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A single murder can change Lucy's life forever. Something about it that doesn't seem normal, strange things start happening. your town is listed as a ghost town. Is it Paranoia or is it reality. After a brutal murder Lucy moves to a new town. In the process of senior year with trying to find her way. Everyone in her family starts acting strange. Thinking that she is being haunted getting through school, turns out that theirs more to the story that meets the eye. This mystery horror thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Horror / Mystery
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Really? Murder?

I never really did believe in ghosts I don’t really know why exactly, maybe it was the fact of a flying bed sheet arousing or an ominous creature walking like a man. It was until a while ago I thought they were and maybe I still think they are..... Like any old ghost story, its starts with a dysfunctional family that moves to a new town and get haunted. The thing was our family wasn’t dysfunctional and everyone seemed to love each other even though none of us really said it.

We are the Johnson’s; we decided to move to a small town in America out of our beautiful country Scotland. You know when people say you move to get away from something traumatic well... that wasn’t the case. Well... I’d be lying if I did say it was traumatic unless you considered you grumpy old neighbor being murdered sad and scary. In all honesty, everyone could be a suspect even the police they were so happy that she had been killed that they closed the case called it a suicide and threw a party after. She was however nice to my parents, although they never really knew her evil side. They would say that people just misinterpret her but they were wrong we didn’t really like her at all, she was just cruel, mean, horrible, ratcheted and just plain nerve-racking, I hated her so did the rest of society who knew her. She would steal kids toys and would yell at everyone to “shut it ” as quoted, she would bark at the mailman and let her dog out on the kids who would walk past her house. Everyone knew she didn’t kill herself she was a miserable old hag but she loved the church. The only thing she loved or acted sain is when she would sing in the choir. Even the priest hated her, she would correct him in every sermon and curse in the Church too.

My parents thought that it was a tormenting day............ when Lady Penny was murdered, it was petrifying to find that someone had brutally stabbed her to death and left her like that in front of our house. They said that through whispers, that Mr Jones a creepy old guy had murdered her since they disagreed and were in a dispute for years, though no one can actually prove he did it. Days later he was found dead they found him in his backyard, supposedly he’d killed himself, and even though it’s not proven that he had murdered Lady Penny the police blamed him for the whole thing since the whole suicide they with Lady Penny did not really make sense I mean no person would stab her self a million times,it was all over the newspapers. It was like a frenzy of some sort.

Moving to a smaller town provides us with more bonding time but ever since the incident of Lady Penny it feels like our family drifted apart, I think we all distract ourselves with other things instead of dealing with what happened, maybe it’s better that way. I mean mum and dad were devastated at her funeral while David seemed happy when she died and stole his soccer ball from her house, during her funeral. “Have some respect for the dead?” I said he looked at and rolled his eyes, okay I know she was ratchet but we should at least pay our respects at her funeral.

It was the day after the move, everything was still in boxes. Nothing really to it mum and dad were out for the evening, they wanted to be on the committee of the town since dad working at the law firm and mum happens to be one of the best doctors in the country.

David my little brother and I are the only two kids in the house; since my older siblings have gotten married years ago. You could say we're the last two left in the house, it’s my last year of school and David’s first year of high school so there is a bit of an age gap. Before my parents leave for the evening mum instructs like any mother would “No friends are loud while we out”. “Your mum is right beside did you do your homework? Mary, I’m waiting in the car” responds dad in a stern fatherly tone and walking towards the car which is parked out front. I’m almost done Louis I’ll right there” says Mum , then turns to look at us and says “goodbye we’ll be back later, there’s some money on the counter you can order some pizza if you’d like, keep the doors locked we have a key, bye have a good evening” the kids say goodbye and decide to call for pizza

I decided to get myself a blanket from one of the boxes in the basement since it is slightly chilly, my brown hair gets tangled in the nail next to the door while climbing up the stairs and pulls my hair down with a force. I get up quickly so I don’t miss anything on the premiere of the new TV show.

Suddenly there was a loud sound, I jump up really fast and run to the kitchen since the sounds seemed to have been coming from there. When I got there I saw the door was open, even though I locked it 20 minutes ago.

I locked the door and ran upstairs to see where my brother was “David... David.... where are you?? David “I scream angrily, finally I got to his room. “David! You don’t ever answer me, Were you down stairs in the kitchen?” with his head facing the TV and concentration not listening to what I had said David didn’t answer obviously like every other 13-year-old boy only worried about video games.

“David I’m talking to you,” I said standing in front of the TV hoping I’ll get his attention now, “what Lucy? I’m busy ... move out of the way, I was about to score a goal” said David with a slight bit of irritableness staring at her with is dark blue eyes and dark hair ever so greasy, I wonder if he ever baths, “just tell me if you were downstairs by the kitchen, that’s all” I replied with a concerned look in my eye, “you so annoying I was here this whole time and almost won the game until you messed up my game” exclaimed David.

I am now really confused I go back downstairs to investigate leaving David’s untidy room, but to no surprise, nothing was there, I decided to let it go and ignore this ironic incident. I went back to the TV when I then heard another sound, only this time it was from the closet, this time I was determined to find out what that awful noise, I made her way towards the closet, but when she got there, nothing was found.

I decided to check if the rest of the house doors were locked which they were already and checked up on David who was now asleep while checking up on David she heard a sound from downstairs. I had now realised that David wasn’t the one making the noises, this is very eerie I thought to myself it’s probably an open window

I ran annoyed down the stairs and walked towards the basement where the sounds were coming from, I was standing on the edge when I fell down the basement stairs and the door slammed behind me, I tried reaching for the light switch but the light bulb seemed to have not switched on, I quickly rushed up the stairs as fast as possible but the door was locked, “David!!!!!” I shrieked in fear repeating myself several times, I knew that he couldn’t hear me and I was stuck down there. I now strong-willingly grab my phone out of her pocket and tries calling David, to no shock there was no signal, being in a small town the signal was horrible and there was always a connection.

I knew that I was now was stuck, I didn’t know what to do, when unexpectedly I felt as if their someone grabbing me by my legs, as if long spiky nails had dragged down the stairs I’m screaming in fear, and rush back up the stairs. I knocked on the door hoping someone might hear me yet no one could, my heart was pounding faster than ever, my hands felt bruised and I fell asleep against the door, when I woke up, I began again screaming for help.

Finally, the door unlocked and the pizza delivery guy was the one who unlocked it, he looked at her in total shock, I mean, wouldn’t you. He said “the house door was open and I thought I heard someone calling, are you ok?”, I didn’t know what to say because if I told him he’d think I’m crazy, I said: “I think I must have fell down the stairs and knocked my head, when I woke up the door was locked, thank you nevertheless, how much do I owe you for the pizza?”

After paying for the pizza guy the rest of the evening was a blur, when I woke up the next morning thinking that the whole incident was just an awful dream and thought nothing of it, I looked down at my legs and was extremely startled, my legs had nail marks all over them, when I stroked her fingers on it the deeper cuts had excruciating pain, the tenderness and throbbing hurt that when I stood which I slightly felt.

I decide to go towards Mum and said in a calm yet worried voice “morning mum, I kind of........fell last night down the stairs in the basement, I’m ok but I think I hurt myself” Mum looked at me in shock more like concerned and put some medication on the gashes. Being a Saturday, everyone was home and later that week was a festival, most of the town’s professionals were taking part, both my parents were taking part on that day dad was in charge of security and was going to be on one of the floats, they would be busy the whole of Saturday yet alone the entire week.

I decided to go to the nearby books store which looked like an old ominous house, when I got there I seen a book on the corner shelf it was full of dust and looked rather old, it seemed as if it been there for over 100 years, the pages had turned yellow due to its distortion. As I wiped the dust off the leather covered book, I noticed that the book that had a symbol of some sort, very unique, I had never seen anything like it, it was very queerly, though I felt that I’ve seen it before. Making my way over to the shop keeper who was another girl she probably the age as me, she spoke in a very enthusiastic voice “Hi my name is Sasha, what I can get for you?” “Hi, I’d like to buy this book?” I reply “well I’m not sure I’ve never seen it before let me go check with my boss,” she said walking away happily.

Sasha came back after a few minutes and said that the owner wasn’t selling the book. I was a little disappointed about but nevertheless, Sasha and I continued speaking “I haven’t seen you here before............” she said, “I’m actually new in town we moved here last week” I replied, she cheerfully asked “how are you finding our amazing town so far?”, I answered her saying “so far so good” and look down at my phone seeing that my mum had texted me, I continue telling Sasha “I got to go mums calling” we greeted and exchanged numbers. I drive home but first I need to pick up David he was playing soccer with some kids in the park.
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