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Chapter 16

We managed to get in the mansion without been detected. Lucas and I remember where the dungeon was and made our way towards it when we got there we seen my parents, his father, Jake and some other people. When we entered there were two goons standing there they tried to attack us or come at us. I threw a knife at the one and he passed out, while Lucas shot the one guy.

We unlocked the cages and set everyone free, I walked towards my parents and asked them if they were okay they told me that Gerald has David and Blair. The one goon started getting up at that point. “I thought you said that the poison would last longer?” I ask Marcelo, “Look lanciatore don’t know it’s never been tested” replies Marcelo, I look at him shock “lanciatore???” I ask in total confusion, “yes it means thrower in Italian” he responded. "Why thrower....??" asked really confused and bewilded. "You remind of mi mama .... she used to throw stuff at us.."says Marcelo. Not understanding a thing I ignore Marcelo's strange comment about throwers and mi mama, to be honest I didnt want to know.

We all decided to sneak back to the car or at least out of the woods but we needed to findwhile we back for Blair and David. We all spilt up not knowing which way they were imprisoned. We walked through the woods to find them but had luck at that point instead we found Guard's who chased us in the mist of the evening forest. I was secluded from everyone and to be a little frank I was terrified. I could hear voices coming from the distance and followed the trail. To my utter dimise I seen these guys in full white robes that had hooded and candles everywhere.

At that ominous moment I didnt notice there was two ladies behind me and they grabbed me. I tried to fight them off but they were much stronger. My heart was pumping as they dragged me across the grass to t he man standing infront of everyone. He had worn a red robe and I had sworn I had seen him before. "Lucy ....Lucy.....Lucy I finally get to meet you" he said. I was shocked that he knew my name and I didnt say anything at that point, maybe I was afraid or maybe it was the fact that I was barely standing yet sitting infront of a creepy guy in a red bath robe.

Lucas dad was really proud of him and so were my parents. We all became a lot closer.

After graduation Blair and Jake went to study together, both lived together and moved out of town, Blair wrote an article for one of the best selling magazines in the country about what had happen to us that day. David had prostatic leg and took up the sport of swimming, he seemed to enjoy it. My parent’s relationship was better than ever. Marcelo married Blair’s granny Margret they moved to the city where Marcelo got a job a lecturer on history, crime and philosophy. Lucas’s dad finally got over Lucas’s sister’s death. Even though, not all of our questions were answered it ended with a good note. Grandpa got better and both of my grandparents moved in with my parents. As for Lucas and I we got married, he proposed after prom and we both got scholarships at the same university, it wasn’t what we thought we wanted to study when we were in high school. We had Marcelo as our teacher. I guess our lives moved on... the crazy part was that we were all happy and people kept sending us letters and emails asking for help with crimes, mysteries or anything that paranormal. Our town had finally been added to the map. As for the genitor he and his family were finally happy. Still I do sometimes get nightmares of that day but I try not to think too much about them. I knew that back than my life wasn’t ending, it was a beginning of a new era. Eventually we did a few cases on finding criminals and so on but nothing to drastic so we decided that we would help only if necessary or if the case was serious.

Although months later we received a letter, a death threat which said ‘Return it or I will come for come for you all signed J ’ we didn’t think much of it. The irony though it was the hand writing was the same as the note we found on my fridge. That however is a story for another day.

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