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Chapter 15

We ran out the building as fast as we could, but got caught at a gate. It wasn’t the same place where were looking at when we got there the first time I think that they took us to a different place. The building was much larger and looked like something you would find in a story book. The guards at the gate took us in after which we waited with them till Gerald had come, he looked rather surprised. “Oh I see you guys tried t escape, don’t you worry you won’t be going anytime soon. Besides you just made my job a lot easier” he said. He told the guards to follow him, and to bring us with, they took us to the forest in his car, I must admit for a bad guy he drives in style, where there was this cement wall that looked a little distorted and old. We were both tired to a rock. “Why are we here?” I asked, Gerald had a smirk on his face, “you too are not only my revenge but also my human sacrifice” he says. “What the hell is your problem?” asks Lucas, Gerald ever so happy with himself states that we are is problem and then walks to his car which is parked nearby.

Lucas whispers to that he got a pocket knife in his shoe, which were basically high top sneakers. He drops the knife out of his shoe which falls near me; I cut myself loose and cut him loose after. We silently walk away in the opposite direction not knowing where we are? We were trying to escape and we didn’t want to become human sacrifice. We managed to get to a road and walked till we got to a filling station. We didn’t have our cell phones so when we got to the filling station we asked them if we could borrow their telephone, thankfully they did allow us. Lucas called his dad to tell him what happened and to get help. While asked the guy at the filling station where were we, I told the guy that our car crashed in the woods and we didn’t know exactly where we were, turns out we were on the outskirts of the town near the ocean.

We took a bus back to town, the drive seemed long and we were really worried about our friends. We were glad that we were home but still a little afraid to the fact that these guys knew where we lived; who we were and we didn’t know who is with them. We decided with Lucas’s father that we would leave town and come back after the situation is dealt with. We were first at Lucas’s house where he took extra clothes, some money and a gun which his father told him to take. We also took one of his dad’s cars it was covered with a sheet and according to Lucas it was never driven because it belonged to his sister, well... the day she died was her birthday and his dad wanted to give it to her as a present.

When we arrived at my house, we saw that it had been ransacked. There was stuff lying around, the whole house was a mess. I didn’t see anyone in my family which was really worrying. There was a note on the refrigerator that said come back and returns what you stole and I might return your family alive signed J. When I seen the note I was really upset. “What are we going to do??? They have my family, return what?? Just so Gerald knows his name is spelt with a G not a J, we need to save them” I cried out dreading the worst. “Fine we need to get some equipment if we are going after these guys, I think I know the perfect guy” says Lucas. He pulls out his phone begins to send a text to the claw. Who replied instantly telling us that he would definitely be helping us; he told us that we should drive over to his place so that we could get some rest and give him enough time to prepare.

Even though we didn’t know exactly what the note meant by stole whatever it was we were sure to return it. Lucas drove the whole way. We were both afraid wouldn’t you be, when we arrived at the claws house he was already waiting for us, when we entered he told his daughter that we would both be staying over.

The claw showed us some equipment he made, he handed me some knives connected to a hand piece “these knives you dip in the theses liquids which are poisonous, the ones on the left are not fatal only the snake poison is, the knife draws up the poison and when you throw it instantly causes your opponent to pass out, this I made for you Lucy, being petite I find this would be the best for you” he says, he walks over towards Lucas and passes him a glove “I feel that this would be great for you, it’s a machine gun though it has a twist. The left side has a lesser fatal outcome it doesn’t kill your opponent but causes them to pass out but the right is very fatal” the claw explains. He tells us that he made special suits, it was black and it had bullet proof inside. We had hoods that covered our heads that too was bullet proof and covered a little of our faces.

Eventually it was dinner time and the claws daughter made dinner. At dinner the claw told us that his real name is Marcelo and he was ok if we called him Marcelo instead of Mr Claw. We were ready for Gerald at least this time we know the guys name; we decided to do some research on Gerald. Who he was? And what he wanted?

We all went to bed early, lucky Marcelo had lots of rooms apparently all his other kids were married and had kids. The daughter that lived with him used to live by herself but when Marcelo’s wife died, she moved in because the guy became very depressed, stop eating and hated people. She was really happy that we were around because she said that after a really long time she seen her dad so happy and excited for something. I couldn’t sleep that night because my heart was filled with rage, the anger deepened I felt so alone like my world was crashing down, like life had become so unpleasant that I didn’t care that we were going on a suicide mission, That I would make a difference. What I did know is.....That after this, life wouldn’t be the same. Everything would change that day and my life would be different. I know my family might not be the most perfect but they are the only family I got and I know that we might fight sometimes but I do love them. Believe you me I was not scared but this time I was ready.

I fell asleep with a million thoughts in my mind. Marcelo wanted us to be ready by 4 a.m. in the morning so we woke up wore the clothes and we were ready for Gerald. I was for a change brave; I guess sometimes you have to be brave for the people you love. You got to stand up for something you believe in, stand up for something that you would die for, believing is not just saying it, its believing meaning you don’t care how ridiculous it might seem. You want the whole world to feel how you feel. It’s like when goodness, a purpose, my purpose.

We drank some water on the drive back, the 6 hour drive felt really quick this time it was more like a 6 minutes. We made a pit stop at the local garage to use the restroom apparently some people had more water than others and by some people I meant the claw aka Marcelo. While he went to the restroom I want to the mini grocery store next door I was in a mood for bubblegum. By the time I finished buy the bubblegum, Marcelo was done it the restroom I made my way to the car. To think of it this old guy got game, I mean for an old guy he can drive, he speeded across the freeway and down through the woods we finally made it to the large gates but we decided to park the car in the bushes. We covered the car with leaves and sticks so that no one could see the car. We did a good job covering it considering.

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