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Chapter 11

I woke up with the smell of coffee and baking. There’s only one person who can make such amazing baking that would be so divine, Aunt Rachael. She’s my dad’s younger sister. She looks a lot like me only difference she is much taller. I rush downstairs in excitement and I see this tall muscular guy standing next to her. I give her a big hug, she told me that the guy is her boyfriend and they are getting married soon. I didn’t hear from her in a long time, I suppose he is the reason. She says that my dad wanted to meet the guy his name Spencer.

I take Aunt Rachael to my room and as she steps in she looks around. “What’s with all the papers Lu?” she says, “Oh nothing....Just.... school work” I tell her. She looks at me with suspicion and she knows I’m lying to her, I know she won’t judge me if I told her but I don’t think she’ll believe me. She continues looking around in my room and sees the pictures of Blair, Jake and Lucas, which we took yesterday and the day before.

After a while I told her, about what had happen and all information. I made her promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone. She did however tell Spencer who happened to love the paranormal; apparently his granny was a psychic. I told them that my friends were coming over and we were trying to find out some more clues.

Spencer said that we could video chat his granny, which was great at that moment the bell rang and Blair & the guys arrived. “Hey guys this is my Aunt Rachael and her fiancé Spencer they visiting from out of town, Spencer’s granny is physic” I tell them they all look glad and we all go to my room. We all kind of missing school but its study day so whether we there or not it won’t really make a difference besides Jake is hacking the system and marking us present.

We all sat on my bedroom floor and called Spencer’s granny, she looked like an average old lady who knitted frequently and had lots of cats. She didn’t look like a physic, I was expecting a Lady holding a crystal ball and saying stuff in some language but it happened to be nothing like that. “Tell me what happened child...” she says. “Well... we’ve been experiencing some activities that seem very paranormal” says Blair, “it’s like it’s been haunting us we all seen besides for Jake” I tell her. “You’ve seen them??? That’s strange spirits of the paranormal you don’t really see them” says Spencer’s granny. We told her about attacks, the genitor and everything else. “they don’t act up unless you on their property or something like that” she said pausing in between her sentence and then tells us about this guy who is an illusionist who had tricked people into thinking that ghosts have been haunting them and would take the fake ghosts away but later got caught and fined for fraud. She told us that it would be a good idea for us to find him because he might be able to help us since he is very familiar with it; his stage name was the claw.

Jake would be able to track him down, it took him at least 45 minutes to find the guy. The problem was that the guy lived six hours away from town meaning it could take us at least two days to get the guy and convince him that he should come with us or at least give us tips. We decided to tell our parents that we were going on a road trip but they wanted us to have adult supervision. Aunt Rachael did however volunteered to come with us, she and Spencer were up for a little bit of adventure and either way leaving that same day, they agreed to come with us to the destination and when we leave they wouldn’t come with, for some reason our parents agreed to let us go. We would leave in the hour because we all needed to pack, it was only two days but we needed to bring some evidence and some extra clothes for the next day.

We left at 3 p.m. sharp and the drive seemed forever, we rotated the driving between all of us, Aunt Rachael and Spencer were in their own car. The four of us really bonded that day we spoke about other things besides for ghosts and conspiracies. We spoke about what we were going to do with our lives after school and what were our future plans. Jake was going to study some engineering thing so that he could develop his own video games, Blair wanted to study Biogenetic and chemistry because she wanted to find cure for cancer turns out her granny has cancer and it’s the only family she has, Lucas however was still confused but he told us he wanted to become a forensic detective so that he can find his mother and I said that I want to become a psychologist so that I could help people. I’ve always been interested in the brain, the neurological aspect and the state mind that each person has I find it rather fascinating.

We had finally after these long hours arrived in the town; it was time for us to be directed to the claw’s house Jake being so helpful did find the house and Blair directed us by looking at a map. It too was a small town and the GPS couldn’t connect, I guess it was the area. It seemed like there was a lot of people that lived here through more than our town for sure and it 9 o’clock at night. We went to a drive thru and ordered a pizza, we sat in the car and ate the most delicious pizza ever and slept in the car that evening.

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