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Grandparents Suspicious

I wake to the alarm next to my bed; it’s the first day of school for David and me. I needed to pick the right outfit, they always say the first impression is the last. I browsed through everything trying to find something. I knew that I placed my yellow blouse in the closet last night but it was missing.I decided to wear something from my closet. I walked down stairs hoping to enjoy grandma’s breakfast spread which she always makes whenever she stays over but, to my disappointment she didn’t; which is not like her at all she always does it, instead she’s sitting on a chair and looking in the distance as if she’s staring at something.

My dad drops us off at the school and I’m very nervous, we walk to the office with my dad to speak to the principal. As we walk in we see this large tall man with a gray mustache. “Hello my name William Gates, I am the principal of Stones high school, don’t worry sir your kids are in good hands our school happens to be most superb”, dad starts talking to the principal I wasn’t really listening to what they were speaking about, I really distracted by the sight of his office table, there were around a million pages all over it, the computer on the other side and a metal name tag that looked like it was about fall off the table written Toby Wallace on it, I’m afraid to see what the classes look like. I was really surprised that Mr. Gates and my dad were getting along so well, it wasn’t that my dad didn’t get along with people, it was my dad didn’t like messy people some would say he was very hygienic, to be honest very hygenic; I remember the one time that he refused to eat at a Resturant because their restroom didn’t have a working tap, I presume he felt that no working tap meant that the cook didn’t wash his hands.

After a while, a lady with a bright color dress and orange color hair which was almost neon enters the office to call me and David. She starts chatting to us “My name is Grace but you guys can call me Mrs. G, I’m the school’s secretary, here are your classes if you have any problem you know where to find me”, we both nod and begin to walk in opposite directions to our classes. “Good luck Davie, don’t,” I said to David in the hallway. “Luck...don’t call me that...” replied David. I looked at him with an odd eye “what Davie??” I asked. “Shh! I want friends, see you later” he defensively replied in a harsh way. At that, I thought to myself “teenagers” even though I still am a teenager but I’m on the brink of adulthood so it counts.

I looked down at the page and read language arts reading by Mrs. Earl B12, which happens to be my first class; I make my way to the class passing all the other classes.There are over a million doors and I had no clue, I almost walk into the wrong class and I think I saw some kids ditching class and smoking. Just saying organs are really important, I don’t understand why people should smoke there no benefit or logic in doing so; besides we are living in the 21st century we supposedly have intellect now to build multi-million dollar technology it shouldn’t be too hard to understand that if you smoke your organs will look like a 60 year olds even though you’re merely a young teen thinking you experiencing life even though your life expectancy drastically drops making you dead when you like you 3os. Okay, I know overstatement but I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from.

Finally, I found it, I knock the door to a find a thin tall lady at the door I then ask “hello, are you Mrs. Earl?” the lady with a friendly smile replies” yes sweetie, what can I help you with?” I then told her“yes my name is Lucy Johnson, I just moved to this school......” “Oh yes,” she respond “they did tell me, let’s go inside” we both walk in the class “everyone this is Lucy, she is new, you can go sit over there” she points out my seat. While I aimlessly get stared at as I make my way to the seat she pointed out, I can’t but hoped that these people weren’t judging me, it was like time had stopped and I felt rather awkward, lonely and was like I was in the wrong place. “Alright class we will be continuing with Macbeth we are putting you in pairs for this activity” states Mrs. Earl, directly while putting us in pairs the bell rings for a lunch break and everyone starts leaving. I pick up my stuff and make my way to the cafeteria

Suddenly I hear a familiar voice from behind me so I turn seeing Sasha from the bookstore she says with much joy “Lucy, Lucy I thought I seen you come sit we us” I begin to walk with her and now we at a table she begins saying “everyone this is Lucy, she’s new .... Lucy this Kelly, Lilly, Harry, Mike, and Robert” I then give a friendly smile take a seat as Sasha points them out. "Hi nice to meet you" I said “Cool accent so where are you from?” asked Kelly , “I’m from Dornoch, Scotland” I replied, “Does your dad wear that skirt thing and play bagpipes all day?” said Harry as Sasha angrily noted him “what you do that for it’s a valid you do not offend right” he continued. “no its cool, My dad doesn't wear a kilt all the time and definately doesn't play a bagpipe all day ” I replied.They all begin talking like they’d normally do I presumed.

Out of nowhere some dude got slammed on our table by some guy who was on the football team, now Sasha jumps up pulling them apart she tells weird, obnoxious guy who looks very athletic to let it go, she then turns towards me saying that his name is Jack, he sat down and cursed the guy who he had just slammed on the table. The walked away but he looked like he could take on Jack, I mean he was a little shorter but they were almost the same size. Our break ended a few moments after while Jack continued to curse, maybe it was his way of expressing himself or maybe he didn’t know that many words. Harry who was sitting next to jack at that point passed a juice box over to me “this is amazing, I’m sure this wasn’t in your old town” he said, Lilly began to laugh and said “go ahead... it’s not all that bad” I then took a sip and it was really good, it didn’t taste like juice but it was good and sweet.

The bell eventually rang in a few minutes during the whole rush of getting to class, I lost my way and I was in the complete opposite direction after I finally realized it was already 10 minutes and I heard something rather strange. I heard someone calling my name so I decided to follow the sound, it was almost like I couldn’t see clearly and everything seemed darker even the hallways seemed tighter, longer and the ground looked as if it had been shattered. The sound leads me to a darker passageway it seemed to be at its end, but it had lead me to a stairway. As I’m about to go down the ominous stairway someone taps me from behind, it’s a creepy old who presume is the genitor “what are you doing? Go to class” he says scary as ever, I quickly reply in fear “I’m a new student here and I seem to have lost my way sir” he angrily growls and points the way; I smile politely and get away as fast as possible.I didn’t know exactly how the passage at the end of the stairs but looked all I know it was dark and dodgy.

When I get to class, I didn’t really have a problem, the teacher wasn’t yet there, in any case, Kelly sees me and calls me to sit next to her “where were you? It’s great that we have the same class omg look at her hair I think some people have no style” says Kelly without stopping I think she could forever, she spoke about that girl’s hair almost the whole time.It was as if nothing else was spoken, she just went on about and it was really annoying.

The rest of the school day was fine, focus on the normal average school stuff, eventually I did find all my classes there’s only about 1 minute left and then we get to go and finally the bell rings. I look at my phone to that dad isn’t going to make it and David and I would have to walk home, so we both begin to walk our conversation home was a standard first day of a new school kind of talk.

As we walk I feel as if someone is watching us, I see the shadows but no one is standing there, my heart starts racing. Maybe it was just me being paranoid or even just overwhelmed by the fact that someone who I don’t like who died or rather murdered.As we walk I these people who look like dark shadows they look at me and show me these symbols, think that I’m hallucinating, I began to think about my day to distract me from everything.I remembered that Harry had given me juice maybe he put something inside my heart rate keeps increasing, for a moment felt as if I would pass didn’t want to scream because I felt as if I was losing my mind and I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Once we get home, we eat and chill for a while. I decide to do my homework and have no idea where my grandparents are they weren’t at home nor did they leave a message on the refrigerator saying where they went. After a while, I glance out the window and see that grandma and grandpa walking it but there’s these dead man like rotting behind them, I obviously freak out when I see this.

I then see a ghost-like man who seemed merely transparent yet not transparent hit grandpa on his leg, grandpa then falls on the ground in pain but, it seems he doesn’t notice that this ominous man hit him, I obviously freak out upon seeing this. I start screaming at the thing but there wasn’t anything there according to grandma, she tells me that grandpa just had a cramp but I know what I saw, during my whole freak out mum arrives home and we all go inside. My mum thinks I’m crazy. Mum being a doctor checks me up and says that I’ve got a problem according to mum Lady Penny’s death is playing on me and now I’m on a heavier medication than before, which I should take when I start seeing things or hallucinating. “It felt so real I know what I saw it, I’m not crazy, I drank a juice today maybe that guy put something in it,” I told everyone but no one believes me mum says I have no sign of being drugged, maybe Lady Penny’s death is playing on me. What if I am going crazy.

I go to my room and lay down. Mum wants me t rest so, I sneak over to house office, we added a home security system which has videotapes maybe I’ll see on security videotape to see what happen, but on the tape, I look crazy. Mum told me that perhaps it would be good if I hang out with some friends, tomorrow since being alone could enhance the trauma and cause more vital symptoms. I take advice because the tapes show nothing and I look like a crazy, mad person who had a bit too much to drink.

I go to bed that night and wake up to some horrid smell, it smelled like something died in rotting flesh, I grab the perfume bottle because I can’t bear the smell and spray it around the room but, that revolting smell doesn’t disappear. It was like the smell wouldn’t leave, I even switched on the air conditioner yet the smell didn’t subside.I looked at the time and it’s around 2:45, after a few seconds I hear sounds from downstairs. Following the noise I hear grandma telling grandpa “it started again” grandpa replies “I know just don’t tell them, I just hope that Lucy forgets what happen” They both walk out the house door, I peep from the window trying to see and they walking in the distance at night, I go back to my room trying to sleep but, I keep wondering where they went 3 o’clock in the morning, they’ll get robbed besides they way too old to be out at that time in the morning especially with this drastic change of whether it’s basically chilly and rainy. While these thoughts run through my brain I fall dead asleep. I could but help thinking all about it....I don’t understand what they could be hiding away from us. It does not make sense I thought... puzzling their suspicious behavior.

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