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Morning reveals

I decide to go towards Mum and said in a calm yet worried voice “morning mum, I kind of........fell last night down the stairs in the basement, I’m ok but I think I hurt myself” Mum looked at me in shock more like concerned and put some medication on the gashes. She began asking me how and when and if I hit my head. I told her I was fine she'd just get all worked up and make me stay home all day and wanted to go out being a Saturday. Besides everyone was home and later that week was some kind of festival, most of the town was taking part, both my parents were taking part on that day dad was in charge of security and was going to be on one of the floats, they would be busy the whole of Saturday yet alone the entire week and they were excited about it last thing they needed was a child at home sick, it wasn't that I couldn't take care of myself, it was my mum being overprotective and overcautious you know.....

I saw a nearby books store which looked like an old house so decided to check it out. I looked through all the books but nothing of interest I wanted a classic, one that I never saw before online. Suddenly there was one book that caught my eye a book on the corner shelf it was full of dust and looked rather old, it seemed as if it been there for over 100 years, the pages had turned yellow due to its distortion. As I wiped the dust off the leather covered book, I noticed that the book that had a symbol of some sort, very unique, I had never seen anything like it, it was very queerly, though I felt that I’ve seen it before, so I had to buy it. I made my way over to the shop keeper who was another girl she probably the age as me, she spoke in a very enthusiastic voice “Hi my name is Sasha, what I can get for you?” “Hi, I’d like to buy this book?” I reply “well I’m not sure I’ve never seen it before let me go check with my boss,” she said walking away happily.

Sasha came back after a few minutes and said that the owner wasn’t selling the book. I was a little disappointed about but nevertheless, Sasha and I continued speaking “I haven’t seen you here before............” she said, “I’m actually new in town we moved here last week” I replied, she cheerfully asked with a large smile“how are you finding our amazing town so far?”, I answered her saying “so far so good” even though I was missing my friends and feared illusions. She started speaking about something but I wasn't really listening I looked down at my phone seeing that my mum had texted me. “I got to go mums calling”I greeted and exchanged numbers with her for some reason.

I drove home but first I need to pick up David he was playing soccer with some kids in the park.It took a while for me to actually get his attention or his teenage attitude ignored me completely. At last Home sweet home, I’m really tired especially due to last night’s ordeal, to be honest........ I don’t really understand what had happened. I make my way towards the kitchen to help mum with the usual, setting table and so on.... “Darling put these on the table your grandparents are coming over!” says in a delight. “Huh? When? What?” I reply in total confusion, “yes, Grandma and Grandpa Perle they’ll be staying here for a while, I told last night and you even said that you are very excited” says mum with a pleasant smile, I nod and say “Oh yes sorry I think it must have slipped my mind”. Grandma and grandpa honestly I dont even recall mum and dad coming home. I went to bed

Dinner is ready, grandma and grandpa are finally here and dinner seems to be going fine, conversions were normal. Trapped in my thoughts trying to recall what had happened, I than start to hear something rather peculiar that grandma Perle starts saying looking directly at David and I which she rarely talks us she prefers talking Josh or Claire, our other cousins that are nice but too perfect which is really annoying not to nasty or anything it had to be said “you know, your grandfather and I used to lived in this town”she pauses for a moment to breathe you know old people she continues “we grew up here, we knew each other for years, we went to the same school but your grandfather didn’t really socialize much he’d hide behind the stands peeping from every corner just to get a glimpse of me, once seen him behind the dustbins, he finally had the courage to ask me our senior prom and I said yes” David with total boredom stared at grandma probably hoping the story would end. I know that because after she turned her back he made his face like he was constipated.

While sitting I decided to be sociable and speak to her I mean its the least I could do, maybe she'll actually be nice “Why did you guys move out of this town?” I ask.I had no idea that my grandparents grew up here. Grandma looks at me like I’ve asked something that she doesn’t want to answer, its as if I asked why are you wearing that hideous dress but I didn't even though her dress is bad, the number of colors and shape it should be illegal to wear that, I'm sure astronauts can see us from space. She looks at grandpa who makes big eyes at her, he has always been the nicer grandparent not picking but his much kinder, nicer and a lot easier to talk to. I just asked a simple question yet they seem reluctant making me wonder what is going on she than responds saying “lets clean the table, it’s getting rather late and your grandfather needs his sleep otherwise he gets up cranky”, seeing that she avoided the question I proceed in cleaning out the table and while we in the kitchen I ask grandma again but this time she drops the salad bowl and taking the focus of the question. I mean.... what’s the big idea? Seriously??? Why is she avoiding my question?

We all went to bed that evening my grandparents slept in one of the two guest rooms upstairs. I was sound asleep in my warm blanket when suddenly I feel my hair been being pulled, I hit my hand out of the bed thinking it’s David trying to prank me, my hair again is now been pulled, I’m now really upset and say “David! Go sleep it’s late! I’m tired”, I turn to look at him but there’s no one standing there, thinking it’s still David I walk over to his room to find he is a sleep. Being really afraid now, I try to sleep; I hear the clock next to me and see the time is around 3:30. Even though the curtains are closed I still see the shadows of the trees outside. I’ve never feared anything so much in my life and yet I don’t know what exactly I fear.

I decided to go door stairs and have a snack, I walk in silence since everyone is asleep, but really stunned when I my grandparents whispering in the living room. I try to avoid eavesdropping but still manage to hear them as I pass by, I stop for a slight moment to hear since it seemed to be associated to us, and I hear grandpa saying something about not telling.

Try my best not to make a sound the back of my shoe hits the draws behind me, I quickly rush to the kitchen and after a few minutes I see grandma and grandpa standing right next to me.

“Are you still awake dear?” asks grandpa, I look at him hoping that he didn’t know I overheard them and reply “umm... yes I just got hungry, I thought I’d find something to eat, though I seem to have lost my appetite. Well....than good night” and I rush out of the kitchen just so that I get away quickly.

Finally the coast is clear and I’m finally in my room, I lock the behind me knowing no one can come inside and pull my hair or frighten me with their suspicious behaviour. I wonder what my grandparents can’t tell us, technically we are all mature and I’m sure we would understand. It would be a whole different story if we had “don’t care attitude” and “were ignorant”, but that’s not the case our family happens to be very structured. Well... to honest ever since Lady Penny and the move we don’t really spend time together and feels like we have drifted apart.

I wonder why grandma didn’t resort in telling us we she left this town, it seems rather rare that they would hide it from us because usually if we had to ask grandma she would tell us and not stop talking, gosh she’d even speak for 48 hours if she had the time and wouldn’t stop.

The one time when I was little my older sisters Megan and Samantha or as we call them the twins, where sitting with grandma and grandma spent 4 to 5 hours telling us how to bake bread and the funny part is Megan still managed to make bread that collapsed, it was really epic, the bread didn’t even look like bread it looked more like a pudding or like so kind of chocolate mousse.

I look at the time; it’s already been an hour I need to get some sleep. I close my eye and instantly fall asleep. The next day was ordinary, nothing really happen besides for unpacking boxes, putting up all the curtains, eating and well sleeping.

To be honest I think it’s been the first night that I actually fell asleep, well... I suppose the next day was school so staying up wasn’t an option. I laid my clothes out on the chair, so in the morning it would be ready and I wouldn’t be late or at least have more time in the morning for breakfast I knew that grandma Perle would make her famous breakfast that was fit for the Royal family of England, I think my favourite from her entire spread is her amazing pancakes drenched in golden syrup topped ice-cream and some raspberries on the side but since the weather is somewhat chilly I say she wouldn’t serve them with the ice-cream. The empathy I feel upon just thinking of this magnificent delegacy is crucially the best feeling in world. I fall asleep thinking of the incredible breakfast grandma is sure to put up.

I’m in a dark room, and I’ve been chased around by something I can’t see. My heart starts racing, feel as if I can’t breathe. I see Lady Penny who looks like a zombie and Mr Jones standing next to her they both terrifying as ever she now comes towards me holding something but I can’t see it, I’m panicking and then I wake up, only to realise it was just a dream. I grab the water bottle from beside my bed and drink some water, even though this was a dream I’m extremely thirsty and I feel as if I had been running all night, I look at the clock and see its only 3:30 in the morning.

I than go to the washroom to wash my face, for some reason thinking it might help, hear sounds coming from down stairs and see its David who is now sleep walking and about to walk in the fire place which was random because I don’t remember us switching it on. I know that you should never wake up a sleep walker because they say something dreadful will occur, so I direct him to his room, upon doing so I meet mum in the passage way she “what are you do up so late?” I whisper to “I heard some noises down stairs David was sleep walking, he was about to walk in the fire place, I don’t remember us switching on though....” we both paused for a moment then I said “maybe grandma or grandpa must have switched it on, they could have just made the central heating higher in their room”. We both make our way to our own rooms and greet good night.

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