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The Night Jog

By Josh Moberly All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy

Chapter I

Mori Green was a fan of night jogs. He loved how the streetlights illuminated the New York streets with a dull orange glow. He loved the feeling of night air as he ran. The fact that he had to carry less water due to the lack of daytime heat was an added plus. However night jogs did require extra safety measures than your typical daytime run. Whenever Mori went for a night jog he always made sure to wear bright reflective clothes, and carry a can of mace on his hip just in case a junkie tried to mug him at knifepoint.

On the night of May 31st, 2012 Mori’s night jog took him towards Central Park. He knew all the horror stories about Central Park at night, but the way the blooming trees danced in the cool moonlight of late spring drew him in like a moth to a streetlight. In the distance, he heard a series of police sirens, but that wasn’t unusual in the big apple though. Mori paused to take a swig of water.

The path Mori took led him past Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond. The Castle had been blocked off for about a week now as some Midtown construction firm was doing remodeling work. Mori continued onward toward the Pond; when he noticed the flickering of firelight coming from the eastern bank. His curiosity piqued, Mori made his way in that direction.

As he grew closer he heard the chanting. Mori ducked down and crept at a snail’s pace toward the source. A group of five robed figures standing around a bonfire, and next to the inferno a young woman with raven black hair, no older than twenty five. She was completely naked, her mouth gagged and her hands were tied to a metal stake. The robed figures, led by a smaller figure, stripped naked. Their skin covered in networks of intricate snake and dragon tattoos. The leader of the pack was the last to disrobe revealing the form of a beautiful Asian woman covered head to toe in similar, yet more ornate snake tattoos, on her chest was a frontal shot of an albino serpent, its fangs dripping orange venom.

The chanting picked up pace, Mori’s jaw dropped as the tattoo on the Priestess’s chest began to writhe and wriggle, the Priestess began laughing maniacally as her stomach swelled outward in a perverse mockery of late term pregnancy as the serpent began to push against her stomach. Outward, and outward it pushed; snapping its jaws as it worked its way free of the Priestess’s swollen abdomen, the drawn quality of its appearance disappearing as it pulled itself free of the her belly, the ink and human flesh giving way to smooth glistening albino white scales. The chanting had reached its climax and Priestess pulled the last of the albino serpent free from her now flat and bare stomach and let it wrap around her arms. The spectacle left Mori a nauseous wreck. He wanted to vomit, but he found that he couldn’t look away. It was as if he was petrified.

She turned to her followers, drew a curved dagger from her loincloth, and passed the blade to the nearest cultist. He cut his palm and passed the knife, walked forward and wiped his blood on the snake. As he stepped back the next cultist was stepping forward to anoint the serpent in his blood. This continued until the snake was covered in the glistening crimson blood of each cultist. The ritual complete, the serpent’s eyes began to glow a bright red, the Priestess held the snake out and turned its head to face her. She swayed her hips and began to dance with the snake around the fire. Flicking her tongue out when the snake did in a perverse kiss. Finally the priestess turned her attention to her sacrifice.

“Worry not my pet,” The Priestess said, “For tonight you are reborn.”

The serpent faced the girl and hissed, glowing orange venom dropped dripped from its ebony fangs. The girl winced as it struck, biting her once on each side of her neck. Through her gag, the girl howled in pain.

By some miracle, Mori felt his will return to him. He pulled out his can of pepper spray and charged. The first two cultists were blasted before they knew what hit them; Mori moved quickly guessing that he’d be no match for these guys if they had any martial prowess. The Priestess turned and dropped the serpent to the ground which slithered away into the night while she screamed with rage and charged Mori with her dagger in hand. Mori hit the ground and the Priestess tripped over him, her dagger falling to the wayside as she fell into the bonfire, her hysteric laughs drowned out the inferno as she burned. Mori stood up and faced the remaining two cultists who turned away and ran off into the night.

Mori breathed a sigh of relief, and limped over to the discarded dagger. He picked it up along with one of the cultist’s robes and made his way over the girl. She had gone limp, her body sagging against the pole. He cut her hands free and untied her gag. The girl looked up at him with glistening blue eyes.

“Th-th-thank you for saving me, but who are you?” The girl’s voice was weak.

“No problem, I’m Mori.” he wrapped around robe around her and put an arm under hers to helped her to her feet.

“I’m Sarah Gardner.” The girl replied

“Well Sarah Gardner, we should probably get you to a hospital, those snake bites can’t be good.” Mori smiled in an attempt to help her feel better.

She rubbed her neck, “That’s funny, they don’t hurt anymore.”

Mori gently reached out and turned the girl’s head in order to get a good look at the bites. Bite marks were gone but the veins around where they had been were pulsing and had the faintest orange tint to them. Mori was astonished, “This is impossible.” he took a closer look at her neck, “Your injuries are practically healed.”

“Well then there’s no need for you to take me to a hospital. I just need to get home and get some rest.” Sarah replied.

“Let’s get out of here first, I’m beginning to understand why they say to stay out of Central Park after sundown.” Mori stated, and the two set off towards the closest exit.

Along the way, Sarah told him that she had been at techno club downtown called the Philosopher’s Club, and was on her way home when the cultists kidnapped her. They had taken all of her belongings and tied her up naked in the back of their van. She started to cry and said that she thought they were going to rape her. Mori consoled her as best as he could. He asked where she lived, and she told him that she had an apartment just a block away from Columbia University. Mori said that he’d have the taxi drop them off there, but Sarah protested, saying that those men had her driver’s license and would know where she lived. She couldn’t go back there tonight, not alone. He offered to call the police and have them meet her there but she refused, and begged him to take her somewhere safe, somewhere that the cultists couldn’t find her. Mori had no idea where he could take her so when he hailed cab he told the cabbie to take them to his house, and after a short ride they arrived at his small brownstone house on the east side.

“Well this is the place.” Mori admitted with the vaguest hint of embarrassment.

Sarah walked around his living room holding her robe closed with one hand. Her demeanor had changed significantly in the past fifteen minutes. The terrified young woman was gone, now she walked confidently around Mori’s living room like a Queen inspecting her people. One side of the living room was seemed to be dedicated to DC comics, while the other was dedicated to Marvel. She smiled coyly and said, “So, you’re a comic book junkie?”

“Well,” Mori’s face turned red, “it’s more of a hobby really.”

“Uh-huh,” Sarah said and tossed a Joker action figure at Mori, “enough of an obsession to keep the toys in the packaging.”

“They’re worth more that way.” Mori said.

“Right.” Sarah rolled her eyes and sashayed over towards Mori, taking her hands into his and looking him deep in the eyes, “How about you show a girl where she can get cleaned up. I could really use a shower.”

“Oh, um right.” Mori smiled, his reservations about her change in bearing fled his mind. He led Sarah upstairs and to the second door on the left. He opened it and showed her the small bathroom. It had an old fashioned bathtub from the 1930s, the kind that was not built into the walls like most modern ones. The toilet was even one of those box and chain deals. Sarah slithered into the bathroom, and loosened her robe giving Mori a good view of her naked backside. She turned and gave Mori a quick peck on the cheek and asked him to find her something to wear while she got cleaned up.

Mori bolted for his bedroom as soon as Sarah closed the bathroom door. He ran to his closet and began tearing through it for something for Sarah to wear. Clothes flew left and right, as Mori dug through his closet to find something that wouldn’t make Sarah look like she was wearing a giant’s clothes. How tall is she, Mori thought, She come up to my chest…so…5’4”, 5’5”…something like that. Just as the shower stopped in the bathroom Mori had decided on a pair of old gym shorts and a Rockstar Games t-shirt.


Mori jumped out of his skin. He turned around dropping the clothes to see Sarah with a white towel wrapped around her. Something looked different about her; Mori couldn’t put a finger on it, it almost looked as if her skin looked bright red as if it were severely sunburned. Beads of water rolled down her skin, refusing to be absorbed. Sarah giggled, “See anything you like hero?”

“I, I, I found you some clothes.” Mori said quickly trying to change the subject to avoid any further embarrassment on his part.

Sarah looked up at him with a wicked gleam in her eye. “Don’t worry about it.” She smiled, slowly slinking her way towards Mori, her hips swaying back and forth as she shed herself out of the towel, revealing her supple breasts in the shimmering moonlight. Mori’s heart was racing. He had certainly never had a girl be this forward with him before. Sarah slid her arms around him in a tight embrace and looked up at him with two bright emerald eyes. “How about we just go to bed, we can save that other stuff for the morning.”

Mori was speechless. He merely nodded his head, and allowed Sarah to lead him to his queen sized bed. She stripped Mori of his jogging clothes, taking special effort with his boxers. When Mori was completely naked Sarah gently pushed her love-struck savior onto the mattress. She lowered herself next to him, gently caressing his growing erection with one hand and guiding one of his along her waist with the other. If Mori had been in a proper state of mind he would have noticed that her skin felt dry and taut, almost like parchment paper.

“I owe you so much for saving me.” Sarah said, her hand guiding his up to her left breast. She let out a small moan, “and I know just the way to repay you.”

Like lightning she was on top of him; wrapping her arms around him as she lowered herself down onto his manhood. Mori instinctively wrapped his arms around her as well and rubbed his hands along her back as she began pumping up and down. Her flesh was so soft, and yet so dry. It felt that if Mori wasn’t careful it would…

“Oh, Yes!” Sarah moaned with pleasure. “Again! Whatever it was do it again!”

Sarah let go of her embrace to massage her breasts, her hips writhed on Mori’s crotch. Mori, shocked out of his sex induced stupor looked at his hands and saw two handfuls of parchment like skin. He looked behind her and into the closet mirror. In it’s reflection he could clearly see to large tears along Sarah’s back where her skin had just…torn away to reveal glistening white scales beneath.

Mori raised himself up and grabbed Sarah by the arms and tried to shake some since into her. “Sarah, listen to me. The snakebite is doing something to you; we have to get you to a doctor.”

“Nonsense.” Sarah hissed as she pushed Mori back down onto the mattress. He didn’t let go of her however and with another savage rip, the flesh on her arms peeled off like a pair of shoulder length gloves; revealing more pale white scales beneath.

“Ahhh!” Sarah cried out in ecstasy, “Right there, just like that.”

Sarah grabbed the skin between her supple breasts and pulled, rending the flesh and tossing it aside like a discarded jacket. Mori tried to fight her off of him; utterly repulsed by the changes overcoming this once innocent seeming woman. She shook her head and hissed, “What’s the matter hero? I thought you wanted this?” There was an unnatural manner in the way that her voice elongated the ‘s’ sounds.

“Not like this.” Was all Mori could say.

“You’re sending mixed messages hero mine.” Sarah said. “You’re saying no.” She raised herself off of Mori’s manhood and slithered down so that she was face to face with it.

“But your little hero is saying yes.” She said and licked his member from base to tip the two halves of her lengthening tongue splitting as it worked its way along his shaft, by the time it reached the head of his penis the two prehensile sections of tongue were wrapped around it with a vice like grip. Mori recoiled in horror and tried to push her away.

“Sarah please, we have to get you to a-”

Her tongue snapped back into her mouth “I’m not going anywhere.” She yelled as she pounced on top of him, and pinned his arms in place with a newfound strength. Now that he was face to face with her Mori saw that her teeth had grown into ebony daggers and her eyes had taken on a deep amber caste. As they stared eye to eye Mori watched in horror as her pupils stretched into serpentine slits.

he let go of one hand and reached for two of Mori’s discarded shirts. She then used the shirts to tie Mori’s hands to the bedposts. “Only a precaution, my hero.” She hissed as she sat up kneeled atop Mori, giving him a perfect vantage point as Sarah removed the human flesh from her waist down as if they were a pair of spandex yoga pants.

Mori’s gorge rose as he looked at Sarah’s inhuman visage. From the neck down she was covered in a complex coat of glistening ivory scales. From the neck up her once beautiful human face now looked like a Halloween mask that didn’t quite fit. Her mouth stretched with an inhuman smile as her nose upturned; her jaws strained against the tight flesh mask. With a final sickening rip the flesh gave way and Sarah gently pulled away the last bit of human flesh and flowing midnight hair. Now only a bald serpentine visage remained; covered in the same alabaster scales as the rest of her body.

“Don’t worry, hero,” She said, “I’m still human where it counts.” She squatted above him and perversely spread her scaled labia revealing the moist pink flesh of her vaginal cavity, “For now at least. I’m not really sure how much deeper this rabbit hole goes, but OH GODS it feel fantastic!”

“Please Sarah, I can help you.” Mori cried his sanity on the verge of slipping away indefinitely, “Just snap out of it. We can still find a way to stop this.”

She lowered herself back down on Mori’s still hard member and began grinding. “No,” she said as she worked herself towards climax, “I’m something better than human now. Ah, if only, you could feel what I feel. Sense what I sense. Then you’d understand that there was no going back.” She lowered herself and forced Mori to suckle from her scale covered nipple.

Mori closed his eyes, trying desperately to shut his mind away from the situation. He wished that he had the courage to act before that priestess’s snake bit Sarah. No he should have acted the second he saw that those cultists had Sarah bound and gagged. If only he had acted sooner she wouldn’t have been cursed to become….this monster that was raping him now.

He felt his mind become unhinged, and he willed himself back to the park. There they were before him, Sarah naked and bound to the sacrificial pole, surrounded by tattooed cultists. He rushed the cultists the second they disrobed, grabbed the dagger from the priestess’s loincloth and drove it deep into her chest; she let out a long rattle as life left her body as the albino snake tattoo writhed and died with her. Mori pulled the dagger from the dead priestess and stabbed the nearest cultist in the kidney; another cultist got it through the lower jaw, the force from the blow causing his eyes to pop out of his skull. The third charged Mori, but he withdrew the dagger and stabbed the cultist in the junk and left him bleed out. The final one fell before Mori the Conqueror when he decapitated the fiend with a mighty swing from the dagger. Victorious, he then freed the innocent Sarah and carried her back to his apartment. The two then spent the entire night making love the sun rose over the Atlantic. As Mori spilled his seed deep inside Sarah’s quivering womanhood he looked up at his rescued beauty and saw her scaly form wracked with the throws of orgasmic bliss.

Wait, Mori thought. He looked up and saw Sarah’s reptilian form collapse down upon him. She hissed gently into his hear, “See, was that so hard.”

“No, I stopped the ritual. I prevented them from doing this to you.” Mori stammered

“I’m afraid not hero.” Sarah whispered, “Whatever you imagined was just a fantasy.”
“But I saved you.” Mori whimpered

“Oh you did do that.” Sarah said as she rose up to an upright position. “In ways you’ll never know.”

“What do you mean?” Mori asked

Sarah smiled her forked tongue flicking out of her mouth. She gyrated her hips, and rubbed her scaled hands along her lower abdomen. “You gave me the gift of new life, Hero; which makes this next part all the more tragic.”

“What do you mean?” Mori asked.

Sarah’s smile faded. She lowered herself to kiss Mori on the lips, forcing her tongue deep down his throat. After a moment, she relented; grabbed Mori’s shoulders and opened her reptilian maw wide, purple venom dripped from her fangs as she plunged them deep into Mori’s jugular. Mori howled with pain and tried desperately to push the snake-woman off of him to no avail. The more he pushed the deeper she sank her fangs. After what felt like an eternity she released him. Climbed dismounted him and rolled over next to him on the bed; a tear ran from her eye as she gently hugged her savior.

“I’m really sorry Mori.” Sarah said, her tongue flicked from her mouth and across his chest, “But I can’t let you do anything to stop me or my children.”

She climbed off of the bed. Mori could feel his limbs go numb as she sauntered over to the nearest pile of clothes. She bent over, allowing Mori a good look at her corrupted form. She picked up a pair of boxers, a pair of track pants, the Rockstar Games t-shirt, and a white hoodie.

“Do you happen to have any sunglasses Mori?” Sarah asked with a somber tone, “Wait, I found a pair.”

She got dressed in front of him. By the time she was clothed Mori’s vision was growing dark. She slipped on the pair of sunglasses and walked over to the closet mirror.

She sighed, “What do you think Mori? Can I can pass for human long enough to get home.”

“H-h-h” was all Mori could say, his mouth was to dry.

“I think I should be able to make it. The only problem will be the little ones” she said, rubbing a hand over her abdomen, which had begun to protrude ever so slightly, “They are growing fast.”

Mori shook his head franticly, “Help…me”

“I’m afraid I’ve done everything I can for you Hero.” Sarah said, “The venom I filled you with will give you a nice painless death, you’ll just get tired and go to sleep.”

Tears began streaming down Mori’s face. A look of inhuman guilt crossed her face and Sarah rushed over and climbed back onto the bed to embrace him tightly. “Shh. No tears. If you want Mori I can stay by your side until it’s over.”

Sarah removed the glasses and lowered her hood, in Mori’s failing vision, she almost looked human again. He nodded his head, and she held him in her arms, slowly stroking his cheek as it grew more and more difficult for Mori to take a breath. The world began to fade around Mori, and he closed his tired eyed. Sarah kissed him a final time and told him as he fell into a final slumber, “You’ll always be my hero.”

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