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Chapter 7

Today I work till ten in the morning so the rest of the day I’m going to meet up with Lucas at the library to see what he found and show what I found. I waited for Terry to leave the room and placed the book where I had found it, when she came back I asked her what it was.

She looked hesitant to tell me but since we were the only two in the store, she had to answer me. She began to tell me that it was a book given to her by her parent whose parents pasted it down from generation to generation. She described it as a journal and doesn’t remember putting there she told me that it should always be kept in the back and never let anyone near it.

While walking I tripped over my bag and when I get back, I see Terry looking in my file. I start panicking she will see the copies and fire me. I make my way closer towards her and mentally prepare myself. “Lucy...”she says, I nod my head and she continues “what is this???” I reply dreadfully “umm it’s my file” she looks at me and points at the cover, luckily in front of the copies I by mistake put a drawing I did few weeks ago of Lady Penny in her youth on one side and in her elderly years on the other.

“Oh that ..... It’s a picture of my old neighbour, she’s departed this world” I respond she looks at me in blown away and tells me she might have knew Lady Penny. According to Terry they grew up together, Lady Penny who she knew as Laura Penny lived in this town for years and left in her elderly years.

After my shift I made my way to the library, while driving I noticed a man walking into the forest, which happened to be the same exact place where I seen grandma Perle walking the other day. I try to see the guy but can’t make him out. When I arrive at the library, I see people preparing for the mayors parade. I walk into the library and see Lucas from far, I walk closer to him. “Well....... you look awfully glad today” he greets me with a grin on his face, “of course, I mean we kind of have a guide here that could help us you know” I say happily as I sit down.

We begin showing each other what we each found out, he found a book in the library on the town’s history, and the book was really thick. We look at the index trying to find the page on Lacy Dale but her name wasn’t there, than we tried looking for the Bates family to our luck we found it. We paged through the book when they got to William L Bates the third the page had been torn out. “It’s like someone didn’t want anyone to find it” I state full of wonder and confusion, “why wouldn’t they want us to find it?” he replies.

We both get up and agreed to search this whole library for a book of the history but it turns out that it was only one. Looking through shelf after shelf of this large room, Lucas calls me to see the history book again; it seemed that there was a thin page stuck on the inside of the book before the index. He takes out his pocket knife and opens that sealed page, we find a lose paper that falls out when Lucas slightly opens the sealed page.

The page had the same symbol that was on Terry’s journal, there was a number on the page next to the symbol. I take my file thinking that the copies of the journal I made might have answer. The number on the page was page 130, I pass through the pages trying to find page 130 when we get to the page I realise that only numbers. “What does this mean???” I asked Lucas, he looks confused and says “I think its codes, I used to play video games and would type numbers like these.... they were cheat codes I got from a friend so that I wouldn’t die in the game and would upgrades” .We both speak about it and how we would know what they mean, we decided to go to the librarian to ask her if she had a book on codes. She tells us that there was but this girl had taken them all. “Do you know the girl misses?” asks Lucas, “no but it was a girl with bright orange hair and glasses, she’s really tall..... I don’t remember her name though” the lady responds, when hearing this I ask her “I think I know who you talking about, it might be my Lab partner Blair” the lady decided to go check for if there was a Blair who borrowed a book and to our good fortune it was. “Blair Greenwood, she lives on 8th lane right” says the lady. We both nod and leave the library we decided to drive to Berthas house.

We drive up to this house with a granny cottage feel, it looks very neat. We ring the doorbell and a tiny old lady opens the door. “Hello ma’am, we’re looking for Blair” says Lucas the old lady smiles says “you looking at her.... just kidding I’m Blair senior, you must be looking for me granddaughter Blair junior, come inside love. You know she never has friends over, I’ll call her, Blair dear there some friends here to see you”

She looks surprised to see us and after her granny leaves the room to make us some tea, she asks us why we here. We told her that we wanted to know what this numbers meant. She took out a page and began writing. She told us that the words were just a bunch of alphabets and it read as LDWLB which didn’t really make sense. She wanted to know what it was that we were looking for and at first we were both reluctant to say but then she convinced telling us that she wouldn’t judge us and even if sound ridiculous.

The rest of the day we told her what had been going on, at first she thought we were playing a prank on her but then we told her the occurrences, the journal, the weird behaviour and the obscene reactions we got from our families. She told us that she would like to help us since research happens to be her favourite thing to do to pass time. We agreed to meet tomorrow and Lucas would pick us up in his car.

When I got home no one was home I assumed that everyone was still busy at the parade. While I make my way upstairs I hear this shrieking sound, I walk towards the sound and it seems like it’s coming from the attic. I unlock the attic to go up and see but the key doesn’t seem to fit even though it did when we moved here, so I decide to walk back downstairs but just as I turned around I hear the attic open behind me. I rush downstairs afraid of just happen. Suddenly I hear a shaking sound and the boxes in the living room start falling, one at a time as if someone it was as if someone was pushing them trying to drop them on me. While running away I trip over the mat flat on my face. I turn around sitting and look up, and I see a box slowly falling. I quickly roll out of the way because one of the boxes seems like it is going to fall on me as soon as I do so the boxes from the other side seem to fall.

I quickly get up and run up the stairs, to grab my phone but drop it as I pick it up. For some reason I crawl under my trying to calling for help but after I dial I drop my phone and get dragged from under the bed and feel stabbing pains, I begin to scream. Suddenly, everything stops as the siren of the police car; I end up passing out on the floor in my room. Last thing I remember is an ambulance taking me away and blood all over my legs and carpet

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