyping this up and I'm rambling like an idiot but I'm scared, and you're an ocean away and I kinda can't talk about this to anyone else.

I love you Kay, please call me if you can, I’m heading back up to Arkham tonight and could really use the sound of your voice and some of your clear-headed rationalization to help calm me down from this shit cause I'm seriously about to have a panic attack right now.



It is clear that our operation was a success. As you predicted Subject 15 and Mr. Moltisanti entered Site 77 last month, and encountered the anomalies within. Mr. Moltisanti recovered the items that Agent Clifford planted there on your orders. And by all accounts it appears that Subject 15 “awakened” -as you predicted- shortly thereafter. What puzzles me sir is Mr. Moltisanti. He’s already connected to known survivors of the 1928 incident -survivors that we know have some kind of command over reality- and if Moltisanti has created a truly sentient artificial intelligence, as our difficulties in breaking into his computer seem to indicate then I am of the opinion that he might be "awakened" as well. I request permission to investigate that matter further.

Regardless, what follows is the translation of the final accounts of Yotsubishi Industries scientist Kazama Godai that we decrypted from Mr. Moltisanti’s e-mail:

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