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Chapter 13

We drove to the Sam Elliot’s house. When we arrived the door was already open it seemed like someone had barged in and was not welcomed. We knocked but there was no answer. We decided to enter because something seemed fishy. As we entered the house we seen stuff all over the floor like someone had thrown it, we continued walking through the house and there was no one in the house so we decided to leave. Suddenly we heard a sound it seemed like it was coming from the behind the curtain, it was the genitor he was bleeding. “Someone call the ambulance, and I’ll call my dad” says Lucas as he takes out his phone and dials, I call the ambulance and they arrive soon.

Lucas dad takes us to the station to question us but when he asks us the truth Lucas tells him everything, his father looks really upset and takes all our evidence and states it’s a police case now so we all should back off. We all leave for home and the claw was sent to his town. I think he was the most upset from everyone else not because it seemed like they didn’t believe us but he really did like Blair’s granny.

We were all sent home and my parents were not yet back from the mayor’s party. Lucas had sneaked out of his house and was grounded. He had come over to my house, to keep me company which was rather nice of him. We decided to watch a movie while waiting for my parents; I went to the kitchen to go make pop corn. Suddenly we hear a loud sound that was really creepy. Lucas ran to the kitchen and asked me if I was okay, the sound seemed to have been coming from the house I grabbed the broom and walked behind Lucas. We followed the sound and it was coming from my grandparents room we opened the door and there was a person dressed in full black, he had a black mask covering his face and he had a knife in his hand.

Lucas jumps at him trying to take the knife. They wrestle for a while till the knife fell to the ground. The guy then quickly jumps up and punches Lucas in the face; Lucas retaliates with a kick in the stomach. The guy pushes Lucas and runs through the door towards the kitchen. The guy wasn’t so built but slightly tiny. Lucas chased him into the kitchen and managed to push the guy; near the stove the guy burnt his hand. We seen the wound the guy jumped up and ran out the back door and Lucas chased him, until the guy got into the back of a black van with tinted windows and the guy in front drove off.

I greeted Lucas because it was getting late and we had a big day tomorrow. We agreed that we would meet the next day at my house. We texted Blair and Jake, we told them that we were going to go according to plan. They were first confused and had no idea what the plan was without the claw. Those few hours with him had taught us a lot, well ...... taught me a lot. The plan was simple we would sneak to the venue and stake out. But first thing in the morning we would go ask the genitor what had happen, Lucas would steal our information back from his dad. Jake would be videoing the whole thing. Blair would be the one who would lead the one to lead us the way.

Everything was set we would all meet at 9 o’clock sharp and we were all ready the plan was simple. We would uncover who was behind the whole thing, the guy behind the mask, the mastermind who had plotted schemed and successfully murdered innocent people. Well... to be honest I don’t really know whether he murdered but the fact that he tried to hurt me, Lucas and Blair.

The rest of the evening till my parents got back, I prepared by exercise and finding the right outfit to wear especially because it was located in the forest, with rocks, waterfalls and bugs. I took out some black sneakers, black t-shirt and pants. I took a beanie to cover a bit of my hair so that it would be held together. Besides it was rather cold and I didn’t want my ears freezing up, it was almost winter and autumn happens to be one of the most beautiful time of year; with the colourful leaves falling the orange, yellow leaves that fall to the ground and its beauty ever so timeless it takes one through time as if life actually made sense. I kept on thinking about the situation and it started making my heart pound loud than before, it was like I was anxious yet excited, happy yet sad at the same time. Nothing made sense and I thought about what if the consequences that would come... the drama it would cause. What if we were just making things worst? What if we were changing something that wasn’t there? What if we were mistaken? What if the truth was we were wrong and were making matters worster than it actually was? The thing is none of us knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into it could have been our ignorance, curiosity or stupidity, the truth is that I feel like it was our bravery, courage and daring behaviour that lead us to this, we were all scared but I think at this point we wanted to brave and curious minds that took us to this point we more so were eager to extract knowledge more than anything else I suppose.

I kept thinking that this might be the last time I would be seeing my family and that is when I realised that my family had drifted apart like everyone was caught up with their own lives that I didn’t care that I was on a mission that could kill me, that my life had only revolved around one thing and that was this problem. It basically consumed our lives it devoured me ever since Lady Penny died I had so many questions and now it feels like now I just want to get rid of it, like I want dispose the problem itself. I write notes to all my family saying that I would be gone and might be for a really long time and I might never come back, saying goodbye was never my strong point and still hasn’t been. I realised that I might not even see prom, it wasn’t about the dance itself it was more about the experience. I thought about the things I’d never get to do like skydiving and helping people.

I made a vow that day, that’s the day I vowed that I would be in the service of helping others, not only the people I know but people I don’t know the people deserve help, the under dogs, the ones who need help, the helpless.

It was really late by the time my family got back from the party. They seemed to have had a wonderful time. It was a long time that I seen my parents smile especially mum, like I said before since Lady Penny she became really depressed and distance. She and dad would barely talk yet alone eat at the same table without getting into an argument accept when we had guests over including the grandparents, I think that they going to be living with us but I’m not sure. I was really glad to see mum smile and them laughing and talking. David too looked extremely happy turns out he played basketball with some friends for the first time and he kept telling me how awesome it was and how much fun he had. We all had tea that night, before bed with some snacks, it was like old times. Before we would always have tea and biscuits or even sandwiches whenever we got back from any outings weddings, parties, even when we ate at restaurants you name it.

I went to my room and picked up all the papers. I stacked them on my table neatly and looked for a lever arched file to put the pages inside, after a while I eventually did find one and decided to clean the rest of my room too. It didn’t take too long, while cleaning my room I found my leather black bag; I put a note book, pencil, a black marker, some sweets, a mini first aid kit and my phone in the bag. The bag had some stuff in the back compartment but I decide to leave it there. I got into bed and set my alarm clock so that I wouldn’t over sleep.

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