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Chapter 12

We woke early that morning, ate breakfast and then we were on the hunt for the claw. We went a grocery store to buy some water and asked this lady if she knew the claw, she was an elderly lady probably in her late 40s. She looked shocked and asked how we knew about the claw, we told her that someone had told us about and have driven 6 hours to see him and would really appreciate it if she would take us to him. Ironically the lady was the claws daughter. She told us that she would take us to him, drove the car following her; we pulled up to this airy peace calm abode that looked pleasantly welcoming.

“My dad doesn’t really like visitors... he might not be the most pleasant or happy to see you guys but nevertheless ..... Dad I’m home there’s some kids who would like to meet you” she says while entering the house. “Tell them I don’t have their ball anymore I threw it away” the guy yells, “He took away some kids ball last week they kicked it near him on the street” she explain “they from out of town they came to see the claw” she continued. “Tell them I died a long time ago Jen” he replies. At that point she walks us to a room where he is sitting. “Great now I have to talk to them, you!” the old man says pointing, “Are you a Vietnamese solider here to assassinate me, you’ll never take me alive” the old man claw continues. “Umm not sir I’m Chinese and I am not going to assassinate you” states Jake, “that’s what an assassinator would say” says the claw, his daughter than interrupts “Dad leave the child alone, his not here to kill you and these kids happen to be good fans of yours” says the lady.

“Well than in that case what do you want?” the old man says, “Mr Claw could you help us there has been paranormal happening that occurred and all the physic’s we went to told us that our ghost or spirit doesn’t exist the one lady however did tell us you would know how to help us we have some research but are having some trouble putting the pieces together” state Blair. “So you think someone is busting your canoodles?” he replies, “well yes, no I don’t know....” says Lucas, “well whoever it is wants to total damage” I add.

The old man agreed to hear us out and eventually agreed to come with us, Blair said that he could stay by her house because her granny wouldn’t have much of a problem with it, besides her granny would have the least questions. We drove back home and arrive towards after midday.

We first went to Blair’s house and her granny didn’t have a problem with him, to be honest I think she fancied him just a little and he looked like he fancied her. We decided to some research and showed the claw our research so far; he was rather impressed but couldn’t put the pieces together. We mapped out most of the stuff and linked it all according to the claw there was a mastermind behind this whole thing and the story about the slave girl was a diversion to the problem but there had to be a reason why someone would cause this and we needed to find a link between the deaths of the people and how its linked to this paranormal, he says that someone wanted us become psycho or leave the town. The fact that the genitor is blackmailed into helping it had to be someone powerful, who could do anything.

“It could be the mayor, I mean my granny was taking to a guy named J, the mayor is the only guy whose name begins with a J. He has all the power. Jack doesn’t like Lucas and he probably wants me to leave town. He probably wants to get rid of Blair because she’s the only one standing in the way of him getting the scholarship from the town and Jake???? Jake is the only one who hasn’t been properly haunted yet because he doesn’t really have a problem with Jake” I say in excitement thinking I solved the mystery. “We need a plan” says Jake. “The mayor has a party ever year the next weekend after his birthday my dad’s the security, Lucy and I could go in and try and find information Jake can you get in his computers” say Lucas, he than continues “meanwhile Blair and the claw can go to the sight that the journal indicated, get as much information as you can and see if you can see them”. We agreed to meet at Jakes house in a couple of hours, Lucas said the party was formal and my family was also invited that evening. I wore a long red formal dress with some heels. I texted Lucas to tell him that I would meet him there, since my family was going too.

When we arrived my parents introduced me to the mayor, Sasha looked glade to see me but Jack like usual was full of crap, the sarcasm in his voice was extremely annoying. I seen Lucas from far and the guy actually clean up good he didn’t have on a suit, just the blazer he wore a T-shirt with sneakers so much for formal. “Well you look nice” he said with a smile on his face, “you too... So how are we going to do this?” I asked. “Okay so when they start singing the birthday song you and I are going to sneak in his office computer” states Lucas.

Minutes later they all gather around the mayor and start singing we quickly sneak in the office and go to his computer, we switch on the computer and Jake gave us a flash drive to put in when we get there so that he could get in the system. It was taking a while and suddenly the office door starts to open the person pauses giving us enough time to hide. During the excitement Lucas drops the flash drive we both hiding behind the curtains which thankfully were reasonably broad. The flash drive was on the floor near the desk, it was closer to me than to Lucas and I tried to grab it, the mayor was talking to this other guy about the new railway system, the mayor was walking around so it made it really difficult for me to get the flash drive, finally when I had almost made it to the flashed drive the mayor almost seen my hand suddenly the mayors phone rings giving me enough time to move my hand.

The mayor leaves the office but locks the door behind him, so now we were looked in the room. “Lucas what are we going to do?” I ask, “Okay the window...” he replies. ’We in a five story building go out were exactly????” I state in annoyance he looks at me in amusement “Calm down, look we can walk across the ledge and into one of the other rooms” I responds. We make our way out the window in my one hand I’m carrying my heels in the other I’m hang on for dear life. We end up walking two windows more, because the other windows seem to have been closed. When we get inside I tell my parents that I’m feeling really tired and Lucas is going to drop me off at home.

We drive back to Blair’s house and arrived the same time as everyone else, Blair and the claw look like they have fell down a waterfall in the woods and are covered in mud. Blair’s arm is bleeding, we go inside and I patch it up. “What happen to you guys???” asks Jake. “We went in the forest, we seen this cult they were doing a sacrifice, it was a girl probably around our age, it was very disturbing, the imprinted those symbols we found all over her face and arms, it was still bleeding we don’t know what they were doing but it was not good. Someone had seen us in the bushes and we started running they chased us for very long I tripped over some rocks in the dark, we heard a sound like a horn, it was like a call and the guy left us we managed to get away” she cried. I gave her a hug trying to console her, the claw told us that these people were no joke and we didn’t find a way out of it. We told them that I couldn’t have been the mayor because we were with him whole night so was the rest of the elite people of the town.

We gave the flash drive to Jake, I than accessed it and went through the files he said that there was nothing extraordinary about the files and yet again we were all confused only this time we were much more afraid and likewise didn’t have a lead to find out the truth. I guess I was wrong about the mayor maybe I wanted it to be him, which sounds really bad but it seemed so likely.

“Where were you solider while we were out there?” asks the claw staring at Jake. “I was on my laptop at home” replies Jake. “You the guy... your name starts with a J and you weren’t with us” says the claw with rage walking towards Jake. “I swear it wasn’t me..... Why would I??? I never knew Lucy so why would I bother, Lucas and I have been best friends forever he always stands up for me besides I’ve been in love with Blair since I can remember” Jake blurts out . We all look at him in shock and Blair looks really happy. “You in love with me??” she asks, he looked at her like the world didn’t matter and said “of course I’ve always been and always will be...”

They were both really happy and it took everyone by shock. We thought that we knew but we were wrong, we didn’t know how to move forward it was more than just confusion, even the claw didn’t know what to do. Jake managed to get all the names of people who lived here in the 1960s, it was easy for him to do so because when we push the flash drive in the computer it took down all the information. Although the circumstance were still were at a blocked end or a dead end. It seemed that there were a lot of people with the alphabet J, it seemed very unlikely for to know for sure. We figured that the only guy we knew for sure that knew J would be the genitor. I don’t think he’ll spill unless we tell him that we trying to put an end to them or more likely to stop them. It was really debateable but we all agreed that it would be better to ask the genitor.

Blair’s administrative work at the local dentist happened to be a really good thing; she had records of the genitor going to the dentist which included his residence. Only problem was that we had to sneak inside the dental office since the dentist didn’t like the usage of computers. We drove to the dental surgery; it was situated on Quiet Street with barely anyone there, Blair lifted the mat but the key wasn’t there, she told us that he’d always keep it there; Lucas takes Blair’s hair clip and picks at the lock getting open. Blair than offs the alarm system and walks over to the draw she said the guys name is Sam Elliot. After a while she found the file we texted the address to Jake so that he would find out where it is situated.

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