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Chapter 10

When we got the school library it was still a little early given the study time we could all do our research there since the library had books and Wi-Fi. We all took out some paper and wrote down some notes. Although we didn’t know why those symbols pitched up at our houses and how it got there we were determined to find out what was actually going on and we were going t stop it. I saw that same genitor that looked like one of the ghosts and started walking towards him. But he looked distressed and ran I tried calling him but he ran from me it’s like he knew something and didn’t want to tell me or even look at it was like given proof. I told the Blair and the guys what happened with the genitor. We decided to go together to him during detention, oh yes we have detention because of Jack he made up something I guess.

While we were in the library Blair happened to find a book that had the same symbol that we all seen last night but it had a lock on it, we tried to open it with a paper clip but had no luck in doing so, we decided now was the time to go to the genitor we could question him and get a hammer to break the lock open. We made our way towards him and yet again he began to run after chasing for about half an hour, jumping over tables running through classrooms and finally chasing him down a passage leading outside to the forest. Before he could run any further Lucas and Jake jumped at making him fall to the ground.

“What do you know?” asks Jake; “I don’t know what you talking about?” the guy replies out of breath; “than why did you run?” Blair asked; the guy looked a little confused and said “they have my family.... I can’t tell you anything otherwise they’ll kill them”. “Who?” says Lucas; “look Mr I know you scared but maybe we can help you, we could go to the police and everything will be fine, okay?” I stated; the guy looks as if he contemplated it for a second but then responded “no one can help me, no one!!!” and walks away.

We all are really confused at this point who could possibly be having the genitors family and what was going on, we all walked back to school were we all had detention. It was the first time Blair and I had ever had detention but the guys seemed to always have detention. We had to clean the schools basement which sucked big time because there was dust, spiders, dirt and spiders; did I mention spiders yes I don’t like spiders and dust and dirt. So this was not the best thing ever, it looked like this place has never been cleaned ever. Blair and I were cleaning one side while the guys were on the other side.

“How long has this school been around??” I ask Blair “Since the 1960s I think” she replies, wait did she just say during the 1960s Grandma Perle said something about the 1960s that other night it cannot coincidental. However I could be just paranoid. As we dusk the place Blair picks up this old dress it looked like it was once white and was really beautiful for something antic. The place was full of relics but it smelled rather bad like something died in it, no wonder no one ever cleaned it up. “I bet Jack handpicked the detention for us that jerk should have been the one in here not us, I really dislike the guy. He happens to be worst than everything else.” I complained to Blair for some weird reason she looked very happy “why do look so happy?” I asked; “no reason it’s just that I’ve never been on an adventure and I always wanted to, and ever since this whole thing is like an adventure, it’s just I’ve never been out of town and well.... that’s why I really want to leave this town. Maybe find my mum you know?” says Blair

While cleaning I tripped over this box that had opened when it fell. A bunch of pictures fell out from it and a 1960s year book. The year book had pictures of all the kids that attended school here in 1960 turns out all of our grandparents were in the same class. For some reason I checked for names with J and how strange Jacks grandfather father Jack the first was the only name with a J. I took yet another picture of the year book pictures. What I did find rather peculiar was that Lady Penny was in the class photo and Mr Jones. The irony though it’s like we have a puzzle but don’t know where the pieces belong, like we all are clueless yet we have clues like the mystery keeps going on but yet again we are at a blank canvas. After I put down the year book in its box, I pick the photos most of the pictures have our grandparents and elders of the town it was like they had some sort of club, like a book club or something though I highly doubt it would be that since Grandpa hates reading, unless over time he grown to hate it and vowed never to read again but I doubt that’s the case again well... nevertheless I know these stuff are clues and are linked I can just feel it. I don’t know why but my gut feelings tell me that I’m right and my gut is never wrong.

Blair decided to try on that dress we found, I took a picture of her in the dress, and she looked really nice. Although I can’t believe she actually wore it, I mean it’s been here for a long time and I would never wear it in a sense that it could bugs or anything else which could be deadly. I t didn’t seem to bother her; unexpectedly we hear a teacher coming she quickly hides while I try to distract him. “Where’s the other girl?” he asks ; “She’s cleaning that side but sir I really like your tie I wanted to get one for my granddad and those are his colours” I say trying to distract him. “It’s an old miss and if you don’t tell me where your friend is or else you all are getting detention again” states very abrupt and stern, now I am offended I mean this guy is talking to me like I’m a delinquent which I am not. Eventually Blair pops up from the back changed into her clothes. “here I am sir, I was cleaning that area it was really bad” says Blair cheerfully, the guy looked at us with suspicion and left he told us that we had only a few minutes left and seemed rather thrilled that we all would be leaving. We both spoke for a while by than it was already time for us to leave I was really, really, excited to leave especially due to the spiders.

The drive home took forever I volunteered to drop Blair to her house, so it was a longer ride home. We passed a lot of people, I guess it was the first time we all out at sunset. We saw children walking home, parent driving towards their homes. Not many old people however maybe they all sleeping or knitting. It was actually nice see people because usually we never do see a lot of people, they always seem to be in their houses it could be that they all work so they never have time to be out unless we never out so we don’t really see them or it’s rare that we do see them often. When I drop Blair I decided to get off so that I could greet her granny who looked very happy to see me she like usual offered me tea when I refused, she than gave me some of her delicious apple pie with a side of vanilla ice-cream which went well with the nutmeg and cinnamon flavours that were very powerful. Once I had finished the pie I greeted goodbye and made my way home. The drive home was really peaceful and calm. Unless that apple pie calmed me, after twenty minutes I had arrived home.

That evening I think we were all very tired because we said we were not going to do any research and went to our own houses. I didn’t even eat dinner hat evening I went straight to bed and passed out completely.

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