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Chapter 14

I woke to my alarm clock; I washed up and got dressed. Today was the big day we were going to find out the truth. I ate breakfast and rushed out the door. We all met up outside the library, we had a slight change of plans. David had friends over so everyone couldn’t come by me, Lucas was grounded so he sneaked out, Jake’s mum had a book club over and didn’t want friends over and Blair’s granny didn’t want us over because she was feeling sick.

We all got in Jake’s black van, it was spacious. He said it belonged to his uncle who borrowed it to him so we all had to be careful not to mess it. We drove into the forest, passing the lush ever green trees and some trees that seem like autumn had finally reached them. The yellow leaves falling on the car and orange ones too, it was beautiful I thought trying to distract myself from reality itself. My heart was beating out of my chest.

We finally arrive at this large dark building in the middle of the forest. Jake waited in the van with Blair while we got off to go look inside they parked far so that the car wouldn’t be noticed. Lucas and I looked through the window and we seen this man he was tall and we only seen the back of him. We heard the tall man saying “Sam is in the hospital, we need to take care of him sir” the other guy in the background replies “I’ll get Lee to take care of it”. Suddenly I get knocked in the head and pass out completely.

When I do get up in this cage, it’s like a dungeon you would find in the middle ages, when I lock next me in the other cages I Jake, Blair and Lucas. I suppose the same thing happened to them, we all are confused and unexpectedly an average sized man with curly blonde hair enters. “Nice to meet you Lucas, Jake, oh..... And the lovely ladies Lucy and Blair, I’m sure you wondering who I am and how do I know you. Well... I’m the reason you came here today” the guy says. “Ironic you know us but we don’t know you” blurts Blair. I was actually scared for her I didn’t know what would happen we didn’t know this guy they all psychos which is why we shouldn’t instigate them what if they kill us, “well how rude of me where at my manners, Gerald but my friends call me Gerald the third who am I you ask? Well.... children I happen to be the guy who has been terrorising you all how fun. You see I run this town and I don’t like anyone messing it up for me and you all have seem to have being doing just that” says Gerald. “What does this have to do with us???” I ask in confusion.

Even though Gerald explained some stuff the rest of the stuff didn’t make sense like what our families had to do with this and the whole satanic rituals. I looked over and seen this other family. They were bruised a little and I happen to recognize the little girl. There was a photo of her at the genitor’s house and I assume it’s his family. “Are you Sam’s family?” I asked with the curiosity I always had, “yes he .....” the lady cried I think his wife answered she seemed very upset I think she thought he died. “We went to your house last night and took him to the hospital don’t worry he is fine” says Lucas. The lady looks a lot more relieved and thanked us.

We all spoke like we all knew we were about to die, we told each how we were going die and never make it out there, we spoke about our first impressions about each other. We all had a turn “you know I’m really going to miss you guys.... I still remember the first time I seen you Lucas it was kindergarten I can’t really remember but that day I knew we were tight, Lucy when I met you I realized that my friend had grown up and Blair when I seen you your beauty mesmerized me” cries Jake “when I met you Jake I thought you were dope, Blair when I met you I knew that Jake loved you and Lucy now that we about to die I want to tell you that I love you” states Lucas. “I love you guys” says Blair “I’ll always remember the fun times we had” I say after a few seconds I continue “you what’s the worst part is we can’t do anything about it? “Who says we can’t... I think I got a plan” replies Lucas.

Let’s do this Lucas plan was simple, the key was the closest to me so I would stretch out and grab the key it was way too far for me the actually reach it, so we take sticks from the floor and tie it together with my hair band. I almost got the key but half way well.... quarter way and they keys fall. Suddenly the door opens and I don’t know what to do me quickly hide the stick and leave the key we all pretend like we were all talking about prom.

“I love the enthusiasm; you kids actually believe that you’ll be going to prom. It’s hilarious, you bunch will be dead by then. The boss wants to kill you all in front of your families” says the large goon. “Why does he want to kill us???” I ask, “Wow you all are dumb, I thought the boss you all we smart.... It’s his revenge plot for what happen in the 1960s” replies the goon as he scratches his greasy brown hair. “I remember my prom it was fly, I had a nice date she was gorgeous until Brick Sherlock stole her from me, and I hate that guy. That’s why I’m stuck here. I would have been a millionaire if it wasn’t for him...... this is all high school again everyone is having a party and I’m stuck babysitting. You know I never wanted to work here but I didn’t graduate completely I left the day before my exam” says the goon going down his memory lane. He complaining gave me a really good idea “Hey Mr why don’t go to the party... I mean not going anywhere” I state even though my intention was to escape he looked like he thought about it for a second. Next thing we here a knock on the door the goon goes out when he comes back in there is another guy with him, they both come inside and sit down. They both start playing cards and are really large. “What happen in the 1960s?”Asks Lucas in hope, which our confusion shall leave. “Actually it is a really interesting story, back in the day it was dope. It wasn’t my time but back than the bosses club was even bigger all the popular kids would, come together and ....” the goon from earlier with the brown hair answers and stops in the middle when someone enters.

It was a Chinese guy “Uncle Lee???” says Jake. “You borrowed my van to come here??? What are you doing???? You know better than that to follow me to work...” states Lee. “Uncle Lee I didn’t follow you, these are my friends we came here to find out... some stuff” states Jake. “So you are the kids who??? And you the kid who attacked me last night” says Lee walking towards Lucas. “Umm you tried to kill us” Lucas stated. “I did not I was leaving a note for Lady Perle” replied Lee. He then tells us he needs to leave and the goons go with him. Lucas manages to open the lock by taking one taking one of the sticks and unscrewing the lock itself, since the cage Lucas was in, was joined to my cage we both got out. “Go without us, you guys need to get out, we can get free because of my uncle besides Gerald said that he wanted to kill you two not us” states Jake, “we can’t just leave you guys” Lucas says in concern. “Look Lucas... you’ve been my friend forever and trust me, go far from here and don’t look back we can escape easily..... It’s you guys he wants” replies Jake. “But... we getting help for you when we do escape” I say which they did agree to.

Lucas and I don’t know how to get out of this place it was really big and there was people walking around and opened most doors but they all seemed to be locked finally we arrive to room where the door actually opened. There was a window in the room so we figured that we’d climb out luckily we were on the bottom floor so we escaped.

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