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Friends or foes

The crack of dawn arises, finally its morning and the terrible day could yesterday is eventually over. I leave for school with David in the car in the garage; there was no sign of grandma and grandpa ever since last night.I was still suspicious about their midnight gallivanting and chats about us well me mostly... maybe it was just concern but the other part of their conversation was really strange unless I’m hallucinating again. Mum gave me some meds for hallucinations, she says its antidepressants and for trauma. I wondered away staring out of the car, I was just starting with my mind cleared, that's when I realized these meds might not be the best idea. It was that and when I got to school I was talking to random people which I rarely do, I’m not anti-social but I prefer a low profile at the moment, you know the limelight is not really my thing.

I hid in the restroom for 45 minutes lucky my parents were the on time kind of people; The world has three types of people the latecomers who pitch up but are always late, the average people who come sometimes on time, sometimes later or even in between, and then you get our family the type that leaves early for everything where we leave an hour max early. I met Lilly, Kelly, and Mike they all look really happy to see me maybe Harry didn't drug my juice or cause any harm. They told me that since we seniors today we have to spend the whole day in either study hall or at the school library. They said that they were studying for half the day at the study hall and the rest of the day they would go to the library. I decided to go with them given that I’d have company and mum said that I should try not to be lonesome for than I shall become a psychopathic mad person.

I’ve been studying the organ system for the past 3 hours and finally its break, we all go to lunch. The same dark haired dude with a hooded jacket was standing at the door, yes it was the same jacket and hooded top he had the previous day before.Jack walked past "oh look who it is Lucas the cursed, how's your great granddad still such a loser? why don't you answer me like a man or wait I forgot you not a man, no girl likes you nor will they ever cursed" says Jack, that guy Lucas looked at him in the eye and says "my great-granddads amazing his happier now that your great-grandmother minds her own damn business, maybe if she wasn't so forward she would have taught you sometime so your life wouldn't be filled with stupidity" Says Lucas. Jack pushes Lucas down to the ground, he stands up and comes in Jacks' face, I could see this was going to be a fight Sasha quickly tries to break up the fight, but it doesn't really do anything, they were both about to have an outbreak, but a teacher walks Jack sits down and curses the guy. Sasha tells me “my brother and that guy Lucas, don’t really see eye to eye”, Jack then interrupts her and says “the guy is weird and gets up in my face” Kelly joining the conversation contributes the typical gossip “, I heard that his like satanic and his mother hanged herself, rumour has it she was part of an evil cult”, “well whatever it is he gives me the creeps.... and we should be talking about that new movie instead” says Harry. "Neh... Idiot's family got everyone cursed.." says Jack, Lilly looks over at him and rolls her eyes "you don't actually believe that crap? do you?" she says to that Jack gives her a dirty look like he could kill her but just as he about speaks, the bell at long last rings and we all go to the library.

I was standing with the bunch and we discussing our history homework on ancient Egypt, debating about something. Looking for an answer Jack and I decided to get a book from the shelf to prove our case; don't get me wrong Jack was an okay guy but just a little aggressive I guess. We went over to the shelves to get the book, Lucas was standing there; obviously, Jack walks by and knocks his shoulder against Lucas's shoulder it was clear to me that they were finally going to brawl.They both start pushing each other furiously knocking the shelves over. At that point, I wanted to walk away but as I am about to walk away I see the same evil omen from earlier, at that point, I felt paralyzed like I couldn't move at all. I was anxious and it looks as if Lucas can see the omen, I see the terror in his eyes and I think he sees the terror in mine. At that moment Jack punches Lucas in the face and his nose starts bleeding. A teacher from across the shelves sees this and gives us detention, which is really unfair since I wasn’t involved. She tells me that I should take Lucas to the school nurse.

While walking to the nurse not a single word uttered from us, at long last, we get to the nurse, she checks his nose and says she’ll be back she needs to get something from her car. I can’t help but speak and say “I know you saw it ....” he looks at me shocked well more like surprised and he replies “you saw it too...” “Well ... yeah what was it” I said ,he responds in a very worried manner “I don’t know but I feel as if they know I see them and they keep popping up everywhere, it’s just that the one in the library seemed more terrifying”, I begin to tell him about the occurrences I’ve been having, I’m feeling a lot better knowing that someone actually believes me or at least knows what I’ve been going through. The nurse came back and helped him with his nose by the time she finished it was already time to go home. He walked me to the car telling me of what occurrences his been having, to no surprise it sounds very similar to mine. We exchange numbers and continue speaking; when out of the blue Jack comes from nowhere and stands there Lucas greets and leaves avoiding any eye contact with Jack.

“So I see you two seem to be hitting off???” sarcastically asks Jack, “What’s it to you too anyway I'm his not that bad?” I respond in a firm voice, he then smiling to himself responded “It’s not that I hate him or anything but why you don’t ask your friend about Jenny then you’ll know" I look at him total uneasiness and reply saying “know??? Jenny?? Besides we are not friends, we were just speaking that’s all” he then looks very relieved and tells me to join the crew later at their house. "who was that?" asked Mum as I got in the car, "friends" I replied she gave me that look like you made friends and they look seem normal the thing was in my old school everyone was my friend even the weirdos, I felt everyone needed a chance thats why I also had friends that were a little creepy sometimes.David eventually gets to the car it’s been half an hour by the time he gets to the car with a hooded jacket covering his head and half his face, I didn’t really ask any questions about it though it seemed very strange. We got home and mum gave us lunch and I told her some friends wanted me to go over, she was very happy to hear that since she felt I needed to get friends. I had left the house and went to Sasha’s, I rang the doorbell to this large house that looked like a mansion and this lady who looked like an older version of Sasha opened the door I think it was her mother, she welcomed me in with a big smile, she told me to go to the back that were everyone would be, I was the last to arrive.

Most of the afternoon we chatted, I learnt Sasha and Jack were the mayors kids, which wasn’t all that behind the luxury life they never spend time together and had to keep good reputations; Lilly being an A student was only interested in one thing on her mind that was the final year mark, Mike being the surfing thing, Robert being a well spoken sweet talker, Kelly was the animal, nature lover type of person the one who loved gossip and Harry being the loud obnoxious of the group joking a lot and laughing about everything. It’s really ironic though, there I was sitting with some people and for a second I forgot everything that had to happen it was like I forgot the past days there for a moment, I had a nice time considering. I got along with them all really well... they were all really awesome people to hang out with, not like my old friends where they would take selfies all the time, I honestly I loved selfies but not all the time.

Driving back home, passing trees, the land was very open and there were many trees as I passed forest it was beautiful yet at night it was very terrifying.There was the fear of someone watching me; I would turn every 5 minutes to see if someone was there, upon doing so I seen grandma Perle walking in the forest. I got home as normal “hi mum, how was your day?” I say calmly, she looks somewhat shocked that I asked her response was in a rather weird way like I’ve startled her at some point “fine.....” she says not saying anything else, “hey is grandma Perle around??? I saw her walking in the forest today” I ask but mum seems really distracted and was looking well.... starting to be exact, out of the kitchen window facing the garden she looked intently as if she was gazing at someone in the distance. “Mum... mum.... you okay,” I ask her, “go to your room” she says looking at bewildered and asked “why? What did I do?” her final response was “nothing it’s me just go!!! Now!!!!” After that, I didn’t see her the rest of the evening. The eerie behavior of my family happens to be extremely strange ever since we moved to this town. Everyone has been weird honestly no one can always be so perfect. I decided to do some research on this town. I begin to type Vonville and to no surprise, it happens not to be on maps so I type again but to my luck still, I’m inconclusive. What the hell? I put my head down on the laptop holding the back of my head. I fall asleep there and then, drifting off to dreamland.

Suddenly I wake up with a jump I hear the door opening slowly as I go back to close the door thinking to myself this damn old house, the house wasnt old in the inside it was just the walls were still the same and the doornobs were also the same because my dad thought it wouldgive the house a more rustic, vintage feel. I hear sounds as I get closer to the door so I walk downstairs partly hiding with a vase from the passage, I stood behind the wall because I don’t know what I’ll find. I see grandma Perle and her arm is bleeding, there’s a man standing behind her, his dressed in black, I can’t see his face but he looks like he is tall but I can barely see his face. He attacks and looks as if he is yelling at her but grandpa Perle intervenes. The strange part of the whole incident is that the guy disappears in plain sight; it was in the vein of him being there but then he was gone. Grandma Perle seemed to have not seen but grandpa was well aware of the guy. I step back in panic cutting the back of my neck on the nail sticking out of the door and knocking my head against the wall when I moved forward as a reflex. I passed out at that very instant.

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