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Secrets were told

The next day I kept thinking that maybe everyone is right.... maybe I’m just paranoid, I mean it could be the move or death or even a new place. I make my way to the mirror and to my amazement I see the cut on the front of my neck, which means I wasn’t dreaming and I’m not crazy or insane. I rush towards my bed thinking maybe a wire or something was sticking out of the mattress, but clearly, there wasn’t anything there.

When I get downstairs I walk over to grandma, I looked over at her hand which she tried really hard to cover. “What happened to your hand are you okay?” I asked pretending to have forgotten about the whole saga, she quickly covers it even more and asks me if I had a good’s night’s rest and what I would be doing this afternoon and normal grandma grandchild talk trying to drift of the question I asked her, I mean I thought that I was going crazy but now that she kept going on about it maybe there was something and I wasn’t tramatized by Lady P’s death or things like that. David and I leave for school while driving I see that guy Lucas on the side of the road next to a car with smoke coming out of it so I pull over and ask him if he’d like a ride to school. To no shocker, he agrees. When we get to school we walk together and begin to talk. “Who’s Jenny? Jack said that I should ask you before I befriend you” I ask, Lucas looking very reluctant about to give me an answer and the teacher walks.

Mr. Philips who happens to be the grouchiest and the most boring teacher I’ve ever met. To be honest I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying but what did catch my attention in the last five minutes of the class was he mentioned some kind of myth about the town but the bell rang and he left the class so fast that you could see dusk, ok that was a bit of an exaggeration, but he did leave pretty fast.I felt as if the class would never end, I was finally relieved of my cold hard boredom.

I made my way to the cafeteria meeting my friends. While eating I mentioned that I was looking for an after-school job to put on my college application for next year and Sasha tells me there’s an opening at the bookstore she works at. We were both going to leave school together and go directly, which wasn’t a problem for me since David was going to some friends for a school project.

We had to go to science class. My lab partner was this geeky girl who seemed not to have a partner and I suppose she didn’t need one because she looked intelligent. Her name was Bertha Blair Thomas some would call her Bertha others would prefer calling her Blair. It was strange though, I thought to have two names would be difficult to handle besides I should be the last to say anything weirdness “mrs I’m seeing ghosts because my worst neighbour got murdered by a psychopathic murderer” she had thick glasses and orange hair, which if we would style she would look much nicer, she dressed comical and was quite very hideous and was really tall. She seemed very shy and quiet though she was very friendly.

As we were discussing the laws of physics and chemistry, I took out my reading glasses and began to read the instructions of the assessment task. She begins to ask me why we moved here, I’m really shocked since no one else asked me. I tell her that our family needed change but didn’t want to mention anything about Lady Penny I didn’t want anyone to know, it’s the kind of thing that you don’t want people to know since all they would it feel pity for you and judge you easily. Besides I was tired of thinking of Lady P, I think its the most that I ever thought of her.

The rest of the day seemed normal besides for the fact that Jack happens to be the biggest bully ever; he decided it would be funny to hang some freshman on the flagpole, I’m just glad it wasn’t David. The only person who stood up for the kid was Lucas who then yet again got another black eye, what I don’t understand is why Lucas doesn’t punch the guy, I mean Lucas can definitely take on Jack.

I make my way over to my car, where I see Sasha waiting. “Where were you? I’ve been waiting here for you we need to go” she says very enthusiastically. I smile at her and we both get in the car and leave. I’m going to lie but the whole drive to creek bookstore; Sasha has been talking and I have not been listening to a word. We go inside where I see this old lady I think she’s the owner, white hair, and wrinkles. “Hi, I’m Lucy Johnson, we just moved here a couple of days ago,” I said pleasantly, ” I know who you are? this town is really small, you hired” she said, I enthusiastically reply ” thank you so much I won’t let you down”. Sasha looks over at me and smiles happily.

Since Sasha is the mayor’s daughter I get the job. My job is simple the old lady Mrs Terry told me that all have to is pack the books and show customers the books. The bookstore is the only bookstore in town so it happens to be a medium size place probably around the size of two classrooms or bigger. Back in England, there are much more bookstores even in the small towns and there is a wider selection. I loved this bookstore though it had a kind of charm to it, the kind of charm you would see in a storybook.

I see Lucas coming towards me in the bookstore and he pulls me aside, he looks very worried. “We need to talk now” he says, “okay shoot....” I say; “look, Lucy, we can’t talk here” his eye gestures to Sasha and continues “what time does your shift end?” he asked. I tell him not for another half an hour, that’s when we agreed that after my shift we would for coffee at Carrey Lee’s. After he left Sasha asked me what he wanted. I was a little reluctant to tell her exactly so I told we were just going for coffee later. “so it’s like a date??” she asked smilingly, “no! It’s a school project ..... for woodchop”I replied, “you take woodchop??” she laughed, “yeah ... whats wrong with woodchop, besides I’ve never done woodchop before it might be fun, back in England I was stuck with cooking... here there’s woodchop” I stated. I think she took it the wrong way because she kept on saying it was a date, which it is not and we argued about woodchop and dates till my shift was over.

I drove to Carrey Lee’s; it was a small diner near the school. I seen Lucas as I walked in, he looked a lot calmer. We sat down and he began speaking “Today was very strange, when I got home my Granddad had came to visit. He never really visits us, he looked frail and I seen him been stabbed from the back by this shadow man it was like this darkness, my granddad looked at as if I could see it and I know he seen it, but when I asked him he ignored the question. I think my granddad is hiding something and I don’t know what it is.... I spoke to my dad but didn’t believe me gosh I don’t even believe me” I can hear the bothered sadness in his voice, I feel really bad for the guy since I know exactly what he feels like. “The similar thing happened last night with my granny. It cut her arm but she refuses to tell me and I seen it. These things are getting violent we need to find out what they are and......” I say pausing in between my sentence as I see Jack walking into the dinner in a rage, Lucas completes my sentence saying “and what they want”. “I think it has to do with our family .... but I’m not so sure...” he says

Out of the blue I see Jack punching Lucas to the ground. “I told you to stay away from her, you cursed you all, you dont have to curse her too” Jack yells, Lucas on the floor doesn’t respond and then Jack looks at me straight in my eyes and says “why are hang around this loser?” I help Lucas up and drive him over to my house his bleeding, so mum might have something for him. There’s complete silence in the car until I ask “why do let Jack beat you up?” he looks at me but doesn’t answer I then continue speaking “I mean you can take him on” he looks at amazed and tells me “Jacks the mayors son I can’t touch the guy, last time I did, I ended up suspended from school. His dad can do anything he likes and I guess it has to do with reputation. He doesn’t want anyone thinking he is an unfit parent” I gave him an I’m sorry look and even though I wasn’t much of a hugger, I gave him a hug. “Why does Jack keep saying you cursed us all??” I asked. “Well... it’s kind of a stupid myth which was a long time ago for generations people have feared a curse, a curse that kept you in the one-time frame. He says that it was my great, great granddad who caused a curse that will occur 100 years later which is stupid I guess.... my family had a girl named Jenny before killed, a witch's child. The town tormented her and the witch cursed us all... I mean it's all our fault, the whole town hates us" he said. "Maybe it's not true, and even if it is.... it's not your fault you shouldn't feel bad. You know what forget them..."

It seemed like a really long drive when I get home I patch his wound. My granny looks happy to see him for some reason. She was really happy and knew his granddad very well. She said they were tight back then nineteen sixty something. She put up some tea and asked how we met. I told her that we met at school and were just friends. By then mum and dad got back from work. I had introduced them Lucas. They seemed quite happy and wanted to talk more. I had to do something before mum takes out my baby pictures. “Oh look at the time I need to go fetch David and I can drop off Lucas onetime,” I say gladly with a smile on my face.

In the car, Lucas seems to like my family. I told him about Lady Penny I mean its the least I could do the guy literally poured his worry and grief I'm sure he won't judge. He told me that he too lost someone it was his uncle, never knew his mother; she left him when he was only two. His dad is a workaholic he is the sheriff and the only other person in his life is his granddad who is very grouchy ever since his granny died. I think we bonded that evening.

Once David and I got home it was dinner. Mum and Dad were very impressed with Lucas and grandma kept telling of back in the day of how they all knew each other. Apparently, his grandparents and my grandparents used to be in some sort of club with almost the whole town as grandma put it but didn’t tell exactly what type of club. When I went upstairs I saw that Lucas messaged me saying that he was doing some research and can’t find anything yet. I replied saying that I couldn’t even find it on the map and according to the internet our town doesn’t even exist.

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