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Chapter 9

I woke up in a rush that morning and rushed to school. There was still time before the bell would ring and school would start, I met with Lucas. I told him about the papers I sat up last night while, we were talking this guy walked towards us he looked like someone who would play way too many video games and he was thin Chinese guy, dark hair. “Luc, you not going to believe this... I’m sorry you are?” he says as he glances at me, “Lucy Jake, Jake Lucy” Lucas introduces us. Jake told me that Lucas and they have been friends forever.

While talking Blair walks towards us starts franticly telling us about a ghost that attacked her, in front of Jake fortunately no one else heard her, we told her to calm down and Jake seemed thrilled however since zombies and other than humans was his kind of thing. We all went to the hall apparently there was an assembly that all seniors needed to attend Principal Wallace told us about our exam dates, prom and other stuff that wasn’t really important. He also mentioned till Thursday was study days so we were really happy about it. After the assembly we had a lunch break since the assembly took really long it was almost 3 hours.

We were all talking about the ghosts and Blair explains to us what had happened to her last night. She said that it chased her through her granny’s barn in the back, apparently one of horses were brutally stabbed thankfully it survived the attack. Suddenly Jack walks up to our table trying to pick a fight for reason like usual. “Why don’t you leave us alone we don’t want any trouble?” says Lucas. “Trouble??? You honestly think I believe you.... why did mess with my locker huh??” replies Jack, Jake standing in the middle of the two of them “He didn’t mess with your locker Jack” states Jake, “I wasn’t talking to you sensei go make yourself useful and move out of my way so I can punch him in the face” yells Jack in rage. “Fighting never solves anything” Blair intelligently states, but Jack rudely responses “Beth or Brigit whatever the hell your name is get rid of those hideous clothes and get a facial you ugly nerd, do math”, upon hearing this Blair ran away out of the cafeteria, by than I was really upset I mean that was really nasty the way he told Blair she was ugly. “Jack why do have to pick on us... Lucas was here the whole time with us and we’ve been here the whole time” I yell at that point Jack grabbed my arm and Lucas punches him hard. I think Jack got the biggest shock of his life; he went away at that very second. It was the first time that Lucas actually stood up for himself and I was really happy for him.

We decided to look for Blair she ran away and we didn’t know where she went. We split up, I checked the restroom to see if she was there and I did find her, she was crying. “Hey you ok?” I asked her but she didn’t respond. She than after a while did speak she told me of her mother who left her a long time ago and how she felt very unattractive and Jack that piece of work made her feel worst. I told her that I would take her shopping so that she would feel better and we agreed to do a makeover for her.

We spent most of the time talking and by the time we got back it was already time to leave. The guys said that they would come with us to the mall Jake wanted a new camera so that he could footage of the ghosts and whatever so Lucas and Jake were in the electronic store. Blair and I first went to the hair salon where we dyed her hair dark brown since she had light eyes the dark hair made her eyes pop. We bought her more decent clothing and she wore her glasses. We all decided to meet for Pizza on the second layer of the mall. The guys were really shocked when they saw Blair I was shocked when I seen Blair

We drove to my house after bringing pizza takeaway. “Hi mum, dad; I got some friends over we need to this project so we’ll be up in my room if you need us” I tell my parents when we entered. We all went up to my room, my room was big and my notes were waiting. We all read certain sections; Blair was doing more research on the town itself, while Lucas was planning out the plot on where we were going and which route we would take, Jake was fixing his video cameras and I trying to find out what those symbols were.

It took a while till we could actually get the hang of it, but then when we did we were all working really hard. Mum came occasionally came with snacks in between and we really appreciated it, we decided that later on when everyone went to visit grandpa who was still in Acoma, we would all leave to follow the symbols on the map. It showed an indication on the map which happened to be an old map so none of the areas were accurate thankfully Blair remained me that my grandma had a list of the addresses which I took a picture of, we printed it out and waited for everyone to leave.

Jake for some reason took garlic, water and soap; he said that ghosts are afraid of this stuff which was really hilarious. We all laughed at him the whole way because he was the only one who didn’t see these spirits. We finally arrived at this building which was covered in vines, it was really creepy. We peeped through the window but the lights were off and there was nobody there, we heard voices coming and seen them walk towards the Forest nearby we decide to follow them in the dark forest they walked up to this camp fire with a group of people, we didn’t see their faces but they were all talking about this guy J. Suddenly someone had seen us and he or she in the mask chased us the guy tripped and we managed to escape we drove of quickly and reached my house.

After reaching home we all were in shock, but Jake however was really ecstatic and on a high. He said that it was like some sort of cult that it seemed like a video game he plays, he told us he would go find the game and find out who was the creator of the game because he feels it may be linked in some way, somehow. He then tells us that some games are based on history and maybe that game he is thinking of is based on the town’s history. We told him to find it out and tomorrow we would all meet here again. They all left my house and I once again alone, I could hear sounds coming from downstairs it was like there was someone had enter our house I felt like someone was behind me and I just continued to walk forward, I walked towards the kitchen but the sounds started coming from my grandparents room. I was afraid I grabbed the broom, I walked towards their room and the door was closed nobody was home yet so it was terrifying. I counted to three and opened the door. The window was open and there was a cat in the room. “you scared me little guy” I said putting the broom down and picking up the cat, there was a tag on the cat neck “let’s see who’s your owner” I said I usually don’t talk randomly to animals but for some reason I did that day. What really surprised me though was that the cat’s tag had the same symbol that was on the map and grandma’s paper. What does everything have to do with this symbol? What does it mean?

I took my phone out of my pocket to see that Blair had made a group with the guys and me which seemed really useful since we all needed to communicate. I told them I found a cat with the same symbol, they all found the symbol by their houses somehow; Jake found the symbol on his video game console on a paper inside the casing which was never there before, Lucas found the symbol on a page stuck to his skateboard and Blair found it in her math book. It seemed like someone wanted us to find it like someone was helping us, but whoever it was knew a lot about us because they knew what we all liked or would go see but mine was in grandma and grandpas room I must of startled them so they left their cat.

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